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When disasters strike, we are all gripped by the epic story unfolding.  Horrified yet mesmerized, we watch and read and learn all we can, trying to understand and internalize the great changes.

And sometimes we forget about the disasters already going on.

Feeding America, formerly Second Harvest, offers food assistance to over 37 million Americans a year.  Every year, the National Association of Letter Carriers, your friendly postmen and postwomen, partner up with Feeding America in the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

No money needed to participate.  Only a few minutes of your time.  In fact, you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home.  Just bag or box up some non-perishables and leave them at the mailbox and the postman will take them to the food bank for you.  Or you can save the poor carriers' backs and take your donations to the post office.

I know I've been bugging you for a couple of weeks about this, but that was just to make sure you got some extra cans and bags while you were making groceries.  Because it's time to make sure you've got enough to give.

Tomorrow, Saturday the 8th, your mail carrier's coming for the chow.  

Get off your cans and get your cans off.

Your neighbors going hungry is just as big a shame, and a disaster, as what is happening 'round these parts.  And you can do something about it, pretty much free, with nearly no effort on your part.  

If, like many down here, you just can't wrap your mind around anything but this dreadful spill and its myriad heartbreaks, consider this:  

This week, hundreds of fishers and their families lined up in New Orleans to get emergency aid and supplies from local charities.  Among those charities was our own Second Harvest-Greater New Orleans and Acadiana, passing out boxes of non-perishables.

Just like the ones you'll remember to put by the mailbox tomorrow.  Because, down here, they're going to be needing a whole lot more.

Just like 'round your way.

Horrible Irony Update:  Included in the newspaper today was a brown paper bag publicizing the food drive and listing it's local sponsors:  Feeding America, Catholic Charities, United Way, NALC, the USPS, The Times-Picayune and, prominently displayed at the top, BP.  So, the company that has destroyed the livelihoods of tens of thousands of South Louisiana residents is pitching in to help the food pantry they'll be exhausting.  Mark my mind as officially boggled.

Still, don't let that stop you from donating.  Hungry people need your help.

Horrible Irony Update 2:  Land of Enchantment notes in the comments that, just when they will be needed most, the Nashville chapter of Second Harvest lost all its food reserves in the flood.  Link for donations at LOE's comment.

Originally posted to Crashing Vor on Fri May 07, 2010 at 03:48 AM PDT.

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