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Sorry for the breaking, but it is.  Ex-Blackwater president, Gary Jackson, has been indicted along with 4 others.

Just seeing the headline, but the indictment includes "conspiracy to violate firearms laws, false statements and possession of an unregistered firearm".  More to come, to be sure...

Updated to reflect comment that Prince is not named... hopefully not to much of a buzzkill as all Blackwater trails lead to him...

Update: This indictment is in response to a raid two years ago, as Mike Baker reports on HuffpoMike Baker reports on Huffpo and the weapons in question included 17 AK-47s.  Interesting that, because purchasing of these weapons registered after 1986 is illegal, Blackwater housed them at the Camden County sheriff's office.  One wonders why they were allowed to house them there and if there are other such caches protected by other law enforcement agents or agencies friendly to the company.

Update:From an article about the potential violation in 2008, Blackwater claims that the weapons were intended to be used to train local police.  Jackson said that they provided equipment and training to local law enforcement, however:

The AK-47 would be a poor choice of weapon for a SWAT team, said John Gnagey, executive director of the National Tactical Officers Association, the national organization of SWAT officers.

This is an odd story, but it certainly does not sound like the smoking gun to bring Blackwater or Xe or whatever they call themselves now down. But I thought we already had that, anyway.

Originally posted to DailyDrew on Fri Apr 16, 2010 at 01:09 PM PDT.

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