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May we talk for a minute, please? I would really appreciate it. Over the last month or four, I've noticed that quite a few people are turning into giant jerks on this site. This diary refers to the jerks, who know who you are. I'm not thinking of anyone in particular, just a few thousand people or so.

I know you're not a jerk in person (well...99% of you), so why be a jerk online? Here's a hint for you: it's incredibly unbecoming. I'm sick of coming here and watching someone (myself included) post something nicely, only to get a snide, assholish remark back. If you think that posting some fiery personal attack on someone advances your policy interest, you're sadly mistaken.

It seems that clicking on your DailyKos bookmark suddenly drains you of all etiquette you learned over your xx years of life. You're going to relearn them right now. Keep reading, please.

1 - It's Not My Damn Fault

Sounds simple, and I shouldn't even have to say it. It's not my damn fault Bush/Obama/Congress/Palin haven't given you x, y and z. I understand your anger, but don't take it out on me. If I ask a question or say something, respond calmly and intelligently (with emphasis on the latter). I promise to do the same, and I'd like that courtesy reciprocated.

2 - Manners Are Amazing

Please, thank you, pardon me, I do apologize. Learn them. They are your friend. Rather than "LISTEN UP YOU NAZI MOTHERFUCKER," how about trying "If you ask me, I believe that..." instead? It works wonders and is actually more effective. Trust me.

3 - Stay Dehydrated

Remember the rules. You may not agree with them, but they are the rules. Don't call people names, don't post conspiracy theories, don't hide rate someone in retaliation. Being a dick isn't against the rules, but calling someone one is.

4 - Sarcasm Can Go To Far

I claim to be the master of sarcasm because I'm just that awesome. I love sarcasm, but even I know that there is a limit. Sarcasm in Cheers and Jeers? Encouraged (unless Bill changed the rules). Sarcasm in teh pootie diaries? You can haz! Sarcasm in a serious diary? Okay, if you use it correctly. Sarcasm to be an asshole? Nope.

5 - Tone Matters

"Nice shirt, commonmass." That can be taken more than one way. I could sincerely mean it, or I could mean that I don't particularly mind the shirt, but I just intensely dislike commonmass and wish to be an ass to him. You would know how I meant it in person. You might not know how I meant it in text. This goes back to the sarcasm -- think about it before you say it. If you're obviously joking, it's okay. If it's not so obvious, don't be surprised if it's not taken how you expected.

6 - There Is A Face Behind The Name

Think before you type. There is someone behind the computer at which you're ranting. If you react negatively to this diary, think about what you would say to my face, not my screenname. My name is Dennis, I am a college student, and I like corgis. Remember that before you call me a stupid, arrogant asswipe for even suggesting you're not civil.

This diary is not a commentary on politics. It's a commentary and a request on how to conduct yourself while debating such. It's understandable that you will get angry over stuff that people are or are not doing, but could you please conduct yourself with at least a modicum of etiquette? If you promise me this, I promise you the same.

Have a good day. :)

Some helpful links:
Netiquette for Kids
More Netiquette
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Originally posted to El Blogo de Weatherdudeo on Thu Aug 26, 2010 at 02:39 PM PDT.


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