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I don't usually get into beauty pageants. It's not that I don't appreciate the female form in all its splendor, particularly that of what one might colloquially call a Mega Hottie; it's that most of these pageants are dull, dull, dull affairs; and the winners themselves tend to be, despite their brains and beauty, pretty boring.

But once in a while, we get a winner who makes heads explode. And then things get interesting.

Such an event happened just this evening when one Rima Fakih of Dearborn, MI was crowned Miss USA.

See, Rima Fakih is a very interesting Miss USA winner. She is interesting because of three things:

  1. She's Arab-American.
  2. She's Muslim.
  3. She defended requiring insurance companies to cover birth control.

MICHIGAN Pictures, Images and Photos

She's also thermonuclear hot

Of course, this is not acceptable to some people. No, not at all. See, to a certain small but vocal minority in this country, to be an American is to be White (meaning part of a slowly growing subset of people of European descent) and Christian (preferably Protestant, but lately Catholics have been okay too). To these people, blacks are also-rans, Asian-Americans are tolerated visitors, and of course, Hispanics are outsiders. On the other hand, Miss USA is, well, the embodiment of American Beauty! Which naturally means that Miss USA should be White (or very occasionally black) and Christian. So to have an Arab Muslim crowned Miss USA is...incomprehensible...ridiculous...a violation of their understanding of the fundamental rules of the cosmos!

Some things just Should Not Be!

And so, conservative heads are already exploding. Exhibit A is the HarpySiren of the Neoconservatives Herself, Debbie Schlussel, whose head seems to have quite thoroughly splattered itself, skull fragments and all, across the Interwebs. Quoting:

I’ve gotten many violent and disgusting e-mails and comments from Muslims in alliance with the Hezbollah-supporting Shi’ite Muslim Miss USA contestant, Miss Michigan USA Rima Fakih.... (More here)

Because I exposed Fakih for who she really is, her thuggish cadree of supporters and their Islamic friends at a major Detroit newspaper responded with a front-page, gushing puff-piece and page-long waterfall of drivel. In yesterday’s Detroit Freepistan, resident Islamic regurgitator, er . . . "reporter" Niraj Warikoo noted that Hamad financed Fakih’s bid to become Miss Michigan.  He also engages in taqiyyah (Islamic deception of the infidels) by pushing a fraudulent Christian angle for Fakih... (More here)

It’s a sad day in America but a very predictable one, given the politically correct, Islamo-pandering climate in which we’re mired.... (More here)

It's coming in truckloads.

Exhibit B is the Arbitrator Of All Things Patriotic, Michelle Malkin, who had this to say after Ms. Fakih's win:

She argued that contraceptives should be covered by health insurers because they are "expensive" — and then said you could get them for "free" from your OB/GYN’s office.

And now she is the new Miss USA....

We need a bulldozer to haul it all around....

So far, this is all that I've found of the conservative reaction to Ms. Fakih's win, other than the usual blogs requoting and cross-quoting each other. Surely more will come out in the near future from the Bloviating Right, from Rush Limbaugh and Neal Boortz and Mike "Savage" Weiner and the like. It's too bad that they can't just let this woman enjoy her day in the sun.

Not to mention the rest of us! Yowza!

UPDATE Wow! Six and a half years on this site and I finally made the rec list! Thanks all!

Many diarists have pointed out that Fox News has already gone after Ms. Fikih this morning for her comments on birth control:

In fairness, the reaction to her on the right is not universal, lockstep repetition of the party line, at least not yet. Here's some comments that I found in Freeperville:

Lebanese-American: I say more power to Muslim women who wish to westernize!

From one of the bios I found, her parents were Greek Catholic refugees from the Lebanese war.

Quite lovely! My guess is she's Jordanian or Lebanese (there are large Christian populations in both countries).

Faroq (not even going to try to spell that) sponsors these pagents because he owns one of the largest hair care companies. A quick Google search showed he also sponsored Carrie Prejean.

At least one person in Michigan will have a job now.

Debbie Schlussel is a bat**** crazy woman. She is a liar, it has been proven over and over and over.

Shes a 10! holy mullah!

(All taken from this thread)

Again, I'm including these Free Republic comments to show that the reactions to this event on the Right are not in lockstep. However, my bet is that they will be more or less in lockstep once Fox finishes spreading their, well, you know.

Yeah, you know.

UPDATE 2 The TOP of the rec list! Who would think that a diary referencing beauty pageants and Lovecraftian monsters would reach such heights! Thanks again all!

UPDATE 3 I have to say that I'm a bit humbled to see this diary STILL on the rec list, 12 hours after I left for work, with over 800 comments.

Unsurprisingly, heads are still exploding far and wide. Screaming neocon Daniel Pipes, for example, has this post where he presents a series of Arab and Muslim winners of penny-ante beauty contests and muses aloud, no kidding, whether this is because of some sort of affirmative action.

Meanwhile, Stanford Matthews of has this beauty:

The only transparency available from liberals is demonstrated by their politically correct choices as determined by their adoption of 7th century theocracy into their nanny state agenda. As long as they are bowing to Arab leaders and coddling Muslim terrorists (pardon the redundancy) might as well invade pop culture with politics. (Source)

Yeah, except that we had nothing to do with her selection as Miss USA.

It just doesn't stop!

Meanwhile, a non-scandal has erupted around Ms. Fakih over allegations that she did a fully clothed pole dance.

I'm with the LA Times blogger here. Have some pizza, Ms. Fakih. You earned it.

Preferably Chicago-style deep dish!

Thanks for reading, everyone!

Originally posted to Finding God in a Dog on Sun May 16, 2010 at 11:26 PM PDT.


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