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This is the next installment of the ShelterBox diaries, started by TexMex, a place for those who want to donate to the ShelterBox effort, helping out in Pakistan, Haiti, Chile, Peru, Fiji, Uganda, China, Guatamala, and Brazil too. So far the DKos community has contributed over $134,000, enough to purchase 134 ShelterBoxes, providing quality shelter, with privacy and dignity, to 1340 people.  We are now working on #135.  Here is the donation link where you can help out, and other links to give you more information and a sense of the good that ShelterBox is doing. Report your donation in the comments and we will count it toward the DKos total.

Secure donation page

ShelterBox home page

ShelterBoxUSA page

ShelterBox in Canada page

To find out more about how you can help, follow along below.

These diaries now are being posted only once a week, on Friday (usually morning), rather than daily.  We will continue to monitor the latest diary for donations in between those days.


So far, over 22,000 ShelterBoxes have been sent to Haiti, with another 5,000 scheduled for deployment.  At the same time, many more have been sent to Chile, Fiji, China, Uganda, Guatamala, Pakistan, Peru, and now Brazil.  Supplies must be replenished to be able to continue to respond to disasters around the world.  The hurricane season is upon us, and Haiti is very vulnerable - ShelterBox tents are among the few that are actually tested to withstand strong winds and heavy rains (see more info below).  (Hint: That means they still need our help!!)

ShelterBox - Haiti - Earthquake - March 2010

ShelterBox - Brazil - Floods - July/August 2010

ShelterBox - Brazil - Floods - July/August 2010


An update from ShelterBox in Haiti six months after the earthquake (in case you think the need for ShelterBoxes and tents has passed):

Six months after the world was rocked by one of the worst disasters it has ever witnessed, the huge financial commitment to rebuilding permanent shelter has had little impact for the hundreds of thousands of families displaced by the earthquake.

As land ownership issues and logistics delay the massive rebuilding efforts needed, the basic tarpaulin shelters received by the majority of those made homeless is proving little match for heavy rains and the hurricane season.


These heavy rains are now a daily occurrence, washing the streets with litter and posing further risk through the spread of diseases.


Tom Henderson, ShelterBox Founder and CEO said: ‘The resilience of the Haitian people is phenomenal but they’re still in desperate need of our help. The shelter provided by tarps isn’t safe, isn’t secure and will not stand up to the heavy winds and rains we can expect in the hurricane season.’

The ShelterBox disaster relief tent undergoes extensive testing. The tent, and its poles, are tested in wind and rain tunnels, with winds reaching up to 120kph. In Haiti, tens of thousands of families are now rebuilding their lives in these tents. The first of these tents were erected in January and they remain to be a secure, safe shelter for thousands of families whose only alternative is a tarp or a transitional shelter that has not been built.


ShelterBox is committed to doing the most for the most and delivering aid to families who are most in need. To this effect, ShelterBox has formed close, working relationships with partners such as the International Office for Migration, the French Red Cross, Handicap International, the Jenkins/Penn Haitian Relief Organisation and ACTED in order to distribute to the most vulnerable demographics.

Tom Henderson added: ‘Our staff, volunteers and supporters the world over have worked tirelessly, with dedication, passion and commitment, to deliver emergency shelter and life saving supplies to thousands of Haitian families. Wherever you look in Port au Prince you can see a ShelterBox tent.

‘This wouldn’t have been possible without the overwhelming generosity of our donors. The earthquake moved people to act, and act they have, in a way we have never witnessed before.

‘During the coming months we’ll be sending another 5,000 ShelterBoxes into Haiti which will give families the safe, secure shelter they need to start rebuilding their lives.’

Full story here.

Storm testing a ShelterBox tent:


How can you help?  We want to make this easy so here's what you do (h/t Bugsby):

- Use one of the links at the top of this diary to get to a donation page. For on-line donations, there are two places to acknowledge Daily Kos: the "In Honor of" section, or the Comments box further down. You can do either or both.

- Once your donation has been made, come back here and post a comment at the bottom of the thread so we can add the donation to the Daily Kos total. Please put the dollar amount in the subject line to help us find it easier. That way we can give you mojo for your gift and confirm any matching funds. ;)

- People who don't want to report publicly, or who don't have a Daily Kos account (hi, lurkers!), can always email TexMex, or carolina stargazer, who will then report the amounts for them (anonymously if desired.) To find those email addresses click the user name in orange anywhere in the diary, or in the user profile.

Now suppose you've got some money you'd like to offer as an incentive to bring in donations.  Here's how that's done:

- Scroll down to the bottom of the comments. 

- Post a comment about your intentions. Use the subject line stating how much you have available in matching funds. 

- State the terms of your match. For instance, if you have $50 which you'd like to use to encourage small donors to participate, you might say you'll match gifts between $5 and $10 up to a total of $50. 

- Check back and read the comments following your offer, to see if you've had any takers. The nice folks monitoring this diary will help you keep track. Once your $50 is fully matched, then you follow the link to ShelterBox and donate your 50 bucks.  

Additional info about saving on receipt letters (h/t ybruti):

A donor can decline an expensive letter of receipt because first class postage and lovely stationery takes a big bite out of a small donation.  People can write a note in the comment box saying an email receipt is sufficient, or send the organization an email to that effect. Then Shelterbox will mark the account "DO NOT MAIL".  

In my case, I was told:  

We are able to mark your account in the data base "do not mail" and I have done that on your account for any future donations you make to our organization.


What's in a ShelterBox?

Each “ShelterBox” supplies an extended family of up to 10 people with a tent and lifesaving equipment to use while they are displaced or homeless. The contents are tailored depending on the nature and location of the disaster, with great care taken sourcing every item to ensure it is robust enough to be of lasting value. Highly trained ShelterBox Response Teams distribute boxes on the ground, working closely with local organizations, international aid agencies and Rotary clubs worldwide.


Here is a video about the history and 10th anniversary of the founding of ShelterBox:


A ShelterBox tent camp in Haiti:

ShelterBox - Haiti - Earthquake - March 2010


ShelterBox helping families in Brazil:

ShelterBox - Brazil - Floods - July/August 2010


Village of ShelterBox tents in flooded regions of Brazil:

ShelterBox - Brazil - Floods - July/August 2010


ShelterBox helping in Pakistan:

ShelterBox - Pakistan - Floods - August 2010


The ongoing Haiti diary series continues, with lot of useful information and always new updates, as well as many excellent resource links and action info. Thursday's diary was posted by Aji. They are looking for help with posting future diaries, so go sign up to help out if you can.  There is much more information on Haiti in other diaries as well.  

Note that while the problems have faded from the MSM, they still exist, and many people still need help.  If you are able to help, please consider doing so.  There will continue to be many needs over the next weeks and months, so you may also want to consider donating to other organizations as well.  Even if you are unable to contribute at this time, please spread the word to others, and leave a comment to express your support.


Originally posted to carolina stargazer on Fri Aug 13, 2010 at 01:01 PM PDT.

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