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The media doesn't seem to be covering this 'reverse Robin Hood' much, but evidently, the last year's HCR talks may have been a complete waste of time, if the expensive parts of the bill (read: the parts the loss of would hurt people who need help the most) are gutted. One headline states "Republicans welcome Obama's offer to put new health care law on the table in budget talks"

the problem is, the private insurance model and public healthcare funding don't mix, just as badly as expecting the embattled American taxpayer to buy health insurance that has not been affordable in over a decade. Other countries stopped coughing money up on demand long ago.

Stands to reason that given so much of it already, the big donors would want more. Letting them use "free trade" to get the government to give up cost control was a mistake. That doomed chances of success. Now they want to hide the bad decision making by killing the telltale parts of the bill and use the money for more bailouts.

Reuters: "Even Obama's announcement that the health care law would be among the programs considered by the debt commission came after partisan disagreements over whether it should be touched or not. "Republicans want the Democrats' recently approved healthcare overhaul to be on the table, questioning whether it would cut healthcare costs as advertised. 'When we say "everything is on the table," does that mean the new healthcare law?' asked Republican Representative Dave Camp. ... Democratic Senator Dick Durbin said the commission was not the place to 'revisit the greatest hits of the healthcare debate' and that 'we need to get beyond' attacks on the new law." But co-chair of the commission Alan Simpson, said he believed Obama included the health care law in his admission that "everything is on the table," for consideration" (Holland, 4/27).

It goes without saying that by so shamelessly ignoring the nation's needs and preventing single payer, and its savings, we are giving up our chances for a viable, fiscally sound health REFORM in exchange for nothing that can work.. This will become very obvious soon as the hgh risk pools real costs become evident. The insurance model wastes 50% of the money it takes in on a huge, unnecessary billing infrastructure, crooked inflated price fixing, the "waste-land" of unnecessary insurers profits and costs, and on top of that, brokers profits which are based on the total premiums of insurance they sell.. on top..

With single payer, all the money goes to providers, with no "waste-land" and drugs are bought in bulk for the whole country at once, saving trillions.

Healthcare is aid for by taxes. Everybody in, nobody out. Every American citizen and legal resident is in. There are no bills to the end user. No missed checks. No long wait after losing an income to qualify for subsidies to make the unaffordable cost less.

A four year delay followed by a problem. The vast majority of American wage earners can no longer afford health insurance that follows the model they are pushing on us.  


Unlike American families desperate for CHANGE after waiting NINE YEARS FOR AFFORDABLE HEALTHCARE WHILE A MILLION OF US DIED FOR NO REASON, the bankers are TOO BIG TO FAIL.

Story: Partisan Disagreement Mounts As Health Programs Are Considered By Debt Commission

Where your Income Tax Money REALLY Goes (War Resisters League)

Some background on toxic debt speculation and the players who cashed in on it.

Why do they want so much to kill it? They don't want to be caught in a BIG lie.

The whole HCR bill is based on the model that the state high risk pools can show us, clear as a bell, is a huge money loser.  Because of adverse selection.

Without the global standard "everybody in" and with the huge cost of our bloated insurance waste-land, plans end up depending on dropping the sick when they need care the most in their flawed business model.

Here is what happens when people at the core, cannot afford insurance, they try to only buy it when they are really sick.

If that is made impossible, by having fake "affordable" plans that charge so much extra that sick people can't afford to utilize care, even after paying for insurance, or they wait to go to the hospital so long that their illnesses are at an expensive pre-crisis stage, and often, die.

Its DESIGNED TO FAIL.. That's why they have the four year delay. In that four years, they KNOW it wont survive.

But now, with the high risk pool looming, they are afraid its all going to be unmasked MUCH sooner. SO, they have to find an excuse to kill it FIRST.

We REALLY NEED the savings of single payer.

You can't make insurance affordable just by rearranging little bits of it, it wastes too much!

Originally posted to Andiamo on Fri Apr 30, 2010 at 06:28 AM PDT.


Most of the huge profits from selling No Income, No Assets loans went to investors in big banks, Should the taxpayer be soaked to repay their losses, to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars

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