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Like Howard Deans 50 state strategy to take the WH was a brilliant move, this ad campaign is also brilliant move to keep both houses of congress in democratic hands.

It's not often that I offer praise to DNC officials, well that's just because most of the time they piss me off with their timid or weak ads that never seem to hit the mark.

Well if this new ad from the DNC is a preview to what we can expect from now till November I can ABSOLUTELY GUARANTEE that democrats will keep their majorities in both the House and the Senate.  

Here is the ad:

As you can see the strategy is to hang the most extreme ideas of the Tea Party around all republican candidates, hey fair is fair, if you are a republican and do not wish to be associated with the Tea Party you can always come out and say so, if you don't then you might be a "non voting" member but you are still a member.  

But the thing I love the most about the ad is that it's all factually true, it looks like no person in its right mind would advocate for the things in the ad but thats what the republican party, via the tea party has embraced.

Actually they forgot to add that the Tea Party wants to Repeal Civil Rights too, but I guess there's only so much you can add to make the ad short enough.  

I do hope they go national with this type of ads and keep defining the GOP as the party of radical extremists who have no plan except to undo all the progress America has achieved in the last 18 months.

If the Tea Party taught democrats something is that A GOOD AUGUST is KEY to selling your message and defining your opponent, so this time around it looks like THE FIRST SALVO of the 2010 midterms has been fired by the DNC.

This ad will also FORCE republicans to come out with an agenda of their own, something they clearly don't want to do, but if they dont they will risk ads like this one defining them on a more deeper level.

The only thing I would say going forward with this strategy is to try to personalize it, as we all remember George Allens MACACA moment showed us that video clips of candidates themselves are a powerful weapon against them, you can disavow what someone else says but disavowing what you said it's almost impossible.

So to the DNC, try to fit as many clips of republicans speaking at Tea Party rallies as you can and put them in an ad online or go national with them.

Looks to me like FINALLY democrats are under no allusions, this is war and it's going to be a struggle all the way to the finish line, but at least it looks like we got all our gear and are taking no prisoners.

This ad makes me proud to support democrats, I was expecting less but I was pleasantly surprised, we now have a strategy that will CERTAINLY keep us in the majority.

I have no doubt of that in my mind, now its all about execution, in some places and ad like this will be a though sell, those red states might have an affinity for the Tea Party but this time it's all about keeping what is ours, some seats will be lost mostly in red states but if we can sell the message that the GOP wants to take us back and not forward, thats a strong signal America is ready for change, the good kind of change.

Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the attack.

Sun Tzu

UPDATE: Tell ALL your friends this is what America will get under "republican tea party" rule:

Republicans a.k.a Tea Party Contract on America

  1. Repeal Health Insurance Reform
  1. Privatize Social Security of Get Rid of It
  1. End Medicare as it Presently Exists
  1. Extend the Bush Tax Breaks for the Wealthy and Big Oil
  1. Repeal Wall Street Reform
  1. Protect Those Responsible for the Oil Spill
  1. Abolish the Department of Education
  1. Abolish the Department of Energy
  1. Abolish the Environmental Protection Agency
  1. Repeal the 17th Amendment (ending direct election of U.S. Senators)

I am so confident DEMS will keep both houses of congress after November that I make this pledge to you, if republicans manage a single majority, even by the lowest margin, one seat, I will drop my DFutureIsNow nickname and will become DPastIsHereToStay (if its not already taken of course)  

Originally posted to hillary42008 on Wed Jul 28, 2010 at 08:40 AM PDT.

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