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Yes, this is the title of the most insidiously stupid opinion piece yet written on the BP induced catastrophe.

This is what the UK's conservatives are saying now, courtesy of their mouthpiece newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

You really have to read it to believe it. Here is Nile Gardiner

Could the Obama administration’s bashing of BP (or British Petroleum) over the Gulf oil spill harm relations between the White House and the new Cameron administration? I think there is a good chance it could. After all, a major British corporation, which employs 29,000 Americans, has been demonised by this administration with language that it would dare not use even against America’s worst enemies, such as Iran and North Korea. In addition, it is facing xenophobic calls from some Democrats on Capitol Hill to be banned altogether from operating in the United States, a petty form of protectionism which is fundamentally against the spirit of free trade which for centuries has helped drive the prosperity of both the United States and Great Britain.

Let me tell you something Mr. Gardiner, BP has faced calls for its banishment from the US not because of xenophobia but because it is at fault for the largest oil spill in US history. They ignored safety requirements--that would be too generous, they WROTE the safety requirements, ignored warning signs per the 60 minutes revelations, are responsible for the death of 11 people as a result, got caught trying to bribe those affected with an insulting $5,000 payout, and now continually lies and tries to dodge responsibility.

That is why President Obama and the US government are "bashing" BP.

Some of the language that has been used by the Obama team in the wake of the Gulf spill has been unusually vindictive against a major foreign company, not least one that is a leading business flagship of America’s closest friend and ally...BP may not be flavour of the month at the moment, with good reason, but it remains the UK’s biggest company, paying £2 billion into the Treasury’s coffers in 2009. It is one of Britain’s best known brands, and its own fortunes have a significant impact not only on the British and world economies, but also upon the US economy as well.

I think it is instructive that his whole argument rests really on pride--not once does Mr. Gardiner mention the damage that BP has done to the United States, it is all about what he essentially claims to be Britain's bruised ego because of the "face" of British business is under attack. Let me tell you something Mr. Gardiner, I think I speak for most Americans in saying that we do not give a shit about what you or anyone in the UK government feels about your best known brand being bashed for causing this calamity. If BP wanted to protect its image around the world, then maybe they should have behaved responsibly in their business practices. I simply say to you, too fucking bad.

The "boot on the throat" remark however, was beyond the pale, and symbolic of an arrogant, imperial-style presidency with a track record of disdain for US allies, as well as the private sector in general.

What do you know, British conservatives have bought into the Tea Party! You would think that their proximity to real socialism in the continent would teach them a thing or two about Obama's government, and how it is anything but. Obama should keep his word on keeping their boot on the throat of BP. And the government should keep bashing the evil BP until they pay what they owe.

Yet I wonder what this fool would say if an American petrochemical corporation, like say ExxonMobil did the same thing off the coast of the UK. I really wonder if Mr. Gardiner would be calling on his brand new Prime Minister to shut up about America's largest company. Why do I have a feeling he would not...

Originally posted to michael1104 on Thu May 20, 2010 at 10:40 AM PDT.

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