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(Hat tip to Brainwrap for posting this as a comment in a front page story.)

This Friday, March 26 happens to be Nancy Pelosi's 70th Birthday!

Given how much serious ass she kicked in herding cats, twisting arms and otherwise corralling 219 Democrats into passing the most sweeping (if flawed) overhaul of the U.S. healthcare system in 45 years, I thought it would be a great idea to do a repeat of the famous 2004 Barbara Boxer Rose Campaign to celebrate Speaker Pelosi's 70th birthday.

So, I took the easy route: I simply contacted the same national florist delivery service that was used 6 years ago, got a callback from Tina at Coast to Coast Florist, and lo and behold, we're all set!!

SO, here's the deal:

Coast-to-Coast Florist is gonna give us the same special pricing that they gave for the Boxer campaign: Just $10 to send 3 roses direct to Speaker Pelosi's Washington D.C. office!

To add your order, simply call: 1 866 596 1860. You can send more than 3 roses, but it's a flat $10 per batch of 3. They'll take your name and credit card info, and you'll be all set.

Alternately, you can send your order and credit card email to: I realize that sending cc info in a plain email may make some folks wary, so I'd recommend calling the toll-free number instead.

They can take orders right up through Thursday evening. All roses will be delivered to her D.C. office on Friday, as a combination Thank You/Happy Birthday from those of us who admire her amazing accomplishment in pulling this thing off.

Note: I can't necessarily answer any questions you may have about this, but hopefully Brainwrap can help.

Other ways to say thanks:

Join the facebook group wishing Speaker Pelosi a happy birthday and thanking her for healthcare reform. (Must log in after following link.)

Write her a thank you note.

Donate money to the Speaker.

Donate to other candidates that supported HCR.  If you’re not sure who needs support this diary will help.

Originally posted to wide-eyed wanderings on Mon Mar 22, 2010 at 02:32 PM PDT.

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