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Skeery Mooslems want to build a Shrine to Osama bin Laden directly on the hallowed grounds of The World Trade Center where thousands of Americans and non-Americans lost their lives from an attack by al Queda operatives on 9/11 (aka Rudy Giuliani Day) 2001.

Bad, mean Republicans want to take your Social Security money and give it over to the Banksters that already took the American publics monies and spent it on bonuses for themselves.

General Motors (aka Government Motors) is not really doing as well as their latest quarterly statements say they are; it's all the Federal Government in collusion with Labor Unions and the Liberal Media lying to you about the turn around of this company that American Taxpayers BAILED OUT!!!!

Republicans only want to enrich corporations at the expense of the middle and lower class Americans and have created an atmosphere of "Just Say No" to anything that the Obama administration puts forward to help the American People.

Looking at these issues, anyone without an agenda and a mind of their own can easily see that one thing is not like the other.  This is the battle that is being fought for the votes of registered Independents in this critical off year election.  If we, as progressives want to come out on top in this election and hold our majorities in Congress, that is the message we MUST get out to the public.  One of these things is not like the other, and while one Political Party is lying to you about their favorite scare-the-bloomers-off-Aunt-Edna wedge issues, the other Political Party is telling you the truth.

The Indies seem pretty pissed about the attempts to use them via wedge issues, but they don't seem to understand the difference between a wedge issue and real issues that affect their livelihoods and that of their families.

issues divide politicians from independents

The current ruckus over building an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero, calls to change the 14th Amendment and other so-called "wedge" issues are roiling up each party's base, but they're turning off independents, analysts say.

"This is party politics as usual with respect to all of these wedge issues," said Jacqueline Salit, president of, a national strategy and organizing center for independents. "I think there's more and more of a steady recognition that these kind of wedge issues and political manipulation, sensationalism and opportunism is exactly what is degrading the American political process and our democracy."

Salit, who is also the executive editor of The Neo-Independent magazine, said that people are having a hard time understanding what's happening with the economy because of partisanship.
"I think people can't tell what's going on because the political environment is so polluted by partisanship," she said. "The parties are trying to change the subject from things they think can inflame voters on and win elections on. How does that help the country? That hurts the country. And that's what independents are deeply concerned about."
Independents are increasingly concerned by both parties, and it's evident in recent polls.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll from late June found that nearly six in 10 independent voters said they are angry at both parties, with 4 percent angry only at the GOP and 6 percent mad only at Democrats. Just over three in 10 say they are not angry at either party.

Once again, we see the same old cliché about one Party just doing the same thing as the other Party come to life in these statements.  But that is not the reality of the situation.  Again, one group is lying to you and the other is telling you the truth.

Gallup Poll numbers from July indicate that while registered independent voters prefer Republican congressional candidates to Democratic ones, there is also some uncertainty.

"Currently about one in five independent registered voters are undecided or prefer a candidate from outside the two major parties, suggesting the potential for movement in these numbers between now and Election Day," according to Gallup's analysis. "The preferences of these voters, as well as which independents turn out on Election Day, will have a major impact on the direction and magnitude of seat change in the midterm elections."

We, as the progressive leaders and true freedom fighters from all things not geared towards grinding the middle and lower classes into the dirt MUST combat this issue head on.  Our President and our elected Democratic members of Congress must also combat this issue head on.  We don't have a lot of time remaining, but to paraphrase the statement above, registered Independent voters prefer Republican candidates to Democratic ones, there is some uncertainty.  

Do what you can to talk to your friends, neighbors, etc. and also take the time to send messages to your Democratic Representatives and let them all know that we can bring the Indies back into the reality of the situation by dispelling the myth that "both Parties do it."

Most of these Independent voters are middle class and they truly want what is best for their families.  Be sure to let them know who stands with them and who stands to purely make profit from them and then throw them aside once they are done using them.

Originally posted to funluvn1 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 at 04:28 AM PDT.

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