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While Americans are facing the greatest ecological disaster to hit our shores, following the United States House of Reprentatives, the United States Senate passes yet another "emergency supplemental" in support of President Obama's continuation of Bush's global war of terror[sic] on the American people, Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan. This is not what I had in mind in 2008 when I voted for "change I could believe in".

According to Pakistan, their national The Daily Times newswire reported on Saturday, May 29, 2010, in an article appearing on their front page, entitled and I quote:
US Senate passes $349 million aid for Pakistan * House passes economic and security aid for Pakistan as part of a $60 billion war supplemental bill to fund Afghan operations and some projects requested by Obama admin
Oh, you know somebody's got some serious splainin' to do, how we can afford to be Pakistan's sugar daddy while the American people bear the brunt of this latest BP attack on our shores, but you know I'm not going to make it that easy under the fold...

Res ipsa loquitur: "The thing itself speaks"--and it speaks volumes!

This is the price we're paying to be Pakistan's sugar daddy? Or are we simply bribing them to look the other way while we daily continue to send Predator drones to murder their people?

WASHINGTON: The US Senate has passed $349 million in economic and security aid for Pakistan, as part of a $60 billion war supplemental bill to fund Afghan operations and some other projects requested by the Obama administration.

The summary of the measure, passed on Thursday, said that of the $349 million assistance for Pakistan, $259 million was for social and economic support programmes and activities, including $10 million for the Pakistan Civilian Assistance Programme.

The Obama administration had requested the money in economic, law enforcement, and military assistance for Pakistan.

The US House of Representatives will approve its own version of the war supplemental measure, following which the two texts would be reconciled before the Congress sends the bill to the US president for his signature. The bill also appropriates finances for Iraq and quake-hit Haiti.

$33 billion approved by the Senate was to finance the 30,000 troop "surge" in Afghanistan that Obama announced in December."

Let's try to connect some dots here and maybe we can see a pattern of "pay to kill".

Don't anyone talk to me anymore about giving King Bush II or President Obama the "benefit of the doubt" in defense of the indefensible, not as long as he continues to use Predator drones to kill innocent civilians who are merely suspected terrorists.

Just this weekend, eleven more Pakistanis paid with their lives for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. They were all judged guilty in absentia, without charges, without official trial-no Miranda or any other warning for them, and summarily executed by a US-based Predator drone control center 8,000 miles away from Pakistan, far from any foreign battlefield.

Let these words contained in this headline from Press TV sink into your brains:
US drone attack kills 11 in Pakistan

"A fresh US drone strike has left at least 11 people dead and several others wounded in the troubled northwestern Pakistan, intelligence officials say.
Washington claims its airstrikes target militants, but most of the attacks have killed civilians -- since August 2008, such strikes have killed nearly a thousand people in rural areas.

The issue of civilian casualties has strained relations between Islamabad and Washington with the Pakistani government repeatedly objecting to the attacks. "

The issue of civilian casualties has done what? "Strained relations"? That's the understatement of the year!

These are nothing short of prosecutorial war crimes and crimes against humanity, which are the worst crimes that any nation can commit against another nation on their own soil under international law!

And we seem to think that paying Pakistan $349,000,000 to look the other way, that this absolves us from Obama's guilt, and our culpability by extension? Right. Just like we're going to be asked to let BP off the hook, our government has got a rude awakening coming when all the chickens finally come home to roost.

No, don't anybody talk to me about giving President Obama or our enabling Congress anymore benefit of any more doubt. That ship has already sailed, and it's gotten bogged-down in the mire of this hypocritical double standard we live by.

The only thing I'm not doubting is the cowardly blatant, barbarism of our naked aggression in sending a predator drone from behind the safety of command center, to bomb innocent civilians. And nobody gets a blank check of a benefit of any doubt from me at all. Not even a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate who should know better!

I think that these unforgiveable acts of barbarism--which are all prosecutorial war crimes against humanity under international laws-- are something I would expect from the Waffen SS Deaths Head divisions in Hitler's march through Mother Russia in Unternehmen Barbarossa(Operation Barbarossa)during WWII--not from the United States of America, the very ones who tried, convicted and hung or imprisoned the Nazis at Nuremberg. I refuse to co-sign for this slaughter, and no matter how much money our government bribes Pakistan to let us continue to invade their nation, and kill their citizens.

There's a word I'm looking for that describes the foreign policy goals of the United States since 2001.

What's another word for predatory warmonger? Apex predator? Oh, we'll never say it outloud, but we think we are the supreme master race with a license to kill anyone or any nation who crosses our path, but maybe we should study history more often. The cemetaries of antiquity are full of the rotting bones of predatory civilizations-and men, who once thought the same way we think, that they too, were indespensible, above the laws governing other nations but them-and untouchable.

I should think-and would rather much prefer to learn out of a book that all past is prologue, than to learn it the hard way, waking up one morning to the sound of air raid sirens and bomb blasts to a nation reduced to a pile of smoldering rubble, because the rest of the world got past tolerating even one more day of our air of arrogance and self-righteous perceived invincibility.

I sincerely doubt that no matter how many Nobel Peace Prizes we win while we continue to slaughter innocent civilians at will, that conversely, the world is going to "look forward" or accede to our call for everyone to "turn the page before reading the page".

These words are not only the words spoken by wolves in sheep's clothing hiding behind their air of invincibility, they are believed by the foolish nations who live by the sword, and give them and themselves aid and false comfort.

We are fast becoming legends in our own minds, and like most legends, the objects of legends become more known for their infamy after they died than for any beneficent acts of philantropy they did before they died.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Nobody, no nation, no people, is above the social laws of inertia, the pendulum of which swings both ways, ruling all nations in history. There is such a thing as negative karma, eternal justice even for those who believe they are "the last court of appeal", and a shorter time left before passing the tolerance threshold, for arrogantly going beyond the point where even their better angels fear to tread--once too many times. Every man and nation that lives by the sword will perish by that self-same sword!

There's nothing but a hole full of shattered glass where my heart used to be. So many wasted US troops whose lives were squandered, who served this nation honorably and for what they thought was a noble cause. When in fact, the truth of the matter is they were fighting for a false mission based entirely on bald-faced lies for Iraq's oil and control of the Eurasian Corridor oil passages to the Caucasus through Afghanistan. And EMPIRE!

So many countless hundreds of thousands--and evidently ignored by our silently complicit MSM, Congress and irrelevant to all but few of us--of Iraqi-Afghani slaughtered men, women and children who got in the way of Bush's, now Obama's own form of terrorism [I say Obama's because if he doesn't stop the slaughter he owns the title deed to it jointly with Bush and inherits the harvest of my eternal shame and derision co-equally with "little boots"] who will never see their Iraqi or Afghani homelands, their families or their homes again. And all of this spilled blood on Bush's/Obama's altar of war, for what?

Because America as a nation refuses to face the cold, hard reality of life that we are not the world's emperor or its judge. We do not even rule over own house or righteously judge our own nation anymore: the pre-fascist corporatists, the Banksters, Wall Street, and all of their minions combined, working their work all too well in orchestrating their own de facto coup d'etat of our government without even firing the first shot against our people...YET!

But the pre-fascist corporatists have no problem at all, in taking a dump on our nation, on anyone who gets in their way, and daring us to try and stop them. In every way a tryrant, they have proven unfit to be a pauper among men, much less a Prince walking and talking like monarchs and enjoying all the sweet blessings of liberties, while lashing our backs for asking for the crumbs from their tables. And yet, they still breathe the air of free men who don't commit genocide and steal other nation's natural resources like them!

So why am I not surprised at anything I see happening in the world today, when America cannot break its addiction to foreign oil, much less know the difference between knowing when they are being fed a pretty lie and when they really need a bigger pill dose of bitter truth, instead? Any nation that has lost its vision, has lost sight of itself. And as many who have died innocently under the Bush Doctrine of Preemption and Aggressive War, let there be no doubt, that as the pendulum of justice swings the other way, there will be no respite for those history judges guilty for committing these acts, either for those who co-signed for them or the ones who held their coats in complicit, tacit agreement.

Originally posted to ImpeachKingBushII on Mon May 31, 2010 at 07:29 AM PDT.

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