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Well, this is my first post so go easy on me. I have a nature urge to push back against the constant bombardment of misinformation. To often comment sections of blogs and social media sites plunge to the depths of incivility very quickly, and become a fruitless endeavor.
I guess here is a good place to jump the fence....

So I saw a couple posts on my X's facebook page (reinforcing why I have an X)and I thought it needed to be challenged.

the two posts in question:
I'm flying this flag to oppose the Muslim worship center at Ground Zero.
I am the 75,698th person to fly the flag in opposition of Muslim mosque at Ground Zero. I hope 5 million will join me! No app install required.

On this day, God wants you to know ... that there are many ways to climb a mountain. There are many ways to worship God. There are many ways to live a life. Allow each person to choose their own path.

My post:
Where the Bill of Rights really has its value is for times like these when the passions of Americans -- stoked by the memory of September 11th cause us to do and say things that spit in the face of the freedoms we claim to cherish.-Andrew Exum   on the same day you have this post: On this day, God wants you to know ... that there are many ways to climb a mountain. There are many ways to worship God. There are many ways to live a life. Allow each person to choose their own path.
You also have the post above of intolerance. amazing the hypocrisy.

X Reply:
Yeah HAHAHA, I don't believe it should be built near the Twin Towers site...Let them build it some where else.

that's the brevity of the argument I hear often and kind of ends the discussion. the question why would be answered with because.

Next my son (bless his in college getting educated heart) jumped in.

his post:
the whole mosque thing has gotten blown out of proportion, by both sides. if we want to talk about how some radical Muslims attacked the twin towers we can talk about how an entire christian population supported violent crusades into the holy land, or about violence and oppression against native americans, im sure there is a church built on an ancient Indian burial ground somewhere haha... i think we should worry more about things that affect the actual future like how cuts to education funds will be the nail in the coffin for todays youth finding success in the world.

X Reply:
That was then, with the past histry.(sic) This is now....

Then a certified RW'er jumps in and I now feel a need to defend my son,(but I will wait to see if he feels a need to respond, which I doubt, he has better restraint than me) since the RW'er seemed to take issue with part of his post.

Boilerplate FauxBeck Rw'er reply:
Is Islam a religion? Or a socio-economic, political system for Sharia Law. With your belief, they are entitled to First Amendment rights under the U.S. Constitution and I wouldn't disagree ... if Islam were a religion like any other (Christianity, Judaism, Hindu, Buddhist et al). In my opinion, it doesn't qualify for those rights ... because it is not a religion. Plain and simple.
"I don't support the building of a mosque at ground zero. It is not about Muslims, it is about a totalitarian, theocratic-political ideology with an imperialistic objective which I will not allow to claim victory in my country." - Lt. Col. (R) Allen West (This guy is a true American war hero that I would wholeheartedly follow into any battle.) Not right-winged paranoia. Not left wing BS media kool-aid. Just a fact ... stated by someone that knows first hand..  (link removed)
The 'Crusades' are exactly what today's world is facing ... except we're not fighting back! Everyone thinks a 'Crusade' is about religion (as it was back when there was no separation of church and state) when it's REALLY about a way of life - either under a free democracy like we cherish here in America or under Shari'a Law like in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

This is the exhausting argue with such atlas shrugs, Pam Geller nonsense is fruitless..How to you knock this stuff down, the library of congress and all the knowledge in ancient Alexandra is useless with these vacuum sealed craniums.

ahh shucks, this ended up sounding somewhat like a rant. Oh well I'll do better on my next diary.

Originally posted to subject2change on Fri Aug 20, 2010 at 04:42 PM PDT.

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