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I'm not coming here a wolf in sheep's clothing playing the role of a Bush-lite Yale "skull & bones secret society" cheerleader, or Joe Friday's-Bill Gannon's reversible dinner jacket bad cop/good cop role in Dragnet today. And neither wilI I play you for a blind sheep being happily led to the slaughterhouse thinking it were the fulfillment of new promises of better lodgings, but I will talk to you as one with a working brain having our little fireside chat with another one as having a brain that is open, as opposed to being closed indefinitely, desperately in need of repairs. Don't follow me under the fold, if you're expecting pretty lies-or if you come to my diary with the ill intent to mock me, thinking this is some sordid game for you, or as if I have nothing else better to do with my short time I have left than debate a vulture over the rotting flesh of a horse that's already been dead in spirit for years longer than the instant it took for the grim reaper to slay it .

There's plenty of other diarests and diaries who can and will be more than able to entertain you and soothe you with any number of meaningless plattitudes, who laud and encourage them in every way to continue smiling in your face all the while stabbing you in the back, telling you what you want to hear-and no real solutions, other than just an endless dreaming of better days that will never come on empty clouds without rain. And never could. Even a hailstorm is pitiful without hail, a hurricane worthless without its tempest. Empty promises coming on the wings of Predator drones, and B-2 Bombers, whose wings and bomb bays are loaded with their real plans of world hegemony, death, and destruction, because the politicians we elected as stewards over the weapons of war are by their very nature incapable of working the work of sustaining life or civilization or any lasting peace bought by the newly forged steel chains of slavery-only its death.

But I'm here to tell you what I feel that you have needed to hear for many years, that one can take take the lion out of the jungle, but one can never take the jungle out of the lion. He only has the heart to kill and to maim and to consume all of his prey, even the last bits of its hair and entrails . He is an unrepentent carnivore whom no one can turn into a vegan! I'm not here to make you laugh, but to gnash your teeth and to cause you to lament now, for your weeping now rather than later, will serve to save you from this nation's utter destruction and consumption later at a time most inopportune. And I come with the sincerest of desires to wake you up from your slumber, while the days are still counted in Friedman units and years and not in the last bitter desperate minutes and seconds! I'm here to save your life from an evil tyranny that gone unabated will most assuredly take everything that you hold dear away from you without mercy, no matter in how many voluminous your remonstrances are as you plead your case on their deaf ears or how torrential the tears you shed in the begging for your very lives.

Those are the first three words I thought of this morning of when I awoke. Every waking hour, and every sleepless hour am I consumed, constantly hearing the songs of those sirens turning men into beasts, agonizing over the most daunting, pitiful state of affairs I see in America today. The false prophets of hope, those damnable prevaricators of false pride who counsel "life, life", when despite all their sweet aromatic words to the contrary, they give nothing but empty promises and "death, death" wrapped as a gift. They all are by definition charlatans and snake oil salesmen masquerading as panaceas, with one hand on their own parachutes and the other around our throats: the pre-fascist corporate globalists! When there is not one chance in a million that hope alone can succeed in any nation whose leaders are utterly corrupted to the bone by the pre-fascist globalist puppetmasters, and bereft of any good works save to their own pernicious devices and ends--they do not just anger and infuriate me, they insult those having the least intellect and jeopardize those keeping the faith, when they should be the ones leading us running, not walking to the life rafts.

Untenable, because any nation that loves war, worships its warrior class, and glorifies war rather than abhorring the taking of any human life and who uses the excuse of failed diplomacy only after all war has failed, is not long for this world.

Unsustainable, because any nation whose economy is built upon the foundation of immoral lebensraum, land-grabbing, mass murders committed so matter-of-factly above the laws of civilized men who know better, as to fly in the face of civility-or sanity, and the outright stealing of another nation's natural resources and minerals, we are no superior to any of the other civilizations who both tried and failed to stand longer than just a paragraph, even a comma in history. We, too, will eventually fall flat on our face.

And dumbed down, because our pre-fascist corporate globalist-owned and controlled national media, hides the truth, obfuscates the truth, and swears every day that they tell nothing but the truth when it knows that they, the so-called 4th estate, have become nothing short of the 5th column propaganda machine enablers of the powers that be, then this nation is undone, done, and toast.

Just like the slavery-based, septic, pathogenic economic system, whose foundation we once were built upon, that lived and died by the slavery sword some 160 years ago, our warmonger dominated, warrior class-obsessed, dumbed down and propagandized new slavery class economy will also fall by the pre-fascist corporatist globalist sword!  America has had its heart and soul ripped from its chest, the hull of its flagship ripped asunder happily misled by this siren of false hope sent crashing into the shoals, clinging for dear life onto this millstone life preserver of which says, one person could change the world with great oratory alone as easily as waving a magic wand. When a house is built on the wrong foundation, even being laid on a sinkhole of lies, deceptions and false dreams of a false peace, that nation's fate was decided long before the ink on the architect's plans dried, long before the first brick was laid upon the next brick in the wall.

And just as one President holding all the power in his hands that one human being can possibly beg, borrow-or steal, one writer cannot possibly do it alone, either, no matter how great his natural ability it is to sift through all the lies. It's going to take a miracle re-awakening of true American patriotism and love of country to defeat this pre-fascist corporatism beast which has this nation locked in its fatal death grip. And frankly speaking, may I boldly suggest to you that I have found very few men living today, the progenies of true patriotic men who placed country above selves who lived in times past, who now possess the critical fighting spirit, the guts, or the will to turn this ship back around before it crashes onto the shoals of this unspeakable tyranny with an ensuing death knell or groan that will rock this whole world down to the core of its very soul.

Yesterday, I spent my whole afternoon and evening researching and writing an essay(more like a short story) as painful to me as it was laborious entitled: "America's double standard: Predator-drone your neighbor as you would have your neighbor predator-drone you". I will never publish it anywhere, because I feel that I would rather bury my gift in the sand than to choke anyone to death who tried swallowing its bitter medicine, and lest I risk being adjudged as one falsely accused as superior who sits on the judgment seat, no better than the false prophets among you who presume to love you, but laugh all the way to the bank, their filthy greedy fists full of your hard-earned dollars.

No, I will neither tickle your ears and pat you on your backside, while they lash you with the whip of tyranny, nor will I tell you that everything is going to be all right, when even in the uttering of such foul untruths I am committing the most egregious of lies to myself and to you, even committing a most grevious sin against this people, betraying this nation with a kiss. Enough! I will not belabor the point any longer! America is likened to that man who got ran over by the train of tyranny, and who still thinks he has both his legs of freedom and liberty. But what he does not know, is that with each new heartbeat he is but one more tick of the minute hand to live before he bleeds out!

If the days following the 2000 theft of America's democracy, Bush's manifold lie after scheme, his consistent all but unconditional surrender of unwavered support by a belly-crawling complicit, complying , all too subservient congress --even after being live witnesses to each Intolerable Act after unanswered, unchecked tyrannical Enabling Act, he and all of enablers first made under the color of law, while this nation was in the state of emergency they helped create by their own dereliction of duty as our sentrys, all of whom fallen asleep on their solemn watch; if all of these acts of tyranny resurrecting of the dead bones of monarchy and dictatorship--that are still the laws of this land because President Obama has let them and the black eye of tyranny Bush-Cheney worked all stand, have yet to awaken you to the cold, hard reality of life, that our nation is now a de facto police state, I have no more words left to say to you.

There were many reasons for the American revolution, the greatest of which, was the Bank of England's refusal to let the Colonies print their own colonial scrip and the power to issue their own credit, and thus, the Bank of England and the international banksters of their age tried to steal what was never theirs--our power to control our own destinies and fates. The most egregious of decrees by King George III, was the Quartering Act(one of 8 contained in the Intolerable Act), whereby the King codified the stationing of British troops in each and every colonist's homes.

Today, we see another form of the infamous Quartering Act, today, but from another King George, and it still stands silently, but not benignly today with all of its unchecked power still intact. It comes in the form of the USA Patriot Act, The 2007 Protect America Act, and the newest revision of the 1978 FISA Act coming in 2008, which gave this government carte blanche to "quarter" (eavesdrop, monitor, warrantlessly wiretap, and surveill) in the homes of, and on the American people, at will, with all the protections for their retroactive immunity given to them, and none of the enumerated rights of due process guaranteed by the 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments to our Bill of Rights-which are inalienable rights("can never be legislated away")to us.

If this usurpation and de facto overthrow of our Constitution isn't the very definition of tyranny, I don't know what the word means anymore. I do know when I see my nation of birth being turned into a police state right before my very eyes, with little or no opposition. I don't need to see tanks rolling down my streets to know when a tread is crushing me underneath its full weight. All I have to do is look at the excruciatingly painful (to me)face of denial I see in my fellow countrymen's eyes when I tell them, '"it's over, the dream is over, we're finished-and they didn't even have to fire the first shot"!  

Yes, denial of reality is the opiate of fools, plausible deniability never an excuse for failing to answer tyranny when one sees, hears, and knows what's happening before our eyes is dead wrong and still does nothing, and the elixir circus sideshow salesmen sell enabling the oppressors to force-feed their wares down the throats of their subjects, no longer free, but now turned slaves by the sleight of hand and by the treacherous acts of evil men and the accessories before,during, and after the fact. The ones they have enlisted to share in their spoils have good reason to fear from those the likes of me who would deal so harshly with them if only I could, who gladly see it most fitting and proper to hold their coats for them, and to now give them all the legal cover under the cloak of darkness, that invoking "state secrets" and shrill assurances of "protecting national security" can give to them, short of actually rolling all those tanks down our streets, after all. Thats' next: the other shoe.

Fare thee well, brethren and sisters. Fare thee well.

Originally posted to ImpeachKingBushII on Wed Jun 02, 2010 at 12:47 PM PDT.

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