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I had an idea (as I was steaming about how many backwards bigots live in Arizona).

What if no one with brown skin carried any form of identification in Arizona? (Of course pale skinned people could join in, just to show how few of them will get arrested). No Birth Certificate, no license, nothing.

That means that the police will have to arrest any brown-skinned person, or person with an accent they talk to. Let them arrest us all. Of course, citizens will get set free as soon as the police figure it out-- but let's make them figure it out.

I figure it costs a thousand dollars or so to make an arrest, especially if they have to investigate each case. So screw them... make them prove each person innocent so they can get rid of us.

So this is my idea. If you are in Arizona; simply refuse to carry identification. Just leave your license at home.

If enough people do this, the system will be unworkable sooner rather than later.

Originally posted to Sentido on Fri Apr 23, 2010 at 02:16 PM PDT.

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