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If I'm so ___ing Zen with everything going on, its because it going just the ___ing way I thought it might:

Health care Reform

So what if the ___ing insurance companies and colossal ____ing Pharma screwed with the outcome? Who cares that the ____ing Repubicans teabagged every bill in sight?

Hell its just what I ___ing expected.

Single payer who ___ing cares, right.

Public Option just a ___ing lukewarm apology to the single payer crowd and it ended up where I ___ing expected, flambéed.

Mandatory insurance? __ing perfect, keeps the price down for __ing sure.
Pfft I say

I'm ____ing cool with that.

Want some more reasons why I'm not ___ing angry?


Who is __ing kidding who here? Withdraw? Not a __ing chance what would the MIC have to do? Iran can __ing wait their turn, Yemen and Somalia get in ___ing line.

With the Democrats in charge we just know it a ___ing just war that we are/will be fighting.


I'm ___ Zenistique with that.

Guantanamo/Bagram and other sites

Hey whatever they _ing like, no problem, torture hell wht not? Why prosecute what was done in the past we may need to do it again in the future?

No __problem it was to be expected because we are __ing exceptional as you all know


No __ing worries.

Bailing out the Banks.

Yep throwing our future into the murky world of Wall street with no __ing oversight. Now I would call that a sweet __ing deal no worries.


I'm __ing cooler than a Wall St secretary's smile, just feel my __ing derivatives, perky and not in the slightest bit in the red.

Climate Change

There are much more __ing important things to do than protecting our planet, get _ing real people, we need to get the economy rocking so we can burn more _ing fossil fuels, their price has fallen too low, think of Big __ing Oils profits why dontcha.


I'm so __chill with that the glaciers will return.

Panic Passed Legislation

Well they are all still __ing there because we are still running scared. Patriot Act __ing lovely, keeps me warm all wrapped up in my __ing flag. Military Commisions Act so ___sexy I don't need warming up.


___ing Oooommmmm, like these YSL's?

Immigration reform

Why __ing rock the boat now, they can _ing wait just like we have to for DOMA and DADT.


Just who the __ing hell do they think they are? Just be calm have a _ing pop-sickle.


___ing civil rights, who needs them, I ask you.


___ing glacial I'll say; since I have all the time in the __ing world.

Republicans and the Right wingnuts

So __ing what if they have dived off the deep end, who cares if the have pulled up _ing loonyville armed to the teeth? Sh_t this is _ing America we appreciate crazy.


Threats by wingnuts, I would make __ing Buddha look agitated.

Update I:

Upon reflection I'm not even _ing angry I didn't win a kOscar.

I'm so __ing happy about that.


Update II:

Got to go, stay __ing calm and collected.


Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sun Mar 07, 2010 at 10:17 PM PST.


Just how Zen are you?

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