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Goal ThermometerYou've already gotten us to 200 contributors, so .... NEW GOAL: Let's raise $25,000 today!

10 PM: Done!  How about I bump the thermometer up to $30,000 and I wake up tomorrow to see how things look?  Also, seriously, I've never had a diary stay on the rec list the full 24 hours.  Can you continue to rec it up and make it happen?

* * *

We did quite a lot of good in November -- almost 400 Kossacks made 5,545 individual contributions to the twenty most vulnerable Democrats who voted both for health care reform and against the anti-choice Stupak-Pitts amendment, raising over $30,000 to help these candidates secure reelection in 2010.

What we demonstrated then to Democrats in vulnerable districts that when they stand with our party and for progressive causes, the netroots will have their backs. And they noticed. Several of them called or emailed me personally to thank all of you for your efforts, including Members who have never had anything to do with the netroots before then.  And last night, almost all of them went back and voted for health care again.

And we need to have their backs.

Listed below are the twenty Democrats (plus one) who have cast the toughest votes for health care reform -- for HCR last night, and against the Stupak Amendment in November.  A few of them voted "no" the first time around (Boyd, Markey, Kosmas, Murphy), but we should welcome them into the fold and thank them for supporting health care reform now.

These are the Democrats whose districts are most likely to oppose them for what they have done to make health care affordable for all.  It's up to us to demonstrate to these often-moderate candidates that when they stand up for progressive causes, progressives will stand behind them.

I believe it's especially important for those of us who've decided to turn the spigot off when it comes to Democratic party institutions based on their multitude of failures to take this opportunity to demonstrate what we're capable of doing for specific candidates who are taking risks to make progress happen.

My initial goal is 200 contributors.  Then we'll take it as high as you're willing to go.  DONE! AS OF 5PM.  New goal is to raise $25,000!  $30,000 and up!

Here's who you should be supporting -- these Democrats (listed by District, Name, PVI), elected in Republican and swing districts (and mostly in the past three years), for whom every close vote for reproductive freedom and health care reform can become the next opposition campaign ad:

AZ-01 Kirkpatrick, Ann R+6
FL-02 Boyd, Allen R+6
CO-04 Markey, Betsy R+6
AZ-05 Mitchell, Harry R+5
AZ-08 Giffords, Gabrielle R+4

FL-24 Kosmas, Suzanne R+4
NY-19 Hall, John R+3
FL-08 Grayson, Alan R+2
MI-07 Schauer, Mark R+2
NY-20 Murphy, Scott R+2

WI-08 Kagen, Steve R+2
CA-11 McNerney, Jerry R+1
IL-08 Bean, Melissa R+1
IL-11 Halvorson, Debbie R+1
IL-14 Foster, Bill R+1

MN-01 Walz, Tim R+1
NY-23 Owens, Bill R+1
NH-01 Shea-Porter, Carol R+0
NY-01 Bishop, Timothy R+0
OH-15 Kilroy, Mary Jo D+1

VA-05 Perriello, Tom R+5**

** Technically, Tom Perriello shouldn't be here: he voted for the Stupak Amendment the first time. But he has also voted for ACES and the stimulus bill despite being a freshman member elected by less than 1000 votes in an R+5 district -- McCain and Bush both carried it -- so if you're willing to make one exception, Perriello is the exception you should make.

The overwhelming majority of these twenty Members were elected in 2006, 2008 or, in the case of Scott Murphy and Bill Owens, 2009.  As the most recent additions to Congress, almost every one of them is on the NRCC's primary target list for 2010.

We need to protect them for having done the right thing.  We need to show that when Democrats act courageously in the interests of our country, progressives will have their backs and support them.

So please, visit the WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK v2.0 ActBlue page and spread some sugar around today -- $3 each? $5?  $10, $20 or more?  That's up to you.  And then promote it on your Facebook page, your Twitter feed and your own diaries.

If politicians in tough districts see that national support exists when they do the right thing on a big vote -- and there may be no bigger one than the one they cast last night -- they will feel more comfortable doing it again the next time.  They won't have to worry about losing some donors over these pro-choice and pro-health care votes if they've gained our loyal support instead.  And when the NRCC targets them this fall, they will be able to fight back.

Give now.  If you have given to some of these candidates in the past, give to the rest today.  Show them, right now: WE'VE GOT YOUR BACK.

12:30 pm update:  Already 100 contributors and over $10,000 raised.  DOUBLE IT, and keep reccing this up.

4:45pm updateWe've met our first goal -- 200 contributors, and over $19,000 has been raised thus far.  Our next goals should be to (a) get each Member over $1000 raised (seven so far are there) and 150 contributors; and (b) get the total funds raised over $25,000.  Can you do it?  Are you with me?  A special bonus:

10 pm: Wow, you all are awesome.  Everyone's over $1000, including several over $1500 raised thus far. Keep giving, and spread the word: will lead friends here.

Originally posted to Adam B on Mon Mar 22, 2010 at 07:06 AM PDT.

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