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Recently, Billo The Perverted Clown has been behaving on his naughtiest. He wanted to have Lady Gaga and Miley Cyrus on just so The Loofah Man can fondle with them like he does with Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, etc...

This man has had a perverted and naughty past, so I wouldn't be surprised if Bill O'Reilly watches porno every night and/or masturbates to women at Fixed News. This is how Billo operates his empire-- yes, by acting like a naughty pervert.

Bill O’Reilly Is Concerned About Gulf Area Strippers?!
Bill O’Reilly is such a humanitarian. His concern for those who are losing wages, as a result of the Gulf oil crisis, extends to those who bare all for a living. Last night’s "Culture Warrior" segment featured a discussion about Gulf area strip clubs which are submitting claims for lost wages. Gotta love Bill. He never wastes an opportunity to engage his giggling, blonde wingwomen in voyeurism and titillation as part of a "serious" discussion about current events – and during "family hour," too! Drill, baby, drill!

While Margaret Hoover was discussing the claims made by those who lost business, shots of gyrating strippers were shown. When Gretchen Carlson said that she wanted to see the "documentation" that these workers present, O’Reilly said that they work on tips. (Hope he’s a good tipper!). When both Carlson and Hoover agreed that these claims should be honored, Bill said, "so both of you are going to give the ladies the dough." Hoover said that it was actually the owners. Concerned Bill said "it has to go to them, too." But then he changed his mind when he said that he would bypass the "Mafia" owners and give the money directly to the women.

Comment: What a guy!

Fixed News's biggest pervert's favorite obsession: Strippers

O'Reilly Hit With Sex Harass Suit
Female Fox coworker details lewd behavior of cable TV star

OCTOBER 13--Hours after Bill O'Reilly accused her of a multimillion dollar shakedown attempt, a female Fox News producer fired back at the TV star today, filing a lawsuit claiming that he subjected her to repeated instances of sexual harassment and spoke often, and explicitly, to her about phone sex, vibrators, threesomes, masturbation, the loss of his virginity, and sexual fantasies. Below you'll find a copy of Andrea Mackris's complaint, an incredible page-turner that quotes O'Reilly, 55, on all sorts of lewd matters. Based on the extensive quotations cited in the complaint, it appears a safe bet that Mackris, 33, recorded some of O'Reilly's more steamy soliloquies. For example, we direct you to his Caribbean shower fantasies. While we suggest reading the entire document, TSG will point you to interesting sections on a Thailand sex show, Al Franken, and the climax of one August 2004 phone conversation. (22 pages)

Bill O'Loofah busted for diddling Andrea Mackris with a Loofah

Bill O’Reilly’s Miley Cyrus Obsession Continues...
Aging, traditionalist, married, conservative, Catholic Bill O’Reilly does seem to have a thang for Miley Cyrus. As I noted in my past thread, Bill’s voyeuristic obsession with Ms. Cyrus has a bit of the stalkeresque to it. In May, Bill labeled Cyrus a "pinhead" for doing some freak dancing with an older man. Obviously, Bill Ray Cyrus is Miley’s dad; but Bill seems to think that he’s her daddy and as such is entitled to criticize what Bill thinks is lewd and lascivious behavior. (Was he jealous of the guy who got the freak dance?) Bill’s fascination with Ms. Cyrus extended to last night’s "Pinheads and Patriots" segment where Miley received yet another wag of Bill’s finger. Naturally, Bill showed some video of Miley being, in Bill’s mind, a very bad girl.

Bill introduced his second "pinhead" (the first was BP’s Tony Hayward) segment by saying that Miley Cyrus is now "running around wearing ridiculous outfits." (And why is Bill checking out Cyrus’ outfits?) "trying to look like Lady Gaga." He noted that Cyrus became famous on the Disney Channel "appealing to wholesome families and for a while she was a good role model for kids. But now, apparently, she wants to be like the lady which is tremendous career mistake for her and makes Miley Cyrus a pinhead."

Comment: While Bill does seem to have a decidedly non "wholesome" interest in Cyrus’ career, shouldn’t he leave her career decisions to Miley and her manager? As far as I can tell, she’s still doing fine. Inasmuch as he might fantasize about it, Bill O’Reilly is not her daddy. Perhaps the term "dirty, old man" might be a tad more appropriate? Eh?

Billo The Clown obsesses with Miley Cyrus

More on Billo hearts Miley

ging conservative Catholic, "traditionalist" Bill O’Reilly does seem to have a penchant for voyeurism - as seen by the "prurient" content of much of Bill’s show which focuses on sexual behavior and imagery – complete with the videos of scantily clad women. Bill, of course, does some of these "reports" in the "context" of his need to expose this naughty behavior and scold whoever is responsible. Other stories, related to bodacious bootay, are done in the "context" of either praising the exposed pulchritude or discussing, with his female "culture warriors," the back story to the "exposure." Bill’s love of the sexy extends into his "patriots" and "pinheads" segment in which he praises those he admires (like those "patriot" ladies who dress in red, white, and blue bikinis) and "pinheads" which is a vehicle for Bill to insult those whom he does not admire. Sometimes, the "pinhead" award has nothing to do with an insult but rather an opportunity for Bill to show more soft-core. He lets the viewer decide on the designation. But one famous young female entertainer seems to have caught Bill’s roving eye; and as such, she has been featured on a number of segments including "pinheads and patriots." Last night her parents won the "pinhead" award for their daughter’s sexy behavior seen on a video which O’Reilly played. America’s Daddy’s attention, given to the 17 year old Miley Cyrus, while not exactly "stalking," borders on really creepy.

After Miley Cyrus had her photo done by the great Annie Liebovitz, for Vanity Fair, there was talk, in the prude community, of how that photo was "racy" and inappropriate given Cyrus’ age. Naturally Bill was on it and did two segments – one a report, with photo, about how this was a source of bad publicity for Cyrus. He followed this up with a "Back of the Book" segment in which he discussed, with Fox’s business anchor and Lea Goldman of Marie Claire Magazine, how this move could ruin Miley’s career. Two months later, in June of 2008, Bill managed to find internet photos of Miley Cyrus in which she exposed a small sliver of her bra. Bill used the visuals to opine that the former clean teen had fallen from grace. Naturally, he showed the pics. Mary Katherine Ham didn’t think they were that risqué; but Bill seemed to think that she was quite the slut with her "teasy, peak a boo, thing" (Did Bill get "teased?" – ewww!). Bill was "concerned" that these photos would hurt her career because she would not longer be seen as a role model. In November of 2008, Bill labeled Ellen DeGeneres a "pinhead" because she interviewed Miley Cyrus. Despite his having run a lengthy clip of the interview, Bill, who had already "covered" Ms. Cyrus’ private life, said that Ellen was a "pinhead" for revealing Ms. Cyrus "private life." In December 2009, he castigated a Miley Cyrus stalker as a "pinhead," despite saying that Cyrus "had made a few mistakes, what teenager hasn’t."

Cyrus received a "patriot award" in January of 2009, despite her "tarnished image" from "provocative pictures she allowed to be taken," and "details about her social life." The "award" was because she did a concert for a woman with breast cancer. She received another "patriot" award, in October of 2009, despite her having "acted older than her age," because "she does nice things such as raising money for children with cancer." Bill was feeling all warm and fuzzy about Cyrus in November of 2009 when he bestowed a "pinhead" award to Jamie Foxx who made snarky comments about Cyrus. Bill said that Cyrus’ mom was a "patriot" for imposing credit card limits on her daughter. Miley received another "patriot" award in March of this year, despite her being "controversial for conduct that might be inappropriate for her age," for warning teens about the dangers of the internet.

But Cyrus did get a little media spanking, in August of 2009, from Papa Bill over her "pole dance" video. After playing part of the video, he described her dance as risqué and referenced her "short pants." Flash forward to last night’s "Pinheads and Patriots" when Ms. Cyrus was given a "wag of the finger" from America’s Daddy. Bill reported on a new cell phone video, which has surfaced, of Miley Cyrus "freak (lap) dance," at a movie wrap party, when she was 16. Bill issued a "viewer warning" before he (natch) played the video. Bill looked a little upset (was he jealous?) when he said she "did a little dance number with a 44 year old man." He played the video and said "I think most of us would agree everyone involved with that, including Ms. Cyrus' parents, are pinheads" and "we gotta have some standards here – a 16 year old girl and a 44 year old man." (That comment not contained in the transcript)

Comment: If anybody is a "pinhead" it’s the 44 year old who allowed Miley to do her thing. As a parent, Bill should realize that teenagers are sometimes beyond the command of their parents – but, no – Bill smears Miley’s parents as pinheads. And standards – how bout a nationally known right wing "traditionalist" bloviator who was accused of sexually harassing his producer? Yeah, real standards there! It's ironic that Bill said that a Miley Cyrus stalker was a pinhead because Bill O’Reilly seems very interested in this young woman. Obsession is more than just a perfume! 61 year old top rated conservative TV talker and a 17 year old girl – we gotta have some standards here!

BTW - The anagram for A Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity is "a shameful, bona fide hypocrite."

Bill O’Reilly’s "Patriotic" "T&A"
Reported by Priscilla - February 10, 2010 - Comments (8)

"Traditionalist" Bill O’Reilly does love him some bodacious booty and curvaceous cleavage. He knows that the "traditionalist" men, in his audience, have (just like Bill) certain "man needs." As such he frequently features, in the guise of a discussion about the state of our society’s mores, some fine ladies. His Factor segments have included the beautiful Padma Lakshmi seductively eating a hamburger, the beautiful Bar Refaeli au natural, and naked ladies advertising a video game. That Bill does love to titillate isn’t surprising given that the main character, in his novel "Those Who Trespass," enjoys sneaking up on women who are showering, grabbing their breasts, and smothering them with falafel (wait a minute, that last one was Bill’s fantasy!). But nothing warms the cockles of Bill’s patriotic heart more than "tig ol’ bitties" and other naughty bits contained (barely) in "Old Glory." For their love of country, as exemplified by their red, white, and blue bikinis, Bill bestowed upon "The Patriot Girls," a group of "models" who support the troops, his coveted "Patriot" award. Last night, Bill gave his seal of patriotic approval to those bikini clad (not, however, in the requisite American colors) female Olympic athletes who are very up front about their patriotism. *But in showcasing these fine ladies, did Bill O'Reilly break a promise made to Laura Ingraham?


Bill began his softcore segment by joking about how these women are "overexposed" (hardeharhar) in Sports Illustrated. The video (from the Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" Edition) zoomed in on the lovely (so flat, I’m jealous) stomach area of American Olympic skier, Lindsey Vonn. As the video progressed, Bill said that these women are patriots because they "train hard" ("Hard" – LOL!) and "represent America in international competition." He continued with the obvious: "We also have no trouble with bikinis, American invention***** however some of you might disagree". (*Laura Ingraham?) He invited his audience to make the "Patriot" call. One assumes that Bill "stood at attention" (I know, I’ll stop now) at this display of patriotism.

*****Memo to Bill O’Reilly – The bikini is not an American invention. Although ancient murals show that it goes back to Greco-Roman times, it made its first modern appearance on the beaches of that reviled librul, decadent, and otherwise evil country known as France. I'm anxiously awaiting your on air correction.

*According to Media Matters, Laura Ingraham, in 2007, told Bill O'Reilly (in no uncertain terms) about Fox News' and Bill O'Reilly's affection for showing videos of scantily clad women: "I don't know if there's a rampant midlife crisis going on on this network among the male anchors, but I can tell you that my female listeners are saying ... what is the purpose? ... You can talk about cultural issues and cultural debates without running the constant loop of this video." (See News Hounds) Bill responded by saying "no more bikini's" or shots of, as Ingraham expressed it, women with "hands over boobs." This latest video isn't the first time that Bill broke his promise.
Billo likes his patriotic T+A

Is Bill Orally a Breast Man?
Bill does seem to love the ladies and does seem to use any excuse to feature those ladies who are amply endowed such as the "Patriot Girls." The sexual harassment suit against Bill, brought by his fomer producer, includes tapes of Bill chatting about massaging her breasts in the shower. (How falafel "factored" into that is strange – but that’s Bill!). As such, one wonders if Bill’s main character, in "Those Who Trespass," is an extension of Bill as "Tommy O’Malley" believed that the best way to arouse a woman was to sneak up behind her in the shower and grab her breasts. So it came as no surprise that Bill did a segement (July 14th) on a topic that was all about breasts and which, as such, gave Bill the opportunity for more "boob shots."

The piece was part of Bill’s "Is it Legal?" feature during which Bill and Fox blonde lawyers Megyn Kelly and Lis Whiel discuss the legal ramifications of current news stories. Not surprisingly, one of the stories involved a model who sued the doctor who did her breast augmentation because the doctor used unauthorized photos of the implants on his website. Was Bill just trying to inform his audience or was he, once again, trying to "titillate?" And once again, despite what he told his culture warriors, he didn’t post a warning about doing T&A during the "family hour." (Although if it’s true that his audience is mainly senior citizens, then he might be doing a public service for grand-pa!) But the question is whether "traditionalist" Bill prefers the "T" or the "A" – what say you?

Whoops He Did It Again – More Titillation From Bill O’Reilly
Might as well face it, America’s "Traditionalist" Daddy, Bill O’Reilly does seem to have a predilection for bodacious babes. Perhaps, in the spirit of Renaissance artists and sculptors, he has an intense appreciation for the female body – or perhaps it’s just a plain, old booty call that provides the pretense for serious journalism. While Bill is trying to purge the world of librul licentiousness, he does manage to provide some "peep shows" (here and here and here) – all, in the name of "watching out for you." Bet he purchases Playboy, just for the articles. At any rate, last week’s "culture warriors" was another excuse to show some skin during a discussion of how the "Make a Wish Foundation" doesn’t want to take the money earned from a "bikini car wash." Bill showed the bikini babes twice during a discussion that was actually substantive in that he and his blonde wing women (Margaret Hoover and Juliette Huddy) talked, in addition to the car wash, about glass ceilings for women in business and other work related issues. He doesn't have a bottle of Corvoisier and doesn't play mood music; but Bill is quite the "ladies man!"
Billo being the Titty Bar owner

Bill O’Reilly, "Chubby Chaser?"
Reported by Priscilla - April 23, 2010

Bill O’Reilly does love him the soft core. He has provided his "traditionalist" audience with a variety of bodacious babes in various states of undress. Be it the Patriot Girls, or "patriotic" Olympic athletes, Bill is a connoisseur of bodacious bikini bootay. He also does seem to have an appreciation for underwear models, and to show that he’s equal opportunity when it comes to hot and sexy underwear models, he has extended his soft core to include some plus size gals – all, of course, as part of a "Culture Warrior" analysis of whether a network’s rejection of a plus sized women’s undergarment ad, because it was too sexy for the "family hour," shows a bias against the plus sized. In order to illustrate this issue of vital importance to real Americans, Bill, who is too sexy for his loofah, played the whole commercial – twice - and to show that he doesn’t discriminate, he played footage of "skinny" Victoria’s Secret models. But he did issue a "warning," so it was all good – except that he seems to have broken, once again, a promise he made to Laura Ingraham about "bikini shots."

Bill’s graphic, as he gave us the back story, was a photo of a bra wearing women who was sporting some cleavage that was a little more than what you see from some of the female Fox "news" personalities. Appropriate for Bill, whose main concern is human rights, was the caption – "Plus Size Bias." He said that a network rejected the ad for the "family hour" – which is the time that Bill does his soft core so go figure. He noted that there are charges that skinny models are not "subject to the same scrutiny on TV." He played the entire Lane Bryant ad. He asked his blonde wingwomen if this ad was appropriate for "family hour." While Gretchen Carlson spoke, the ad was played again. When she said that it was felt that the ad was "too salacious" for that hour, Bill asked "is it, is it?" (oh yes, Oh Yes, OH YES, YES... ahhh) Carlson felt that Lane Bryant was trying make a big deal out of this to get free publicity which she felt was "smart PR." (And Bill O’Reilly is helping!!!) She added that she felt it was OK for the 9PM time slot. Margaret Hoover said that Lane Bryant was smart to frame the issue as they did because Victoria’s Secret models do their thing during the family hour. Bill then played footage of Victoria’s Secret models. Bill seemed confused and wanted to know "what that’s all about?" The irony was truly ROFLMAO when Gretchen, sporting a little cleavage tease, said that with plus sized models you get more cleavage. Bill said that "it’s a matter of skin." When Hoover opined that she thought it was a double standard, Carlson said it "appears to be over the line because you get more." (I couldn’t see where O’Reilly’s hands were as the camera was focused on Gretch). Bill wanted to know if Hoover agreed and she said "that is biologically true." Bill joked that now everybody "knows where the warriors stand. 8 o’clock a little too much." Carlson said that kids are seeing "worse than this on regular TV shows." America’s Daddy said that "we don’t justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. We want just to have Factor Culture Warrior standards." Another ROFLMAO moment when O’Reilly said he didn’t "really care" so he wasn’t going to weigh in on this one and that he doesn’t care what Lane Bryant is doing or selling as "long as it isn’t Janet Jackson’s situation."

Comment: If ya want to see a little "T&A" during the "family hour," tune in to Bill O’Reilly. But all snark aside, if he doesn’t care about Lane Bryant why did he show this segment? Why does he continue to show soft core under the guise of discussing some tangential issue surrounding it? Is there something beyond voyeurism? I really, seriously, have to question if he "gets off" on forcing his attractive "culture warriors" to discuss sexual topics while sexy videos are played. Does he want his female "warriors" to feel uncomfortable? Is his pattern of showing and discussing scantily clad women a way to demean his "warriors" and as such, establish his dominance - because, if so, he’s truly a sick misogynist! That his giggling warriors would agree to enable him in his pursuit seem to suggest that they check their self respect at the door. I guess pleasuring Bill is worth the money. I hope it’s as good for them as it is for him!

And one more thing. In responding to Laura Ingraham’s complaint about Bill O’Reilly’s fondness for scantily clad women - "I don't know if there's a rampant midlife crisis going on on this network among the male anchors, but I can tell you that my female listeners are saying ... what is the purpose? ..." –Bill promised that there would be no more bikini shots. Looks like he broke his promise.

Bill O'Reilly's Chubby Chaser

O'Reilly: Liberals "resent" "attractive" conservative women, think "all women who are good looking should be liberal"
From the 06.29.2010 edition of The O'Reilly Factor

Billo The Clown Bronze on 06.30.2010's Countdown With Keith Olbermann:

Bill O’Reilly Shows More Skin And Insults An Atheist
Reported by Priscilla - March 17, 2010 -

No, not his skin – thank God! As a manly man, Bill O’Reilly loves the ladies-- especially those who are scantily clad (or not clad, as the case may be). As a godly man, Bill O’Reilly hates atheists. During last week’s "Kelly File," a segment in which attorney and host of America Live, Megyn Kelly, opines on whatever Bill wants to opine about, Bill was able to work in the two aforementioned groups. Ah, good times!!!

He started off (March 12th) with a discussion of the "controversy involving body types." He cited how there has been some concern about Victoria’s Secret models looking emaciated. Within seconds he showed a photo of three models clad in white bikinis. One of them appeared to be very thin. The company, according to O’Reilly, is "comfortable" with their appearance. But before he got into the Victoria’s Secret "controversy," he commented that "this nut, Michael Newdow, the atheist who doesn’t want the Pledge of Allegiance and "under God" and all that, he lost in a US court." Playfully, Kelly said "he looost" in a 2 to 1 decision because, according to the 9th Circuit (an evil, librul court – usually!) the Pledge is constitutional. Bill added that they also ruled on "in God we trust" on our coins. O’Reilly said "Newdow, we hope he goes away, it’s all over, see ya." Back to Victoria’s Secret with the photo being shown a second time. Bill wanted to know how Kelly felt about it "as a woman." She said it was "shocking and disturbing" and that if she were managing Victoria’s Secret she wouldn’t use that model. Bill played "Devil’s Advocate" by saying "so what, Kate Moss is skinny." While he was speaking he posted bikini photos of the model in question (Alessandra Ambrosia) ostensibly to show her when she was more curvaceous. While playing a video of Ms. Ambrosia in various pieces of couture, Bill wanted to know if Ambrosia’s photos would make girls and women, who view the Victoria’s Secret catalogs, want to emulate her body type. Kelly talked about anorexia.

Comment: It’s nice to see that Bill O’Reilly is looking out for women’s body images. He is a truly a ladies man! But while he has such compassion for the ladies, he doesn’t show the same kind of tolerance for atheists. Poor Bill, he just can’t deal with those whose views don’t match his – especially those atheists who put ads up in buses and those who challenge the constitutionality of God in government. As Michael Newdow, a physician with a law degree, did exactly that, Bill O’Reilly calls him a "nut" on national TV. In 2002, Newdow endured death threats after an earlier court decision on this matter. One hopes that the "publicity" he got from O’Reilly doesn’t result in the same thing. And memo to Bill and Megyn – he’s not "gone." He is petitioning the court for a "rehearing by a full 11-judge panel of the 9th Circuit and for Supreme Court review." But back to the "nut" thing. I wonder how Bill would react if another TV pundit, on a national network, referred to him as an accused sexual harasser! Hmmm...

Billo shows more hot lady skin

More "Soft Core" From Bill O’Reilly
Billo the Pervert does seem to love his culture warriors segment because that’s when he, in the interests of hard core journalism, gets to go all soft core with his two conservative, blonde wingwomen Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover. It provides Bill with an opportunity to don his kinky boots in order to educate his viewers about the decadent state of American culture – and during the "family hour," too!!!! But before voyeur Bill got into the meat of the Pamela Anderson PETA ad, he did warn his viewers about the upcoming racy video – which he played over and over.

At the beginning of last week's "Culture Warrior" segment, Bill informed us that CNN rejected a PETA ad featuring Pamela Sue Anderson engaging in a little costumed and accessorized frivolity with a very buff young man. Suffice to say the action did distract from the message ;)! With a gleam in his eye and a smile on his lips, Bill introduced the "edited" version. (Getting creepy) One suspects that Bill wished he could have been in the video. Bill claimed that the ad was supposed to have been run at the airports on the "CNN things that nobody watches." (So, Bill, why are you wasting time on this? Huh?) Gretchen and Margaret giggled. O’Reilly referenced Ms. Anderson’s "little gloves which I hope were not" (he shouted) "leather." When Hoover joked about how this was about the ethical treatment of animals and the way Ms. Anderson was pushing around the man wasn’t ethical, Bill said "do you think he objected to it." (Getting creepier). While she was blithering about PETA using nudity, the ad was played again. Her claim that PETA uses this to get attention was certainly underscored by the entire segment. When Bill asked if this was "good or bad" (Bill, you’re being very naughty) she said she wished they weren’t talking about it. The ad continued to play while Carlson said that CNN made the right decision because children would see it and "that’s a sex act position" that was being shown. Ladies man, Bill said "we know it is." (Ya think!). Bill, tongue in cheek (ewww), said "at least she didn’t have any weapons." This opened the door for Carlson who, thinking he was being serious, said "she has a weapon, this is total bondage what she’s doing." Bill and his stable had a big laugh over Gretchen’s not picking up on Bill’s weapons joke. (Getting totally creepy).

Bill obviously didn’t totally satiate himself as the next topic was an anti AIDS ad, with sexual imagery, from Germany in which the guy having sex was Hitler. The line at the end of the ad was "AIDS is a mass murderer." Bill said that in Germany, any reference to Hitler is verboten. Bill wanted to know if the message of the ad was worth the shock value. While Carlson blithered about how "shock value" is the only way to get people’s attention about AIDS, the portion of the ad, featuring erotic foreplay and blurred nude figures, was shown. Hoover said that the use of Hitler’s image shows how far the Germans have come since the war and that they have "self flagellated for decades." I don’t know if O’Reilly didn’t hear her correctly or just wanted her to repeat the phrase because he said "self actualated, is that what you said." She repeated what she said (Very creepy moment here) and Bill said "oh, self flaggelated, with a whip." (WTF!!!!) I did find it ironic that they discussed the hideous historical legacy associated with Hitler imagery which the Teabagging community uses in connection with the first African American president of the US - iconography that was popular at yesterday's Washington protest.

Comment: You just can’t make this stuff up. But seriously, how offensive is it for "journalist" and Bill O’Reilly to engage two educated women, on an almost weekly basis, in discussions about prurient topics with accompanying videos. Is it some kind of domination thing in which Bill gets to play the alpha male while they smile and giggle at him? I guess the money is good and they work hard for the money...

The Falafel Factor's Porn Shop

Bill O’Reilly’s "Culture War" – Real Journalism? Intellectual Curiosity? Or Kinky Voyeurism?
Bill O’Reilly has a thing going on for San Francisco and the West Coast. He’s been obsessing about their, in his mind, decadent culture for years. It’s a strange obsession as it centers, at least in the recent video, on sexual imagery and those who "take a walk on the wild side" – despite the fact that the citizens of this area are middle class Americans who pay taxes, raise families, and go about the same business that the rest of America does. But Bill, who despite being a "traditionalist," likes to talk dirty; and if authorship gives insight into the author’s mind, Bill’s cranium does have, as his former nuns would describe them, "dirty thoughts." His book, "Those Who Trespass" (not included on his website as an available book) has an O’Reillyesque main character that was "orally gifted" and I’m not talking about talk show hosting. In the same vein, is Bill’s opening comment to "the Obama Girl" about her doing a lot of ‘writhing." And not that there’s anything wrong with this unless you’re "America’s (traditionalist) daddy." (And of course, if you’re American’s Daddy who’s talking dirty to an employee who isn’t interested.) But his San Francisco thing makes me wonder if "he doth protest too much." Why am I hearing that Rick James refrain....?

As described by the Huffington Post, Bill O’Reilly’s "Producer’s Pick" documentary about the evils of San Francisco was "surreal." Video available here. Bill’s boy wonder Jesse Watters went to the beautiful, cultured, and tolerant city in search of bad behavior and resident outrage. As noted in the excellent San Francisco Chronicle, "The minutes-long documentary goes on to show homeless people lounging in the parks, pot smokers, a transgendered prostitute, strippers -- and, well, that's about it. Jesse Watters, the producer, told O'Reilly he felt like he was in one big Grateful Dead concert filled with "vagabonds, street kids, runaways, your sixties hippie retreads." Bill added, "You wouldn't go to the Presidio at night,You never know what might be lurking amidst those eucalyptus trees!" (Comment: Yeah, Bill, weird guys like you!) That there was no citizen outrage must have been quite upsetting for our falafal wielding culture warrior.

Bill’s outrage about the atheist sign in Washington is extended to his website – which has an ad for Bill’s "Great American HOLIDAY Quiz" According to he who "looks out for" us,"In Seattle, the city fathers are allowing public nakedness in city parks, nude bike riding." (Comment: One imagines that Bill is probably booking a ticket to Seattle, as we speak. One imagines him dressed in a raincoat and holding a video phone.) And even more outrageous, the city "gives out free birth control pills, including the "morning after" pill." (Comment: Bill obviously thinks that Seattle is a hotbed of "wanton" women. He’s definitely booking a ticket...)

Comment: I don’t think that "journalist" Bill is taking an academic, anthropological view of all this. As I said at the beginning, that song is playing in my head - with a few substitutions: "He’s a very kinky newsman, the kind you don’t take home to mother. He will never let your spirits down, once you get him off the streets. Ow....Super Freaky!"

Bill O'Falafel's Kinky fantasies come true.

Is Bill O’Reilly Promoting A Product Or Just Being A Voyeur?
"Voyeur" is defined as "a person who derives sexual gratification from observing the naked bodies or sexual acts of others, especially from a secret vantage point or "an obsessive observer of sordid or sensational subjects." So given that definition, one does wonder if Bill O’Reilly is a voyeur as he does seem to enjoy watching the nearly naked ladies that he does seem to obsessively feature on The Loofah Factor. (And according to the Mackris tapes, America’s Daddy was watching porno while he was engaging in Caribbean shower fantasies!). So it’s not surprising that Bill likes to watch nearly naked (Patriot Girls) and naked (Bar Rafaeli) ladies. Bill’s most recent peep show was during a "Pinheads and Patriot" segment in which he featured naked ladies (with the "naughty bits" covered over) who are "reportedly" an example of the "age of shameless promotion" that we are living in. (oh, the irony) But interestingly, Bill, in the guise of journalistic inquiry, did a little voyeurism, last year, which involved another Guitar Hero commercial and a writhing Heidi Klum. So is Bill a voyeur, product promoter, or just a hard hitting journalist who is eager to come up with titillating new material?
Is Billo The Sicko being a voyeur?

Bill O’Reilly Discusses New Miley Cyrus "Pole Dance"

After discussing the question, on last night's Factor's "Back of the Book segment, of whether there is racism involved in the town hall protests (Bill doesn’t see it – but then he "doesn’t see color," right?) the talk moved on to the new video, from the Teen Choice Awards, in which teen queen Miley Cyrus danced on top of an ice cream cart prop. There has been some question (not just on Fox) regarding Cyrus’ movement around the pole which "some say" is "pole dancing" and not appropriate for a 16 year old and her adolescent audience. Bill described it as risqué (nothing like what he features almost weekly on Culture Warriors, nosirreee!!). He mentioned that "she’s got the short pants on" while claiming not to know what the pole was about. Bill asked Jane Skinner and Courtney Friel for their opinion and so it went. The title of the video is "selling sex" (nothing like what’s on the Culture Warriors, nosirreee!!!). So with that in mind, check out the attire of the two women (why does Bill seem to love speaking with women about teh sexy?). Jane Skinner was attired in lovely business professional. Courtney Friel not so much. (There’s a song about the month of June from that great musical "Carousel"....) Anyway, Bill played quite a bit of Cyrus’ video. That Bill is interested in a 16 year old’s "risqué" video is just a bit creepy????

Billo The Clown discusses Miley's 2009 TCA Pole Dance

Did O'Reilly Flip-Flop on Phone Sex?
hen I picked up one of Bill O'Reilly's early books, The O'Reilly Factor: The Good, the Bad, and the Completely Ridiculous in American Life, I swear I was expecting a political tome. Instead, I got some vivid reminders of the O'Reilly sex tape scandal that so tantalized the blogging world less than three months ago. Although the book was published four years before Andrea Mackris accused her boss at Fox News Channel of repeatedly making sexually suggestive conversation with her, the O'Reilly Factor takes on a whole new meaning when read with those alleged sex tapes in mind.

For example, Mackris' lawsuit, which was settled out of court, said O'Reilly talked about his sexual exploits with others, but in his book he writes that his "most vital piece of advice" to readers is to "keep your sex life private. I mean, tell no one what you do! (This especially means you, ladies.) Otherwise, you are likely to be scrutinized, and no good can come of that. I know it, you know it, and the gossips should never know it." (p. 27) Well, some good could have come of it in this case. O'Reilly could have been fired for sexual harassment.

In yet another eerily prescient passage, O'Reilly also warns against sexual exploitation in the workplace. "Some people barter sexual favors for a push up the ladder to success," he writes (p. 26). "That can work in the short term; in the long term, sexual exploitation almost always leads to disaster. Your parents were right about that. And if you're like most of us, you know someone who played the game the wrong way and may be burned for life." Oh, we can only hope.

While condemning President Clinton for the Monica Lewinsky matter, O'Reilly makes clear he is no prude about sex himself. The book is rife with hints about his sexual conquests, although he leaves just enough unsaid to be able to deny any specific allegations. In a discussion of dating, for example, O'Reilly (who is now married with two children) brags that he has dated hundreds of women in his life and that he "was a dancing machine" who lowered women's inhibitions with a few hours at a dance club. After that, he said, "most of my dates wanted to extend the evening at their place or mine" (p. 102). I don't know about you, but thinking of O'Reilly as "a dancing machine" is enough to make me gag.

Some of the comments in O'Reilly's book would have worked so well in a trial of sexual harassment charges that it hurts to think of the missed opportunities. Mackris' attorney could have made hay with a statement like: "There's nothing wrong with men lusting all the time for beautiful women, as long as we are housebroken. Constant desire keeps men mentally occupied and out of trouble. We must have our sexual fantasies, ladies." Elsewhere, O'Reilly even lists the women he fantasies about: "Tyra Banks in Victoria's Secret catalogs �. Sarah Michelle Gellar in a tight T-shirt chasing a vampire or Jacqueline Bisset in a very wet T-shirt in The Deep; Vanessa Williams doing � ." (p. 37) Sorry, I have to stop. I'm making myself sick just typing it.

Imagine O'Reilly's lawyer leaping to his defense with another quote, this one on phone sex. Talking about the availability of phone sex for $3 a minute and nude photos on the internet, O'Reilly asks, "Can this be good? I don't think so. Dating was exciting to me because it was a slow buildup to something special�I'm talking about the best kind of dating. Now immediate gratification is the order of the day. The thrill of the chase has been replaced by the predictability of the computer or the convenience of the videocassette" (p. 104.) Is he talking about the same sort of slow build-up in the shower he described to Mackris? Can you imagine the cross-examination on that quote: "Mr. O'Reilly, have you flip-flopped on phone sex?"

In defense of Mackris's decision to have taped her boss, her lawyer could have turned to another O'Reilly quote. Discussing his experience at ABC with a tyrannical boss, O'Reilly said he once tape-recorded a phone call in which the man tried to send him on a foolish assignment and then played it for a company executive when his boss tried to get him fired for refusing an assignment: "�You secretly taped an employee of ABC News?' the vice-president gasped," O'Reilly wrote. "Yeah, I sure did. And it saved my ass. The incident was dropped" (p. 46). What's good for the goose.

Although O'Reilly says he is a Catholic and goes to church (he didn't say anything about going to confession), O'Reilly makes no distinction between sex in and out of marriage. He recommends people "use protection" (p. 27) and act responsibly. He does not condemn adultery and advises only that people respect sex and "control it; don't let it control you. Have fun and be safe. And never, never take suggestive photos to Kmart for development." (p. 37). Obviously, O'Reilly wrote this before digital cameras were popular.

O'Reilly, of course, did not write this book with the Mackris sex scandal in mind, but given the self-image he portrays, maybe he should have seen such an incident coming. His main goals in writing the book were to establish his credentials as somebody who will stick up for everyday Americans so that we will listen to what he has to say about sex and other things. For the life of me, I can't imagine anyone following O'Reilly's advice on how to talk to their kids about sex.

Billo's nasty behavior continues unabated

Bill (Pervert) O'Reilly Obsessed With Cyrus & Gaga
By: Steve - June 23, 2010 - 8:30am

To begin with, here is my question. Why does O'Reilly care what outfits the 17 year old Miley Cyrus wears. If you ask me, it's kind of creepy.

On Monday night O'Reilly named Miley Cyrus a pinhead for wearing sexy outfits on stage. And while he was doing it he showed video of her dancing around in the sexy outfit, which is really creepy.

O'Reilly even said her management should talk to her and get her to wear less sexy clothes, because she is a role model for young girls. Excuse me, who does he think he is, God. Earth to Bill (the old pervert) O'Reilly, shut the hell up. The only person who can decide what she wears is Miley Cyrus, it's her life, and her career. And frankly, it's none of your business, and very creepy that a man of your age would even care what she wears.

Then on the same show O'Reilly invited Lady Gaga on the Factor, and even said she could drink Whiskey. O'Reilly is obsessed with Gaga and Cyrus, which is odd because he claims to have a hard news show. But Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are not news, they are hollywood celebs. I guess he is getting so old he thinks he is hosting Inside Edition again.

Here is my advice to O'Reilly, stop being a pervert, and leave the 17 year old Miley Cyrus alone. And stop making a fool of yourself trying to get Lady Gaga on your so-called news show. Neither one of them are going to listen to you, and I would bet that neither one of them will ever do your show either.
-- Billo wants to get close to Gaga and Miley

Billo bashes Democrats to talk about sex
ince Bill O'Reilly likes to spice up The Factor with a little sex whenever possible, he lucked out tonight with an opportunity to combine sex and Democrat bashing in one segment. Mary Katherine Hamm and Heather Nauert joined BOR to review the recently released video from Truth Through Action. However, O'Reilly and guests were very careful not to reveal who created the video or where it could be seen.

Heather Nauert, no longer John Gibson's sidekick, is now FOX News' expert on the "youth vote". Mary Katherine Hamm, BOR's internet diva, has also recently become a FOX News contributor of self righteous Republican disdain.

BOR only showed the last bit of the video when the girl sees the photo of John McCain, grabs her clothes and races out the door. Factor viewers got more titillated from all his segments about teens sending topless photos on their cell phones. Nevertheless, Bill made sure he warned the audience before the clip. Then he declared that the video was "beyond stupid."

Nauert, doing her job as Youth Vote expert, said she talked to the guy responsible. (No names, please) Nauert reported that he planned to do a dozen with hope that people would pass them around noting that he wanted to make Republicans "look goofy". Nauert explained that it was meant to make Obama look hip and McCain the old guy.

Hamm wasted no time implicating Obama. " Barack Obama does it actively and aggressivly" claiming that Obama sells things on his website that are a "little hipper and slicker" and "everything matches," She complained that Democrats " brand themselves as cool".Nauert reminded them that the nameless organization is a 527 and able to raise unlimited money.

Bill was not convinced that it could draw voters and Hamm said it would get around that "a Barack Obama rally is a place to meet chicks and they only sleep with Democrats." When asked about a Republican version, Hamm quipped, " It would be a little less risque."

comment: Take a look at Barack Obama's website store where he markets coolness "actively and aggressively" and "everything matches". Wonder what Mary Katherine thinks of the lapel pins? Are they too cool?

Bill O'Reilly and Megyn Kelly Flirt and Dish The Dirt on Obama
Bill O'Reilly, playing it cool and confident, visited FOX's American Election HQ, 4/9/08, to dish the daily campaign dirt with his girl Megyn Kelly. They were oh so cute together with Bill teasing her about her skin tight leopard dress and calling her "Little Bo Peep" claiming she was too gullible about Obama and Wright. In between the giggles and flirts, they managed to keep the story fresh focusing their routine on the recent Lanny Davis article in the Wall Street Journal about Obama.

Lanny Davis appeared earlier in the show and said Obama should tell voters why he stayed in his church. He claimed he was compelled to write about this in the Wall Street Journal because it still bothered him and it would come up in the general election.

Bill O'Reilly showed up to sit in what they called the " hot seat" in order to rub it in a little more. Kelly asked him what he thought about Davis' article. He claimed it was a " bogus point".

" No way he can answer. He was there for twenty years. Twenty years! If you're Barack Obama, you can't answer that question. Everybody in Chicago knows he's a nut.... " He built his career in the South Side. His power base started here."

When O'Reilly said Jeremiah Wright was an interesting guy who he would have dinner with, Kelly acted shocked reminding him of Wright's sermon about America and " chickens come home to roost" O'Reilly feeling frisky quipped, " We'll have chicken. We'll have steak."

When Kelly came off like she was shocked that Obama might have known about Wright's comments all along, O'Reilly called her ' Little Bo Peep" calling out to Bill Hemmer " Hemmer get the sheep in here".

When the prospect of Obama coming on The Factor came up, O'Reilly claimed he wouldn't ask Obama about it because he was more interested in asking him about the terrorism and Iran. He noted that he believed Obama is a man of his word and will come on his show ( hint) but made sure to add that he had it on tape.

At the beginning of the segment, O'Reilly told Hemmer , " You have to look like Megyn to get on the program". Kelly giggled to Hemmer, " I'll lend you the leopard dress." When the segment ended, O'Reilly said to her, " I can't believe the dress."

comment: Only on FOX News!! Barack Obama better book his spot with Bill or get ready for some more visits from Bill's ambush crew.
Billo flirts with Megyn Kelly

Bill O'Reilly Does Up Front Exploration of Sex In Media News
Bill O'Reilly, diligent media watchdog, will be taking a close look tonight at a media event about to threaten the fabric of traditional family values. That's why BOR, looking out for you and your kids will do an up front exploration of the shocking new show Anchor Woman. Bikini model turned journalist, Lauren Jones, will be scrutinized thoroughly in the no-spin zone so get ready for a revealing interview. Maybe Lauren Jones will join Michelle Malkin in a future debate or be included in the next body language segment.
Billo The Sexist Clown being a dirty little boy

O'Reilly-Mackris Lawsuit Is Over
In tonight's Talking Points Memo (October 28, 2004), Bill O'Reilly made the following statement regarding the termination of the sexual harassment lawsuit recently filed by Andrea Mackris.

O'Reilly: I have something very important to tell you. All litigation has ceased in that case that has made me the object of media scorn from coast to coast. Today lawyers issued a statement saying there was no wrongdoing in the case whatsoever by anyone. Obviously, the words "no wrongdoing" are the key. On a personal note, this matter has caused enormous pain but I had to protect my family and I did. Some of the media hammered me relentlessly because, as you know, I'm a huge target as is FOX News.

All I can say to you is, please, do not believe everything you hear and read. The good news is the Factor viewers and listeners seem to have given me the benefit of any doubt, when some in the media did not. You guys looked out for me and I'll never forget it. This brutal ordeal is now officially over and I will never speak of it again.

O'Reilly v. Mackris is over, but the effects aren't

Sleazy O'Really
ately, the best news about Fox News is not on Fox News. Today (Oct. 22) was no exception. Fox and Friends had nothing to say about the sexual harassment case about Bill O'Reilly. Viewers had to look elsewhere for coverage of that story.

Fox and Friends' co-hosts rehashed Kerry's goose-hunting trip in Ohio and Teresa Heinz-Kerry's faux pas about Laura Bush's job history during their 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. segment, but had nothing to say about O'Reilly. Rupert Murdoch is relying on one of his other news outlets -- the New York Post -- to spin the story in O'Reilly's favor by attacking the alleged victim.

The only reason I know this is that I watched MSNBC's Countdown last night, where the O'Reilly suit was the No. 3 story. MSNBC referred to a Post article which suggested the associate producer suing O'Reilly may have intentionally set him up. The associate producer, Andrea Mackris, says that O'Reilly engaged in unwanted sleazy phone conversations with her. According to the Post, Mackris left O'Reilly for CNN and then later came back to Fox again. The Post article claims that another alleged sexual harassment victim represented by the same attorney quit her job and then came back to it before filing suit.

MSNBC also quoted former CNN employees as implying that Mackris did not go back to Fox for the $90,000 a year salary but to set up O'Reilly. And it said that today's scheduled court hearing regarding possible transcripts of the conversations between O'Reilly and Mackris was cancelled by the judge.

The New York Post also has accused Mackris of going "nuts" in a New York hotel bar after an encounter with other customers. The newspaper did acknowledge, however, that the bar management made the other customers leave and gave Mackris a gift to make amends.

Meanwhile, other news organizations are having fun at O'Reilly's expense. A Seattle newspaper , the Post-Intelligencer, dug up a quote from O'Reilly in which he says the most beautiful women in the world are in Norway and Thailand and the least attractive are in Muslim countries because you can't see them.

MSNBC will be back on the O'Reilly beat tonight at 8 p.m. EDT. MSNBC featured O'Reilly's lawyer earlier this week and its coverage has been balanced, but the folks there must be relishing the chance to get back at Fox for all its bragging about having higher ratings.

The #1 News Sleaze busted

More on the Fixed Noise/FBN's perversions at: Sex on FOX or
Sleaze Factor

Originally posted to JGibson on Sat Jul 03, 2010 at 10:44 PM PDT.


Is Billo The Clown a pervert or not?

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