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With St. Louis's Conservative Media sensation Dana Loesch in New York, this could mean the start of something worse. Her snark and nastiness gets to be seen to a worldwide audience. Her appearance on The Wendy Williams Show is the start, then on her radio show, then Billo's show, the O'Reilly Factor. Second Day: Fixed and Fools, her radio show, and Red Eye. She was on on Fixed News/FBN as a commentator during these times.

Day 1:

-- from PoliticsNewsNews's YouTube, via The Loofah Hour with Billo The Clown.
Dana Loesch, a bomb-throwing loonette, claims that "Gladney was beaten + STL Media blacked it out." She made a mention about my tweet about "A guy who lives right across the river, who was saying, 'she should have her head sewn off and other threats." I'll be bashing her more, whether she likes it or not! Liaresch can call me a "stalker", a "troll", and the like, but I'll call her out as long as she's distorting the truth.

@Dloesch: your "STL Media blacking out Gladney" claim is false:

Thank you, @DLoesch, for giving me the national spotlight! You're still insane, though.

GOP Candidate: Obama And Carnahan Want To Take Away Your Chance To Find The Lord (AUDIO)
Christina Bellantoni | July 12, 2010, 8:45PM
Ed Martin, a Republican candidate for Congress in Missouri, said in a radio interview with a conservative talk show host Gina Loudon that President Obama and Rep. Russ Carnahan are trying to interfere with America's freedom to worship. Martin also has taken a swipe at Carnahan's sister Robin Carnahan, suggesting she is doing the "devil's work" as Secretary of State.

Martin said today the growth of government endangers religious freedom and the "ultimate freedom ... to get your salvation." "And I think that's one of the things that we have to be very, very aware of that the Obama Administration and Congressman Carnahan are doing to us," Martin said during an interview on The Dr. Gina Show.

Martin is challenging Carnahan (D-MO) this fall. The left-leaning FiredUp Missouri blog caught the radio segment and posted the audio tonight.

Host Gina Loudon asked if Martin is running as a tea party candidate. "I'm not running to be a Republican in Congress, I'm running to be in Congress," he said. Martin said GOP leaders have spent a lot of time cautioning candidates and said he does not want to be that careful. For example, he said, leadership instructed him early on not to say he'd repeal health care on the campaign trail. "I said no way. I will vote to repeal it."

Martin said that, "the tea party inspires me and supports me." Martin let loose when the Loudon said Missouri's 3rd district is one of the state's most religious. Here's the transcript:

One thing I like to say is: America is great, not because of our genetics. We're great because we created a place and space where people can be free. And they can choose Christ, they can choose to be faithful. They can worship, and they find their way to the Lord. And -- or some of them don't. We sure want them all to, but some of them don't.

Part of that freedom -- when you take a government and you impose, and take away all your choices. One of the choices you take away is to find the Lord. And to find your savior.

And that's one of the things that's most destructive about the growth of government. It's this taking away of that freedom. The freedom -- the ultimate freedom, to find your salvation, to get your salvation. And to find Christ, for me and you.

And I think that's one of the things that we have to be very, very aware of. That the Obama Administration and Congressman Carnahan are doing to us.

Full Interview w/Gina Loudon on the 07.12.2010's The Dr. Gina Show on TruthTalk630:

Gina Loudon allows Ed Martin (R/TP) to lie

My Tweets from the 07.12.2010's The Dana Show from NYC
Hey, Dana Loesch: @Dloesch: Quit blaming Obama and the Democrats for the ruination of America. It was Bush's and the GOP's fault.

@Dloesch: You are NOT an objective person at all, Dana Loesch! You are a biased Conservative Tea Potty person.

@DLoesch: The Tea Parties are racists who hate a duly elected Democratic Black President by the named of Obama, Ms. Liaresch!
Teabagger Pundit Dana Loesch busted for electioneering, and Ed Martin gives her a $2.5k check. #EdMartin #DanaLoesch about 3 hours ago via web from Pontoon Beach, IL

@Dloesch: This post refutes your racist garbage that you're spreading out:

@Dloesch: It was Kenneth Gladney who provoked the fight, not the Liberal. You are a racist fearmongering nutjob. #DanaLoesch

Dear Dana Loesch (@Dloesch): The Right-Wingers/Teabaggers are the ones that are double standards hypocrites, NOT us Liberals. #DanaLoesch     14 minutes ago  via web  from Pontoon Beach, IL
@Dloesch: Attention Dana Loesch: You are lying about what happened at last week's NAACP protest.

@jimtalent: @dloesch: 2010 Conservative Resurgence is NOT going to happen. Give it up! The HCR Bill is good for our country. 26 minutes ago via web from Pontoon Beach, IL

@DLoesch: Eric Holder is right on Arizona and the Black Panthers case. You are misinformed there.

Ed Martin Gives Dana Loesch $2500 Prior to Loesch Attacking His Primary Opponent

Last week, I described how tea party talk show host Dana Loesch publicly freaked out on Republican candidate for House of Representatives John Wayne Tucker. Loesch claimed that allowing Tucker on to her radio show would be the equivalent of "electioneering," despite the fact that she had Tucker's Republican primary opponent, former Matt Blunt Chief of Staff Ed Martin, on her show multiple times. Loesch also blocked Tucker's supporters from commenting on her page on facebook.

Over the weekend, Loesch continued her attack via Twitter. Since the original outburst, Loesch has publicly attacked John Wayne Tucker's character:

She attacked his faith:

And she accused him of "bullying" her (without providing any evidence):

So what would cause Loesch to so publicly violate the Republican's 11th Commandment ("Thou shalt not speak ill of any fellow Republican"), when she could have dealt with all of these issues privately. Loesch clearly went out of her way to try to publicly humiliate John Wayne Tucker. Tucker, by the way, denies that he ever requested to be on Loesch's show, and Loesch has not provided any evidence to back up that claim.

I originally thought that this bizarre blowup was just a result of the St. Louis tea party's astroturf relationships with Republican insiders like Ed Martin. However, it turns out that there's another important part of the story. It turns out that Ed Martin had written a $2500 check to Shock City Studios, the business co-owned by Loesch and her husband Chris. The check, according to the Federal Election Commission report (page 115), was for video production:

Dana Loesch got a $2,500 check from Ed Martin (R/TP)

Day 2:
Dana Loesch on Fixed and Thieves:

Tweets from The Dana Show:
@Dloesch: Al Franken won the election fair-and-square. He did NOT cheat. The GOP/Teabaggers will do the election rigging come November.

@Dloesch: You were responsible for Chuck Purgason's removal from the senate chairmanship. Charlie Shields also behaved improperly.

@Dloesch: The Tea Party People are armed and dangerous people who will have a chance to assassinate Obama.

@whennessy: @DLoesch: The Liberals are NOT the ones lying and acting racist. It is you Teabaggers that are the racist thugs.

@Dloesch: Quit blaming the Liberals for race problems and education issues. It is your fault, Dana Loesch, and you KNOW it! #DanaLoesch     about 1 hour ago  via web  from Pontoon Beach, IL

Dana Loesch loses 500,000,000 Cool Points, but gets +55 back for mentioning me, so = 499,999,945 CPs. Michelle Obama = +100M CPs. about 1 hour ago via web from Pontoon Beach, IL
ALERT TO @DLoesch: The Tea Parties are NOT grassroots at all. She lying on that points. Liberals are NOT ruining America.

@Dloesch: You deserved to have Fixed Noise NOT on (which is rare) in a hotel. Too many of them fail to put on MSNBC and FNC's sister, FBN.     about 2 hours ago  via web  from Pontoon Beach, IL

@DLoesch: Dana Loesch, The NAACP is correct in condemning the Tea Potty for being racists, which is the real truth. #DanaLoesch #NAACP about 2 hours ago via web from Pontoon Beach, IL

@DLoesch: You are claiming that the "Liberals rely the on the government for handouts" is true. People like you do it too. about 2 hours ago via web from Granite City, IL

Payment of $2,500 at Center of Latest Dana Loesch Pissing Match
By Chad Garrison, Tue., Jul. 13 2010 @ 9:44AM

There's some interesting bickering underway in the G.O.P. primary race for Missouri's 3rd Congressional District. And contrary to what you might expect, it doesn't involve the candidates hurling insults at each other -- at least not directly.

The controversy surrounds St. Louis Tea Party co-founder Dana Loesch who's used her bully pulpit at 97.1 FM -- as well as her Facebook and Twitter accounts -- to denounce Republican candidate (and fellow Tea Party cohort) John Wayne Tucker while at the same time throwing her support to G.O.P. candidate Ed Martin.

But could Loesch's stance be financially motivated?

That's what local blogger Adam Shriver wants to know. Yesterday on his site St. Louis Activist Hub, Shriver posted a check for $2,500 that Martin's campaign paid to Shock City Studios -- a business co-owned by Loesch's husband, Chris Loesch.

Shriver notes that the check was made out on February 20 of this year -- just a couple weeks before Martin made one of several appearances on Loesch's talk show, The Dana Show. Tucker, meanwhile, has never received a similar invite.

Via Twitter, Loesch implies that Tucker has tried to browbeat her into having him on her show and that she won't let candidates turn her program into an "electioneering" platform. (Apparently that's not the case, though, for Ed Martin.)

Tucker has replied (also via Twitter) that he's never requested to be on her show.

Dana Loesch's pissing match against her foes [RFT Daily]

The Monday 7-12-10 O'Reilly Factor Review
By: Steve - July 13, 2010 - 9:00am - via

In the personal story segment O'Reilly talked about a spokesman from an African American group calling a man who was beat up at a Tea party rally an Uncle Tom. Dana Loesch was on to discuss it, with of course no other guest to give the other side. And this Loesch is a right-winger that has her own radio show. It's pretty much a non-story with 99% of the media, O'Reilly seems to be the only one reporting on it. O'Reilly and Loesch also cried about the media not reporting on the story. And btw, Loesch is a big shot in the St. Louis Tea Party.

Re: Dana in trouble?
Reply #5 Today at 7:01pm
I hope Missouri's #1 Villain gets suspended and/or fired for this, and last night on The Falafel Factor, Dana Loesch was being like a crazy cuckoo as always, even mentioned the "her head should be sewn off" tweet. Liaresch is a disgrace to St. Louis, and she also got into a war with John Wayne Tucker, the Republican running against Ed Martin in the MO-3 primary.

Mike Anderson, of, e-mailed this to me:

Mike Anderson

show details 10:29 PM (7 minutes ago)

I've had it with the personal attacks.  Email me with an apology to me and the readers and to Ms. Loesch for your bad behavior and I'll consider re-adding you.

You're seriously asking me to apologize to Dana Loesch? HELL NO! She doesn't deserve ANY apology. She should apologize to me (and towards others) for being a divisive idiot. I bet if Keith Olbermann was doing the same stuff that Loesch did, and the Teabaggers attacking him wouldn't get banned, but having a Liberal tell about how a phony Conservative who was involved in a check... boom-- banned. That's how hypocritical and one-sided that message board is. I was already kicked off from there for 30 days.


Dana Loesch's Husband Calls $2,500 Check From Ed Martin a "Non-Story"; Tutors Daily RFT on Journalism
By Chad Garrison, Wed., Jul. 14 2010 @ 2:10PM

​I just got off the phone with Chris Loesch, the husband of Tea Party personality Dana Loesch.

Chris is upset with a post I published yesterday drawing attention to a $2,500 check that Republican candidate Ed Martin's campaign paid to his St. Louis production company, Shock City Studios.

According to Chris, I failed as a journalist for not contacting him before I published the story. (I'll grant him that one. Unfortunately in my job as a blogger -- writing 6-10 posts a day -- I do not have the time to make phone calls for every single topic I cover.)

But that's not the only problem Chris has with my post. Curiously, he's also angry that I got the story right.

My post drew its information from blogger Adam Shriver who on Monday posted a link to the Federal Election Commission filing (page 115) that show the payment Martin's campaign made to Shock City. In his post on St. Louis Acvist Hub, Shriver also mistakenly wrote that Dana co-owns Shock City with her husband. That is not correct.

"It's a complete non-story," counters Chris Loesch. "Dana did not make one red-cent off the work we did for Ed. Adam completely got it wrong, and I'd think you'd want to get it right as a journalist."

Chris Loesch, Dana's Teabagger Husband, complains about Adam Shriver

Dana Loesch, with Ben Stein, Stephanie Miller, and Nancy Giles, on 07.14.2010's Larry King Live.

Nancy Giles tells Dana Loesch to "Be Quiet!."

Originally posted to JGibson on Wed Jul 14, 2010 at 10:13 AM PDT.


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