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I won't go on about today's tea party event in Boston, b/c I'm sure it's already been covered.  I had to leave before Ms. Palin took the stage because I was so sickened by the red meat rhetoric -- you don't have to explain yourself, just mock Nancy Pelosi/Barney Frank/Barack Obama and the crowd will eat it up -- the constant references to the true 'patriots' in the audience, the overwhelming caucasian and 55+ scene.   No news there.

But I do have some fun pictures to share...


^ it turns out I knew this guy from over 20 years ago.  He was funning on the Tea Partiers; he also had a sign that read "I'm a member of the NUT-tea Party!"


^ the text reads "the retards can't give one logical reason why we should be against universal health care..."


^ to the earlier diarist who said that the discourse was civil... "demon-crat"?  that's a new one to these ears.

2010-04-14 10.33.03

^ I take accusations of treason as a serious offense, just as I take the label 'hero' and 'patriot' as ones to not be thrown around casually.  Though perhaps I need to reconsider; this time, it's used to pimp a book.

2010-04-14 10.10.46

^ go, girls from Emerson College, go!


^ what's so touching about this shot is that she realized at some point that she'd spelled 'armageddon' wrong, and threw in an extra "d".  But it's still misspelled.  Gah! (forehead slap).  And it's in permanent marker!


^ at first I thought this guy was trying to be funny.  But then I noticed his teabag decor...


^ a few happy shots to end this diary.  Here's a cheery image.


^ ... and here's a sign of hope for the future, even if his eyes are shut...


^ ...and finally, a shot from the alternate tea party, complete with steaming kettle and china cups and Earl Grey, on the other side of the Common.  AND they have cookies!  the choice is easy.

Originally posted to On media engagement on Wed Apr 14, 2010 at 05:55 PM PDT.

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