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The Westboro Baptist Church Hatefest2010 has rolled into Dallas to spew their vitriol upon the Jewish community.  Not content with directing their hatred towards gays and dead soldiers, the Phelps Clan appeared yesterday at a Jewish school, the Dallas Holocaust Museum, and the Gay & Lesbian Resource Center--home of the Congregation Beth el Binah, a primarily LGBT congregation.

As can be seen in the following video, a large number of counter-protesters appears at the Holocaust Museum and at the Gay & Lesbian Center.  The Museum has reported that as a result of the protest, they hosted a record number of visitors. Likewise, the Resource Center raised $7,700 in a fund drive related to the protests.

Kudos to the good people of North Texas who have taken this opportunity to turn hatred into love.  If anyone in the region is interested, here is a link to the FB page concerning the counter-protests to be held throughout the weekend.

Update:  Hookah has kindly suggested that I include a link to the Resource Center in Dallas, one of the organizations the WBC protested against yesterday)

Originally posted to dalfireplug on Sat Jul 10, 2010 at 10:08 AM PDT.

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