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Harold Ford is still seeing stars after Rachel called him out and factually smacked him down.... Gregory felt so sorry for Ford that he gave him the last minute of time with no rebuttal before they moved on to the subject of Afghanistan.

Did Harold Ford arrogantly and naively believe, that Rachel of all people would allow him to get away with his Republican Political Bullshit? Did he actually think that Rachel Maddow viewed him as a "Real Democrat", that she would not have the intellectual wit to not only figure him out but also call him out? I guess Harold Ford is so use to being impressed with his charm that he thought his Tennessean Southern Charisma would be influential in protecting his phony persona... but I don’t know if anyone has ever informed him of this or not but Mr. Ford, Rachel Maddow is just not in to you...

On Sunday’s Meet the Press Show, Rachel Maddow was undoubtedly ready to share her experience of what she learned from her visit in Afghanistan but she was also prepared to discuss any other subject that crossed her plate...  All who have watched and all who have personally engaged her should have known this as well.  Mr. Harold Ford clearly did not get the memo in enough time because he would soon become the latest victim of her Facts Attack.

I somehow knew this day would be Harold Ford’s day, David Brooks had that "I know better" look on his face, and Gillespie, although he still presented his talking points, he had enough commonsense to know that it didn’t matter how many Republicans they put around the table, it still wasn’t going to be enough to take on Rachel Maddow. Even if you threw in a Republican Camaflouge as a Democrat, the best you could do would be to throw out all the falsehoods you could and hope she didn’t have enough verbal speed to knock each and every one of them down.

Rachel had that Factual Attack look on her face as she often gets when a Guest appears on her show prepared to give their selective narrative on what they want the uninformed to believe but unprepared for her dismantling of their lies as she uses a weapon of their own words against them. ..
Well that look was present Sunday as she listened to Harold Ford speak on the subject of our economy; her look told the story of "oh so you want to go that route, uh Mr. Ford,"we should stop talking about the past" "shouldn’t be inflexible on the deficit "and oh "extends tax rates aka tax cuts for the rich because we don’t want to spook investors" so you say.....  I’ve been waiting for you a long time Mr. Harold Ford... you’ve yet to come on my show but oh now I’ve got you right where I want you... you didn’t really think because I’ve been away in Afghanistan, that I would be either too tired to challenge contradiction and lies, therefore leaving me negligently unprepared did you? Or did you foolishly think that the scope of my participation on today’s show would be limited just to the War in Afghanistan?  

Harold Ford confidence originally must have felt secure, and could one blame him, here he was sitting at the table with three other Republicans, (David Gregory, David Brooks and Ed Gillespie). A setting that one could say resembled the MSNBC’S Republican Early Morning Show of Morning Joe; with Mrs. Mika Brzezinski by his side,  you would find Joe Scarborough leading the roundtable of Republicans such as Mike Barnicle, Mark Halperin, Morton Zuckerman, Pat Buchanan and Harold Ford himself.

The Morning Joe Nostalgia had to make Ford feel right at home; thinking this Republican Environmental Protection would be enough to take on Rachel Maddow; that this setting would give him "The Masquerading Democrat" enough cover to set-up and present a false analysis of our economy; and that he  Harold Ford would have his Republican Panel waiting on the sidelines to assist him in small doses of  agreements here and there, filtered in with prearranged opinions of disagreement, a ploy as to give that false aura of being Bi-Political.  But you see there, was only one problem with that premise, you may have had the setting of a Morning Joe, but Dr. Rachel Maddow, is no Mika Brzezinski, and  anyone with a brain would have already known this.

When she addressed Harold Ford, his facial expression showed an arrogance of delight, as her tone initially began with a political view of solidarity, but his expression quickly changed to a man of the defense as she began to attack the Policy Proposal he presented on Taxes during his brief run for Senator of New York. She called him out on his contradiction of calling for Corporate Tax Cuts while at the same time saying we have to get serious about the deficit, plainly put you are asking for a cut in taxes, which causes the deficit to increase, but then turn around and say we need to get the deficit under control.

Harold didn’t look too please once Rachel was done with him... It was funny watching David Brooks, he had a look that said, I learned at our last Meet the Press Roundtable not to think to highly of myself because Rachel Maddow has this tendency of making you feel intellectually inadequate, and she will do so while smiling. Harold Ford is still seeing stars after Rachel called him out and factually smacked him down.... David Gregory felt so sorry for Ford that he gave him the last minute of time with no rebuttal before they moved on to the subject of Afghanistan.

Once Rachel took over the conversation of Afghanistan, the Republican Panel changed out of their Obstructionist Propagandized Talking Point Uniforms and turned into eager willing and fascinating students of Dr. Maddow. The great thing about listening to Rachel speak is that she explains it in a way for all to understand including a Fox Viewer. The boys set there in awe of Rachel; no one interrupting her with their own interpretation because they simply had none, they just set and listened.

Recognizing her effectiveness and his job security, David Gregory quickly cut her off and turned to one of the students sitting at the table for their thoughts. First to David Brooks, who when called upon for a response to the Maddow Report, was honest in his assessment, "he had no answers; and then to Gillespie, who seemed to just put a bunch of words together that no one could follow. Gillespie as did Brooks seemed more comfortable listening to what Rachel had to say as oppose to countering what she had to say. They focused so intently on her every word, that you could almost in vision these two putting their hands up under their chins as they gazed into her eyes begging for her to tell them more.  

Their looks showed of  faces happy to hear for once, a true account, from a reporter who was not only brave enough to go but who was untainted by a cozy relationship  others have developed with the military brass; she barely knew of anyone, being a virgin to click, would rendered her free from being influenced by manipulation and propaganda. Gillespie and Brooks knew enough about Rachel Maddow, to trust her reporting, they knew they could trust her accounts of our situation in Afghanistan and not just some unverified speculation from our willing to do the least amount of work Media. Contrary to unscientific popular belief more republican politician watch Rachel than they do Fox...

And as for Harold Ford, well he was never to be heard from again.

On Sunday, Harold Ford found out, as Rachel Maddow indicated in an interview she gave to Fox Business Market Watch’s Jon Friedman, that when she has a guest on her show, if they wrote a book, she reads it; if she interviews an actor/actress, she has watched their movies. One shouldn’t think by Maddow being away on special assignment that she would somehow hampered on the availability of facts, the bottom-line is, she does her research and even on "The Masquerading Democrat"

Is it just me but was Morning Joe, the only program on MSNBC not to recognize Rachel Maddow’s trip to Afghanistan.....

Originally posted to ANY THING TOO ADD on Mon Jul 12, 2010 at 08:09 AM PDT.

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