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I consider myself a feminist, the aim has always been the same; equality and freedom of choice as far as my own body is concerned.

Well obviously I'm too old school.

I must train myself to be a Mama Grizzly.

Throw the hockey sticks and kids into the back of the van, look in the mirror, and I am sooo ready

I must throw off the shackles, scream blue murder, who cares about facts, I'm a Mama grizzly and you are in deep doodo.

You want crazy, well I'm going to unleash Jaeger styled Frontier Woman mad!

I must gird my vagina with the holy scriptures and be piously loopy.

Perm my hair, break out the pearls and I'm ready to rock; photogenic you betcha, I've got the looks, now I want the power!

Republican sexy! You better fucking believe it buster!

Burn a bra, no way, I'm going ta wiggle into the tightest basque there is, I'm going to aim myself directly at those gonads!

I'm going to win! Come ta mama!

Wolf, shot one. Moose, skinned one. Man, dumped one, well he was a liberal!

Hey, this is fun!


Look at this blood red lipstick you lilly-livered republican men, you think driving around in a truck with a gun rack is going to scare anyone, just look at these lips and teeth babe, think sucked dry!

Mama's taking over, off to your room with no dinner! You want directions? Well I'm holding the map.

Science is bullshit, mama knows best, and if you don't like it there ain't going to be no 'drill baby drill' later on. Pack the preacher and the bibles in the back that's all we need!

Hey, I've got a beauty pageant triumph in my background! Well, what is that worth? A Governorship at least! So I gave up a few times, well I'm multitasking this shit!

I've the image for these image conscious times, stand aside losers you ain't got a chance. Goshdarnit, I'll throw you all under the bus on my rampage to DC, you better believe it hon! We're gonna crush that big old government and take back our country, no more hot milk and cookies for anyone!

So you think I'm seriously loony, but that can all be cured by a touch of Prada and Chanel, you ain't got a prayer. I wont take your questions; but I sure can wink with the best.

Is that a gun in your pocket, or are you just looking at the next President of the US of A!?!

So come to mama sweetheart

This still mean girl is going to DC!



I never new batshit crazy was the new feminism, well I suppose barefoot and pregnant will have that certain 'je ne sais quoi' in the spring.

What set this rant off...well....

But outside the movieland bubble, an upsurging counter-revolution in gender politics means that more and more women, and rightwingers at that, have become a fact of American political life. This is especially true of anti-feminist but gender-proud Republican women who, led by "mama grizzly" Sarah Palin, are coming on like gangbusters.

We represent 55% of the Tea Party faithful? Omg..... my poor head.

Now where the hell did we go wrong?

Make my coffee black, no sugar, I've gone off tea completely.

Originally posted to LaFeminista on Sat Jul 24, 2010 at 10:38 PM PDT.

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