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Jerry Brown SLAMS Sarah Palin and other right-wingers with those pesky little facts
  Yesterday, I was watching Hardball with Chris Matthews.

On the show Chris was talking to Howard Fineman and Lynn Sweet about the California

races and the whole "Ladies Night" storyline. Chris then brings up Sarah

Palin and how she is doing in pitching for votes, for both Meg Whitman

and Carly Fiorina. He then plays a clip of the Caribou Barbie attacking

Jerry Brown on his past record in California (video below the fold).

After the video Sweet say's something along the lines of "If there is

anyone that can take on Sarah would be Jerry Brown".

So I looked up Jerry Brown. Looks like Sweet was correct.

Sorry for the Short Diary---have to go out. Let's make this clip viral-er.

  In a viral ad Jerry Brown brings down each of Sarah's distortions with

facts. Now, as many of you know, that may not be a very hard thing to do,

but it is still a sight to see.

The video, in less than one day, has already gotten over 30,000 views.

It looks like Sarah will be a real helping hand in the California

races---for Jerry Brown.

There is also this inspiring viral video from the Brown campaign:

To donate or check out more on Jerry Brown Click Here.

Updated #1:

Video of Hardball:

Apologies, It was actually Lynn Sweet who talks about Jerry Brown taking on Sarah Palin, not Howard Fineman, although Fineman makes some good points as well.


Update #2:

Thank you so much for the tips and recs. It means more than you guys can imagine. The last time I made the rec list, there were some that called my diaries the "Rantings of a Pre-SAT Teen" and there were more important things in the world than my rants. Again, I thank you all for putting my diares on the rec list--but if someone believes there is a more important topic to discuss than write a diary about it and if the Kossacks agree it will also make the rec list.



Update #3:

Pointed out from jj32-
Jerry Brown Tweets:

Reaction to Sarah Palin has generated just over $425k. Can you help us get to $500k this weekend? Please RT!    
4:01 PM Jun 11th  via bitly

Originally posted to YoungChicagoDemocrat on Sat Jun 12, 2010 at 01:59 PM PDT.

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