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For the hard working Americans in our country who may not have the physical energy and may be emotionally drained on election day, and for this proposal, the bi-annual national election, there needs to be compensation. Compensation for those who are overworked and fear losing their jobs after standing in long lines at the voting booth. Compensation for those whom are pressured to work instead of vote. Compensation for those whom are drained due to their laborious work, and due to the negative culture of politics.

I propose this legislation in hopes that some member of Congress picks it up and uses it for further enactment. I propose this legislation to give liberty and suffrage to all the hard working Americans who presently do not have the liberty and freedom to take off work and vote, or may be too rushed or drained to vote on Election Day.

So I present to you, progressives of our nation, for the on going liberty and justice for all, and for the fulfillment of equal rights... This legislation... The Hard Workers of America Voting Act.


PREAMBLE: Where it be in these United States that sometimes 50% or more of American Citizens fail to vote on bi-annual national elections or far less than 100% of American Citizens vote on these elections, and that a great majority of these absentees are of the hardest working Americans, of which work the longest hours in the most labor intensive industries, and that most of these absentees are of the struggling class, and that many hard working Americans face voter suppression sometimes by their own employer or other entities and peoples, and that many hard working Americans find it difficult to sacrifice their needed wages for what may result in a hours at the voting booth, and for a bi-annual stimulus of the U.S. economy for the Americans most deserving and most likely to spend for immediate stimulus to the U.S. economy, and to also reward those who may not receive immediate benefits due to income brackets by receiving a long term reward as owners and operators of enterprises receiving the end game rewards of the immediate benefactors,

SECTION 1: This act may be cited as Hard Workers of America Voting Act.

SECTION 2: All American workers with documentation of at least 1500 working hours a year, or proof of college course load of at least half time and at least 200 working hours a year, or proof of SERIOUS disabilities, and have annual gross income of less than $300,000, shall be rewarded a stimulus of 2% of median per capita income beginning the January after the national bi-annual elections upon proof of ballot casting at said national bi-annual election.

SECTION 3: If recipient only qualifies for one of the two years of collections, then recipient shall receive 1% of median per capita income or half of what is rewarded to a person qualifying for both qualifying years.

SECTION 4: Stimulus funds shall be collected for 2 years including the year of the bi-annual national election and the year before the bi-annual national election as a percentage based tax rate on all taxable income.

SECTION 5: A Federally created ticket shall be given to the voter upon casting their ballot with name and time of ballot casting and no other personally divulging information that can be shown to his/her employer in instances of tardiness and shall be backed by the federal government that no repercussions shall be brought to voter and if so, will be presumed as discrimination, or the ticket to be used in any other reasonable and non-discriminating manner.

SECTION 6: Collection of revenue shall always be based on the idea that every American of voting age or to be of voting age, registered or not so as to anticipate that any American may register at any time, shall be compensated. And for those who fail to participate in their civic duty of voting on said bi-annual national election, their reward shall be dispensed first towards the debt of all costs towards implicating and carrying out the act stated here within, then towards a federal chest for other national programs, and that their reward shall never be added to supplement of a higher stimulus reward for the partakers in fear of voter suppression.

SECTION 7: A body shall be established -

 Sub SECTION A: To estimate and establish the stimulus reward based on the median per capita income without lessening the 2% mark of the stimulus reward as stated above.

 Sub SECTION B: To establish the means for recording ballot casting.

 Sub SECTION C: To establish the means for collecting Federal Tax Income Returns data from the IRS for means of determining quota of hours worked and other qualifying materials for the year of bi-annual election year and the year before.

 Sub SECTION D: For establishing a percentage based tax rate on all taxable income in anticipation of rewarding all qualifying Americans of voting age or to be of voting age.

 Sub SECTION E: For establishing the dispensing of rewards to recipients in the quickest manner possible starting after January 5th, following the bi-annual national election.

 Sub SECTION E: For setting up the operations of developing and enforcing the distribution of voter-tickets as stated above.

 Sub SECTION F: for establishing the management and operation of carrying out the act stated here within.

SECTION 7: This Act shall go into effect starting the January after the next bi-annual election after passage of this act.

END legislation.

I hope this gains traction. This is obviously for the hard working Americans of our great country who find it hard to vote or not worth the risk of loosing their jobs or having a smaller pay check.

I feel this is the best option for bringing suffrage to hard working Americans of our country. Many times I remember when my co-workers were determined to vote but when the day came, they were too physically and emotionally drained due to the long working hours, they skipped their civic duty. And I fear this is all too common. Couple this with the negativity in politics that I personally believe is somewhat strategically driven that also drives people away from the polls and we have physically, emotionally drained and overworked Americans that give up the long hours of standing in lines, especially during rush hours when everyone else is at the polls, and decide that they just don't have the energy or time to participate in their civic duty.

So what we end up with is a Congressional representation from a bloc of voters who are stay at home, unemployed, or work in the more leisure jobs of our industries, or are of the wealthy class. This must change to also represent the overworked and hard working Americans of our country.

I have thought about the best way to allow all hard working Americans - whom I feel are the most under represented bloc in America - to vote. I have thought about the election holiday, but that would only truly effect government jobs and many dirty companies would pay overtime to entice employees away from the polls. And besides, this might be economically unfavorable to shut the economy down for a day.

So instead, this act will give voters peace with their decision to vote knowing that they will be compensated for their time off, it tardy. And the stimulus is of such that can not be contested by extra wages put to the employee in an effort to sway him/her away from the polls.

The voter-ticket is to establish a culture that lets employers know that they should facilitate the business operations on election day to anticipate possible tardiness due to long lines or other reasons.

Progressive Congressional members should take this legislation as their own and put it to Congress for vote. It is well taken that Americans are the hardest working people in the world, and unfortunately, these same people find it difficult to make it to the polls as shown by sometimes less than 50% voter turnout, much less than most other developed countries. We are the Unites States of America. The emblem of freedom and Democracy. We should be closer to 100% voter turnout. And this act shall give Hard Working Americans of our country the freedom and clear mind to.. VOTE.

So I urge progressive members of Congress to take up this legislation and energize voter turnout (as dreamed by our founding fathers) this next election cycle, not that they will receive stimulus for this time around but will receive clear of mind to vote in future election cycles in the future.

Originally posted to jreal on Wed May 12, 2010 at 12:43 PM PDT.

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