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Who Really Leads the Tea Party?

We know who finances it.

We know who is attempting to take the reins and guide it.

We know who they support.

We think we know who they are against.

But who really defines their rhetoric?  Who put together the populist meme that drives them?  Who crafted and maintained the narrative over the last 15 years?

(here's a hint)

(remember this?)

I know who it is, and now you will too. . .

after the fold.

Who really leads the Tea Party?


We know who finances it.

They are: FreedomWorks, the conservative action group led by Dick Armey; dontGO, a tech savvy free-market action group that sprung out of last August's oil-drilling debate in the House of Representatives; and Americans for Prosperity, an issue advocacy/activist group based on free market principles. Conservative bloggers, talk show hosts, and other media figures have attached themselves to the movement in peripheral capacities. Armey will appear at a major rally in Atlanta, FreedomWorks said.

We know who is attempting to take the reins and guide it.

Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann 2012

We know who they support.


We think we know who they are against.

(apologies for the disgusting image, even if it is tea-party critical)

But who really defines their rhetoric?  Who put together the populist meme that drives them?  Who crafted and maintained the narrative?


The origins of the Tea Party movement can be found with the Ron Paul campaign for presidential nomination back in 2008.  


Ron Paul is a Populist

The political positions of Ron Paul (R-TX), former United States presidential candidate in 1988 and 2008, have been labeled conservative,[1] Constitutionalist,[2] and libertarian.[3] Ron Paul's nickname "Dr. No"[4] reflects both his medical degree and his assertion that he will "never vote for legislation unless the proposed measure is expressly authorized by the Constitution."[5]

But he is not their leader.

he has not crafted their narrative.


before Ron Paul was ever a viable candidate there was. . .

Alex Jones


Alex Jones has been crafting the NWO conspiracy language for over 12 years.  He has been ardently opposed to Nafta, the Iraq War, Immigration, President Obama, President Bush, Gun Control, and a myriad of other issues that we see behind the Tea Party movement.

All of these issues can be summed up in a single meme:

A global conspiracy of NWO bankers are attempting to destroy America.  They want to do this to establish a form of fascist control via a global government.  The reason that this process is happening is because the bible prophecies in Revelation dictate that the one-world government must be put into place for the rise of the Anti-christ.  Good people who are aware of this are opposed to it and realize that only a strict resurgence in constitutional government (libertarian meme) will prevent this from happening.  (yes really)

It started in 1977 With Hal Lindsey's "Late Great Planet Earth"  Which predicted the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan as the precursor to the Battle of Armageddon.  (this book was instrumental in aligning the christian right with the "moral majority in the early 80's)
(sales: 35 million worldwide)

Note: this meme was actually started around the end of the 1970's with evangelical preachers defining the prophecies of revelation requiring:

  1.  A one-world government leader (the antichrist),
  1.  The rebuilding of the temple of Jerusalem, and
  1.  The mark of the beast.

NWO Bible Prophecy Meme

Rebuilding of the temple in Revelations

Human Microchip as the Mark of the Beast, Virginia Law

It was since solidified in the public mind by the overwhelmingly popular (65 million sold) Left Behind series

(sales 65 million worldwide)


So, here is Alex Jones.

His defining expose on how Barack Obama is a tool of the New World Order conspiracists and how they are attempting to destroy America and replace it with a one-world government and a microchip implant mandated, moneyless economy.

It is these people who are so afraid of being taken down the road to hell:  Older christian (mostly southern evangelists) who believe in the end times, expect the anti-christ and know that bible prophecy requires a one-world government leader to arise (the anti-christ) before the return of Jesus.


So, you were wondering why these people are so easily influenced by hyperbolic rhetoric?  How they are taken in by fantastical claims that seemed so surreal, so unrealistic that they couldn't possibly be based in reality?  Well, you were right.

What we are seeing is a massive populist backlash of crazy, predicated on biblical prophecy.  It is a linking-up between secular anti-government libertarians and fear-based (or righteous based, however you look at it) right-wing prophesy nutjobs.

This is the new Republican brand.


Originally posted to innereye on Thu Apr 15, 2010 at 10:49 AM PDT.

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