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Seriously.  What the fuck is wrong with Republican politicans and the people that vote for them?  Where and how did they lose their sense of humanity?

I am pissed off.

And I hear you ask, reader, what pray tell tipped you over the edge?

Two things basically:

Not only did Republicans block Unemployment Extension for hundreds of thousand of people whose benefits expired (my husband is one of them)

but now this:

McCONNELL: Madam president, reserving the right to object and I will have to object on behalf of my colleague Sen. Coburn from Oklahoma. He has concerns about this legislation, particularly as he indicates in a letter that I’ll ask the Senate to appear on the record that it be paid for up front so that the promises that makes the Veterans are in fact kept. So madam president I object.

That, my friends, is the Senate Minority Leader blocking a bill that would help homeless veterans and their children.


What a fucking piece of shit.  Excuse my language.

Why do people keep voting for these assholes? They don't give a shit about the troops, in the battlefield AND NOT WHEN THEY COME BACK HOME.  

Are republican voters stupid?  They are constantly voting against their own self interest time and time again.  They buy into the republican bullshit of ONLY REPUBLICANS CARE ABOUT AMERICA.


Jesus.  Blocking a bill to help homeless veterans and their children?

I am a wife of a veteran.  This is particuarly offensive to me.  The fact that there exists ANY homeless veterans is a disgrace to this country.  But since there is they should be helped but the Republicans block any effort to try and at least do something.

Fuck them.  

Originally posted to GlowNZ on Tue Jun 29, 2010 at 07:01 PM PDT.

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