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My property taxes just doubled.  My water bill just rose 40%.  My local elementary school just laid off 35% of the teaching staff for next September.  I may be a victim of a brand new strain of E.coli that is immune to the drug cocktail I have been consuming for the past 6 weeks.  I have just spent a fortune trying to survive weeks of 100+ temps, with no rainfall, in this most temperate part of the mid-Atlantic.

I really don't care about Afganistan.

I don't care if they have schools.  I want my local schools to garner the same level of support that we have tossed into that stone age hell hole.

I don't care if they have a stable government.  If they can't get their heads out of their asses long enough to express at least a modicum of interest in joining the 21 century, let them blast each other to Hell and let the Devil sort 'em out.

I don't care if water distribution is an issue in the middle east.  I live next to one of the largest lakes on the eastern seaboard, and water treatment is so expensive that they are making drinking water a luxury.  The treatment is necessary because the farm runoff is so polluted that it is recommended that you not eat the fish.

I don't care if they have state of the art medical treatment.  I want a sufficient investment in US medical research, and a sufficient reduction in antibiotics in my food stuffs, so that I do not face the specter of dying from a Super Bug.

I don't believe that men and women dying for some testosterone poisoned old man with too many stars on his shoulders, dreaming of "victory" as he plays with his "toy soldiers", makes economic, geopolitical, or moral sense.  We have not responded to an attack by another nation-state in over 70 years.  We do, however, throw thousands of man and women on the pyre in pursuit of criminals on a regular basis.  

I don't care if the world is composed of painfully stupid, terminally ignorant, or just unenlightened primitive psychopaths.  Let them fight it out among themselves until they destroy themselves.  Those who are too weak, or two self-involved, to take a stand on their own behalf, no longer receive my sympathy.

If Pakistan wants to place 70% of their armed forces on the border with India against some imagined invasion, while the ungoverned territories breed maniacs that kill their citizens, I say let them.  It's not my problem and I really don't care.  We hear in every enlightened discussion that Iran hates the Taliban and will not tolerate their excesses, so why are we going it alone in the fight?  Oh, never mind.  I don't care.

If the Democrats in Congress don't understand how to consolidate the majorities we gave them, and have no clue as to how to craft a message that lists their accomplishments, they deserve to crash and burn this November.  And, I won't care.  

If the House can't shed Rangel and Waters immediately they should have ethics used as an election issue.  They are proving themselves as insulated and corrupt as any Congress.    

If Reid can't figure out to strip Nelson of his committees and Baucus of his power, let the people rise up and throw all of the bums out.  The level of incompetence they display daily has led me to simply not care.

We hear an unending rant against budget deficits and the national debt.  The country has not yet climbed out of the pit of economic disaster which we fell into thanks to the Republican economic policies.  If we continue to spend money, counted in the billions, on the failed policies of Republican Macho Neo-cons, and can't structure a sane message that makes even the most simple minded Republican voter understand that the GOP got us into this mess and all of the lies they are choosing to believe will throw us right back into the depths, I remind you of that lovely old saw, "Let them reap what they sow".  I just don't care.

I just can't muster the strength to battle the stupid any longer.  In self preservation, I will not care.

Originally posted to Granny Doc on Mon Aug 02, 2010 at 09:43 AM PDT.

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