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I've been pushing Robin Carnahan as a fighting Democrat, but she just lost my support and contributions.  I'll vote for her in Missouri as better than Blunt, but my pocketbook is closed.  There is a real progressive across the river and I'll donate to him instead. (Alexi)

Robin Carnahan, Missouri Senate Candidate, Wants Bush Tax Cuts Extended For Wealthy

In an appearance before the state fair in Sedalia, Missouri, Carnahan stressed that "now [was] not the time to raise taxes" for members of any income class. Tony Messenger, a reporter with the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, was at the fair and tweeted the news. A Carnahan campaign aide confirmed the Secretary of State's position to the Huffington Post.

In announcing her support for a full extension of the Bush tax cuts -- which are set to expire this year -- Carnahan creates conspicuous distance between herself and many of the national Democrats she's hoping to join.

I take back any diaries asking people to help her.  Instead, help a progressive in Illinois: Alexi Giannoulias

This is a step too far.  By supporting tax cuts for the rich, ones her mother voted for in the Senate, Robin turned her back on working people.

I only have so much money and I need to put it where it will do the most good.  Robin's fighting for a Republican seat, and she'll be an upgrade, but Alexi will be a progressive voice who will not only support the President's agenda, but push him to the left.  Robin clearly has decided to take a blue dog path.

You can't be an economic populist and support tax cuts for the rich.

If you were thinking of giving $$$ to Robin, consider what you are doing and perhaps give to Alexi instead.

I'll hold my nose and vote for Robin in November, but no more $$$ from me, no volunteer work, no talking her up.  

She took the blue dog road and I'm getting off here.

Here's Alexi:

Allow me to state the obvious: despite the fact that Democrats control the House and Senate, conservatives control what gets sent to the President’s desk.

Legislation that starts off strong is watered down by conservative Democrats in the House and Senate. It’s then whittled down to ineffectiveness in order to try and get a handful of Republican votes on board.

My solution: I’m going to create a robust Senate Progressive Caucus that will hold the line and fight for progressive policies that help all Americans.


Earlier this week, Republicans chose to side with companies that ship jobs overseas instead of siding with teachers, firefighters, and police officers whose jobs are at risk right here at home. It was a cold-hearted, irrational, immoral opposition to a bill that actually cuts our deficit and saves jobs. Compromises were made to please Republicans and just two Republicans voted for the bill.

Yesterday, The Washington Post reported that the Bush tax cuts for the rich -- or as I call the policy, the "millionaire bailout" -- will add $36 billion to our deficit:

A Republican plan to extend tax cuts for the rich would add more than $36 billion to the federal deficit next year -- and transfer the bulk of that cash into the pockets of the nation's millionaires, according to a congressional analysis released Wednesday.

We know that this policy doesn't create jobs. The Bush tax cuts for the rich have been in place for almost a decade and the only effect of Republican "trickle down" policies has been the erosion of the middle class.

For me, it's remarkable that some in Congress on both sides of the aisle are seriously considering renewing this massive giveaway to the rich. Democrats need a united front to stand up for the interests of the middle class and the poor.

Alexi, The Need for a  Senate Progressive Caucus

Give to Alexi

Originally posted to TomP on Thu Aug 19, 2010 at 08:20 AM PDT.

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