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Hi, my first diary here.  Not much of one, but just read a rightwing article that could use some attention.

Here's the original:

The author starts of with the usual blah blah about illegals BAD and NO AMNESTY because they TAKE JOBS AND RESOURCES and, even worse, VOTE DEMOCRAT.  Yawn.  

But he adds a little twist - did you know that LEGAL immigrants are no better than the illegals??? OMG.

Something often accompanying the disclaimer, "Look, I support legal immigration, but..." is "I realize most of the folks coming here are good, hardworking people..." Now, while I'd point out that it takes only 51 percent to qualify as "most," this statement is correct in the following sense: Most of those arriving legally are, using moderns' typical yardstick, good, hardworking people. And illegals are much the same as those arriving legally. Another way of saying this is that those arriving legally are much the same as illegals. And that is the point. They usually come for economic advancement, not to become American. They often expect to have their cultural peculiarities accommodated, as opposed to doing what the Romans do. Their allegiance often lies elsewhere.'s your racism:

Eighty-five percent of our legal immigrants now hail from the third world and Asia, from non-Western cultures. And many immigrants, such as Islamists, cling to and advance beliefs that are incompatible with -- and destructive to -- our culture.  

The problem with this is that it isn't geography that makes a nation, but people. Replace Americans with Mexicans or Muslims and you no longer have America -- you have Mexico North or Iran West. Thus, if you believe Western culture is an evil force and aim to destroy it, our current immigration scheme perfectly suits your agenda.

Yeah, America becoming Iran West. Sooo gonna happen.

If our agenda is the preservation of the republic, however, then we need to honestly consider the immigration question. This means realizing that it includes two seldom-addressed aspects: One is whether we should continue to allow immigration. The second is, what kind of immigration would be beneficial.


Oooh, I know the answer - the WHITE, CHRISTIAN kind, right???

As to the latter, remember that a nation has a "cultural ecosystem," which enjoys a state of equilibrium. It is much as with our actual ecosystem: Some non-native elements, such as horses and soybeans, blend in seamlessly. Others, such as Asian carp, zebra mussels, and nutria, can cause severe problems. This is not because they're bad by nature, but because they're incompatible with the system. Of course, a new equilibrium can eventually be established -- you just have to wait for certain native species to be killed off.

Asian carp

Zebra mussels

Nutria, rodents indigenous to South America

I was right :(

Originally posted to sinclairtx on Thu Jul 15, 2010 at 01:21 PM PDT.


What is the first order of business when the GOP wins majority?

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3%3 votes
13%11 votes
15%13 votes
56%47 votes

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