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It is indeed true:

"We Got So Many Things Done So Quick, People Forgot!

BWD said it best when she pointed out in her diary from a few days ago:

...I will never understand why a proud and highly influential BLUE website - would highlight only the missteps and creates non-stop outrage over rumors and baseless speculations, while constantly ignoring all the terrific stuff Democrats actually did over the past 20 months - things worth DECADES of progress, stuff the Democratic party been dreaming of for decades, and only two years ago seems impossible.

Short answer: We have some fake self righteous democrats like this guy who are obsessed with caricaturing Democrats moral and campaigning to sabotage the opportunity to do great things.

Long answer: Follow me below the fold...

I did not want to write this diary after seeing the diary posted by MOT titled No more META, no more handwringing, time to kick @$$ which I was happy to see and suck up my disappointment about this place. But, it was after just three hours later, a diary to divide this community was thrown at us in this community by Cenk Uygur,  so I decided to write this diary to speak to people like Cenk directly about why people like him are the problem in this community and to a democratic electoral victory (if you have not read the comments in that diary, take some time to scan though em to get a feel for what is transpiring in this place).

I started off dictating a detail list of this Administration's accomplishments in hopes to change some views about what we must do to build on what we have done.

However, after scanning through some diaries as of late including Cenk's, I realized we are under siege by not only the Republican'ts but also by progressive democrats who chastise and suck the blood out of optimism, projecting the 'base' is not excited because Obama has not followed-up through on his promises. Judge for yourself about the promises we are screaming about.

Further, what I have thought about this site -- a site to electing more and better Democrats -- as the leadership pontificate it here, does not measure up to what is really taking place and mildly put, it is a bogus rhetoric to attract recruits especially after this diary which is really a great piece to promoting electoral victory...right or shall I say a great piece that ponders the negativity! Judge for yourself about the enthusiasm gap everyone seem to sell you by reading Femlaw's diaries hereand here. I thought the MSM was the worst in spinning shit on our faces but we do have some worser amongst us. If that is not an enthusiasm that should make you proud against the sabotaging message spewed in this community day in and day out, I don't know what will convince some here that the sky is not falling. May be the faces of the 'base'.

Forget the Republican't party, the party of I am going to f**k you up, but some so called progressive democrats in this site are indeed acting like Republican'ts trying to f**k the Democratic Party up just two months before mid-term election.

In fact, it appears, if the Republican party or the Nader party or even the Libertarian Party cater to some here with their one or two issues, I will bet you that there is a very good chance that some in this community will disown the Democratic Party if they haven't already and defect to the other side. After all, Obama stinks. That is how much they are disgusted for so much this administration has done against all odds from both sides of the aisles and are planning to seat out the mid-term election and try to demoralize those of us who are hope mongers. . That is a damn fucking shame.

As a fellow Democrats, how can ones heart not be broken when you see people struggling so hard to undermine the President of the United States and his administration, and the best they can come up with is that he is a Corporate shell, a murderer, a sellout, he hates us, he called us retards, he is Bush like, he is a betrayer, he is a war criminal, he did not fire Alan Simpson, he detests Elizabeth Warren, look at the people around him, he did not support the Mosque vigorously like Howard Dean did (not), he called us professional left, he did not do anything for us except a give away to wall street and on and on and on.

Nothing the President does is good enough these days. No comprehension of political limitation exist in this world we live in, it seems. Rather than kneecapping the Republicans and mounting a counterattack on the Tea Party, some here resort to attacking our own party, throwing the towel in defeat already and waiting for the chickens to come home to roost. I bet the Bush years have faded from our memories.

But again, what's important is that some purist Democrats have been so disrespected and their egos bruised because the President did not do exactly what they want him to do. Everybody want to be the President of the United States here. They apparently are saints who seem to know it all and this Administration is evil regardless of it's accomplishments -- an accomplishment which this site should shape its message around even if we are disappointed in somethings. Why give the Republican'ts more ammunition (more than their 24/7 misinformation cycle) to undermine our accomplishments and become an obstacle by driving voters into believing that the sky is falling.

We have accomplished so much and changing the trajectory of what was handed to us . Be it with the Stimulus Plan, the LGBT issues, the Wall street Reform, the Auto Industry rescue plan, the appointment of 2 Women to the Supreme Court (Two women in the Supreme Court in 19 months while it had taken 43 American presidents and 234 years before our recent appointees), the Jobs saved and created slowing the bleeding, the Jobs Bill saving 300,000 teachers and public workers jobs from unemployment as recently as a few weeks ago, the increased amount of federal Pell Grant awards and the stripping of banks privileges as intermediaries for student loan servicing, the expanation of unemployment benefit, the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, the SCHIP health-care program, the Public Lands bill, the Government Transparency especially on lobbyist’s access to the White House, the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq, the Federal support for stem-cell research, the Cash for clunkers program, the making of more loans available to small businesses, the increased funding for the Violence Against Women Act, the Credit Card Bill of Rights, just to mention a few, are major accomplishments.

However, if you mention one accomplishment, some will find a bogus excuse to discredit it feeding into that Right Wing misinformation cycle so that they can point its imperfection in the process discrediting what has been achieved. You want to see evidence, go read the comments in my last diary on Health Care. Always demonize, cry foul and quick to judge. It is always around us and FPers are not helping much either.

We have many pessimists in this site, a site designed to electing more and better democrats, who feel the need to always, always dump on this Administration, the Democratic Party and its supporters regardless of any good they do. In fact someone recently in one comment thread said something like...even if Obama was going to announce he is going to arrest Cheney and Rumsfeld, some in this community would be bitching that he hadn't done it sooner. I would say the same things on DADT, Afghanistan, additional stimulus, et al. It won't fucking matter what the POTUS does. Everything is personal now. You have no RESPECT for him. It ain't about ideology. Your hatred is very deep rooted, it is beyond repair and it ain't about legitimate criticism. You don't have the audacity to listen to anything other than yourself speak.

Should you be reminded to not let these misplaced frustrations and disappointment blind you from the reality that this is our time to push forward not backwards and set aside misplaced anger that is sabotaging progress? I wish I did not have to. Is our job done? NO, it is not by any means. Can we build on it, DAMN right but not with these kinds of knee jerking attitude that is being displayed from the most progressive Democratic site in the blogsphere.

I doubt it if what I am saying will sink in at all but criticize the POTUS like the way Rachel Maddow constructively does it, but enough of the doom and gloom crap. If you have to hold your noses to vote, go out and vote and encourage others to do the same.  These are the faces of the 'base'. Get involved with Organizing For America. Join the team to register new voters, phone bank, canvass to GOTV. We can't be complacent or pessimistic as what is being spewed by the likes of Cenk  is not going to help much of the big problems we have to solve. If you don't want to do shit then fair enough but stop being the problem because you are not offering a solution so let us work hard on your behave to electing more democrats this November.

I have a matching fund up to a $100 to Donate to OFA. State in your comment that you have donated $5, $10, $25 or whatever you can afford and I will throw in my part upto a $100.

I love the way Rachel Maddow criticize this administration as well as praise our accomplishment. I am not looking for perfection in my President as he is not perfect and has many obstacles. But, he is always working hard for all of us. I don't doubt that for a minute.

Just may be a point of view from Rachel might just soften the bitterness around here.

For me, this just about sums it up. "We Got So Many Things Done So Quick, People Forgot!"

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UPDATED @ 2:57pm:

In order to win this November, we have to get our messaging right so run with this if you will. Polls have been a very effective way of advancing a narrative.

Poll: George W. Bush still gets blamed for economic woes

In a USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken Friday through Sunday, more than a third of those surveyed said George W. Bush deserved a great deal of the blame for economic woes and a third said he should get a moderate amount of it. Not quite another third called that unfair, saying Bush warranted not much or none of the responsibility.

The 71% saying Bush should get blamed was a modest decline from the 80% who felt that way about a year ago, in July 2009.

What about President Obama?

In the July 2009 poll, a third, 32%, said he should shoulder a great deal or moderate amount of the blame. That percentage has risen -- no surprise, given that he's been in office for 20 months. Now almost half, 48%, do. But 51% say he's dealing with problems he inherited, not created, saying he deserves not much or none of the responsibility for economic problems that include high unemployment and a faltering housing market.

It sounds like folks in the street know where to point the fingers at.

Promising Indeed!

August jobs report: Signs of life for employment

NEW YORK ( -- Business hiring is picking up, but not enough to make up for the massive losses of temporary government jobs.

The economy lost a total of 54,000 jobs in August, the Labor Department reported Friday.

Businesses added 67,000 jobs to their payrolls in August. Economists had forecast a smaller gain of 44,000 jobs. It marked the eighth straight month that businesses added jobs, following nearly two straight years of job losses.

The bulk of the losses came from the public sector, as the government cut 114,000 temporary census workers. It was the third straight month that census worker layoffs caused an overall decline in jobs.

But the report showed some improvements in the jobs picture, a welcome piece of good news among a slew of disappointing economic readings in recent months.

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