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Flowers 006

I was all over this story today.  I knew if I nosed around long enough, it'd devolve into a tale of sordid immorality.  Here's my story in pictures:

Flowers arriving.  Nothing fishy yet:
Flowers 002

This is 2 (of six) carts that were used to deliver the flowers:

The last carts on their way inside (Washington monument in the background):

At this point, I started to get a little bit discouraged.  No matter how much I dug and dug, I couldn't turn up even one speck of muck to rake.  I was beginning to worry that your dogged sleuth was outmatched by the Speaker's superior dark arts.

But then I got my big break.  (Actually, it was a call from the Speaker's New Media Outreach Coordinator.)  I drove to the other side of town, and wait until you see where your flowers went...


My trip took me to Walter Reed Medical Center.  I could scarcely believe my eyes:  the place was awash is some awfully familiar looking red roses!

This wounded warrior's girlfriend simply doesn't like red roses, but that didn't stop his mom from taking a bunch!
Flowers 012

One young soldier declined our offer of a dozen red roses by looking at us like we had two heads while shaking his head vigorously from side to side.  That wasn't this guy.

Flowers 011

The military has changed a lot since I separated 20 years ago.  There were several women warriors recovering from battle wounds.  If what they say about mental attitude and its importance to the healing process has any validity, y'all may have helped more than you know.
Flowers 014

Healing is easier when it's a family affair.

Flowers 018

Flowers 015

But it takes a better man than I to keep the kids looking at the camera:
Flowers 017

Sometimes it's easy to overlook the caregivers.  But the DailyKos kooks don't forget!
Flowers 016

Housekeeping shared in the nice surprise today too!
Flowers 010

In closing, let's add it up.  There were 6 carts used to carry the roses into the Capitol.  Each of those carts carried 6 bins.  Each of those bins carried 6 bunches of a dozen roses.  Doing the math, at least 216 soldiers or family members had their day brightened quite a bit by your (and the Speaker's) thoughtfulness, compassion and generosity.  

Good Job DailyKos!  This has always been a pretty awesome place, and it keeps getting better.

Originally posted to Mike Stark on Fri Mar 26, 2010 at 05:33 PM PDT.

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