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Senator Dodd got a big fat 'No thanks, find another sucker, I'm leaving' from the current Chairwoman of the FDIC, Republican Sheila Bair.

Smart move, Ms. Bair, shitty move on your part Senator Dodd who despite the huge movement in our nation, that fully supports Elizabeth Warren in growing numbers everyday. Dodd isn't even 'pretending' to support Warren.

Ms. Bair told Mr. Dodd she wasn't interested, people familiar with the matter said. She is widely expected to leave the government when her term at the FDIC expires next year....of course she is leaving...who the hell wants to 'stick around' when the shit is hitting the fan and the majority of Americans 'know' the system is 'rigged and completely corrupt' from the inside out, from top to bottom?

Sen. Christopher Dodd approached Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Chairman Sheila Bair in recent days to gauge whether she would be interested in running the new consumer-protection agency, according to people familiar with the matter. Almost all Republicans voted against the financial-overhaul bill, many saying the CFPB could enforce policies making it harder for consumers to access credit.

The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee's behind-the-scenes courtship of Ms. Bair suggests he is trying to find a nominee who might win favor in the Senate. It will be Mr. Dodd's job to move the nominee through a preliminary vote on his committee and then defend the person's record on the Senate floor.  

Many consumer groups, labor unions and liberal Democrats are pushing the White House to nominate Harvard Law Professor Elizabeth Warren, who is credited with coming up with the idea of the consumer agency. Mr. Dodd (D., Conn.) has publicly expressed reservations about whether Ms. Warren could garner the 60 votes necessary to win Senate confirmation. White House officials have said she is "confirmable."  Many Democrats feel they need someone in the post who won't be swayed by bankers. Others worry that choosing someone seen as too activist—a charge leveled at Ms. Warren—could turn public sentiment against from the agency.

Of course the real reason that Elizabeth Warren is being 'run out of town' is because both Senator Richard Shelby and asshat Chris Dodd believes she 'has an agenda''s right, and the 'agenda' is she is too honest and is standing up against the corruption that has overtaken our entire financial key markets. The last thing these two Senator's want is someone rocking the 'Titanic' and exposing the fraud.

The Agenda, as most intelligent Americans know about Elizabeth Warren, is that not only is she a truth teller, but that like Brooksley Born, she has stood up, and had the courage to 'on her own' had the 'audacity' unlike our own President, to, no matter what stand up for the millions of Middle Class Americans whose lives have been destroyed as a result of the Great Heist of 2008.  

Warren has proven, she will not give in, not break down, to keep fighting for the Middle Class who are being completely destroyed by those that blew up our national economy, which is still being 'hidden' by the likes of Ben Bernanke, Goldman Sachs, Jamie Dimon, the SEC the NYSE, Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers and others, and I am sorry, to say our own President, who refuses to publicly stand up for Elizabeth Warren.

One day, we here from Robert Gibbs, that talk about 'what an excellent candidate she would make' while on the inside, anyone that knows what really happened, to the AIG, sell off, the continued 'fraud and corruption' that is still being hidden, is the one thing that the White House, along with 'Dick Head' Shelby, will do everything in their power, is to ever, and at no time in the 'NEVER TO BE ALLOWED' to come to the what 'really happened' to our nation.

Elizabeth Warren is the biggest threat along with Niel Barofsky, and the 'last thing' that Ben Bernanke, Timothy Geithner or President Obama wants, are both of these American Heros are two people that are going to uncover the worst, and most hideous 'transfer of wealth' that is still being held under 'false and illegal and unconstitutional 'Dictatorship' between the Treasury and Ben Bernnake, that has ever been perpetuated in this history of our nation.  

That 'false assumption' saving Wall Street and The Banks would 'save our economy' (as we can witness and see every single days of our lives') is that what really happened was a 'huge payoff' to supposedly, save those Wall Street vipers and Banks, that led us into what we now know, and cannot deny), no matter who you are, the complete destruction of the Middle Class. And this is continuing.  And that is the point of my diary.  

The single most laughable part of the above quote from the above article is this 'total lie'........

Almost all Republicans voted against the financial-overhaul bill, many saying the CFPB could enforce policies making it harder for consumers to access credit.

I mean, can we just stop this insanity for even a moment?  NO ONE IS GETTING CREDIT, because the Banks are 'secretly' (LOL) hording all the cash they can, and on top of that are figuring out new ways (thanks to the huge 'Swiss Cheese Holes' in the Fake Financial Reform Bill,) how to charge their 'customers' even more to make up for all of their 'toxic debts' that are still being hid off the books.

As millions of Americans, are simply going for what is now commonly known as a 'strategic bankruptcy' .........walking away from their 'underwater mortgages' and taking that same wasted money they are spending on paying off the 'endless bubble', socking it away in the a Credit Union (instead of a blood sucking National Bank) and renting what part of that, doesn't any one in our nation get?  

These people 'know they've been had'.  They figured out 'who fucked them' and rather than being 'held hostage' in their own homes, they've just said........'Fuck it'...............Many of these people have had to move to other states just to find a job, and if they do not walk away from this 'Bank Robber's Hostage Housing Mortgage Serfdom,' then they simply cannot survive.

Who's the court jester here?  It sure ain't the American people, after all, they know they've been played for as fools, but they are figuring that out, and just walking away from the 'mess' that Ben Bernanke, Wall Street and the Banks slapped them in the face with.  Loosing your home and the equity and sweat work and memories and love a home is one thing, but not being able to even sell your home, to accept gainful employment is another thing entirely.  No jobs on the horizon, and the albatross of a 'mafia banking cartel' to carry the rest of your life, is another.

But it is starting to look like the one with the pointy hat with bells on the end of it, and the pointy shoes with more bells.....the 'ultimate fool of them is' is Senator Christopher Dodd, who is not even 'pretending' to leave his Senatorial duties with a shred of dignity.

Good for you Ms. Bair of the FDIC.  At least she is smart enough to smell the 'stinking rat hole' that Chris Dodd so 'kindly offered her,' as the new head of the Consumer Protection Agency.

Ms. Bair knows damn well, that this particular job belongs to one single person in our nation, and that is the person, who earned that job, and deserves that job, is the brilliant, honest and fearless Ms. Elizabeth Warren.

As usual, President Obama 'hides in the shadows' and refuses to stand up for at least one decent American woman that millions of Americans not only trust, but support.

I do not believe that President Obama full understands the backlash that will be a result of him, letting other people do his 'dirty work for him' if he does not stand up for Elizabeth Warren.  How long does Mr. President actually think voters do not understand this kind of 'duplicity' is nothing more than a transparent lack of courage on his own part, to put at least 'one' decent American who will stand up for the Middle Class in the 'Shark Tank' known as our fraudulent financial key markets.

This is not leadership.  The only 'agenda' that Ms. Warren has is that she has the 'guts, the intelligence, the experience, the passion, the honesty and know how, to go after those that are hiding in their homes in the 'undisclosed' locations in the Cayman Islands with their offshore banking accounts, and those are the exact same people that destroyed our nation's economy, but millions out of their homes and jobs, and then got paid off for their malfeasance.  

An immoral society gone insane, and yet, we still can at least thank Ms. Bair for showing some 'class and dignity' by essentially telling Senator Dodd:

'Find someone else to stick that 'bulls eye sign on their back,' cause I ain't gonna be your 'fucking patsy'

Thanks Ms. Bair for having enough integrity to tell Chris Dodd to fuck off.  Apparently Dodd is looking for someone to take the job, that doesn't have an 'Agenda' - which is code for 'can be bought off.'

Thanks as always.

Originally posted to Badabing on Sat Jul 31, 2010 at 12:05 PM PDT.

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