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You would think the guy working for the republican Attorney General who lectures in schools about how to stop cyber bullying would know better.  But Michigan AG Mike Cox's Asst., Andrew Shirvell just can't keep his teabagging, gay hating, religious zealot mouth shut.

College student Chris Armstrong is the President of the University of Michigan's Student Assembly.  And he's been politically active, or as christian teabagger Asst. AG Shirvell might put it, "using his Nazi-like anti christian cult to lure innocent heterosexuals into accepting teh evil gay."  Evil, anti christian things like campaigning against tuition hikes, and working for safe housing for transgendered youth on campus.

Detroit television's WXYZ Channel 7's Ross Jones and the Channel 7 web reporters do a great job on this story:

With 27 postings to date, Shirvell’s blog is filled with language you’ll never hear him use in a court room, calling Armstrong "nazi like," a recruiter for "the cult that is homosexuality," and a proponent of a "racist, anti-Christian agenda."

"That came from his decision to join Order of Angell," said Shirvell.

The group he’s talking about is a university honors society. Years ago, its use of Native American artifacts in its meetings drew criticism from minority students. It gave up the ritual years ago, and today is recognized by U of M as an official student group, with past members that include President Gerald Ford, Supreme Court Justice Frank Murphy and Senate Majority Leader Mike Bishop.

"Do you believe they’re racist also," asked Action News reporter Ross Jones.

"Umm, I don’t believe that they’re, I don’t believe... I haven’t investigated what their subsequent activities were," responded Shirvell.

In other internet postings, Shirvell’s language has been even stronger: calling Armstrong "Satan’s representative on the Student Assembly," even posting a photograph with a swastika attached to his face.


Shirvell has actually erected a blog where you can follow his insane gay-stalking with new posts almost daily.  Here's the assistant of an elected official that simply has WAY to much time on his hands.

Let's have a little taste of his gay-baiting, shall we:

Parents of University of Michigan freshmen beware: the University's first openly "gay" student body president, Chris Armstrong, is actively recruiting your sons and daughters to join the homosexual "lifestyle."

At this past Thursday's "New Student Convocation" at Crisler Arena, Michigan Student Assembly (MSA) President Chris Armstrong told thousands of incoming freshmen "to open up to themselves and others by being true to who they really are," as reported by the Michigan Daily. See:

In other words, Chris was basically screaming at them to "come out of the closet" and join him in the cult that is homosexuality.

In fact, true to form, Armstrong went on to advise students to be entirely self-absorbed and seek self-gratification at all costs:

Your time here in Ann Arbor is as much about your own self-discovery as it is about your career.


It is clear that Armstrong's remarks constituted nothing more than a thinly veiled attempt to cause sexually confused, and perhaps some impressionable, 17-and-18-year-olds to experiment sexually with members of their own gender.
It seems that the aim of this "party" is to liquor-up underage freshmen and promote homosexual activity. In fact, the event's title is meant to purposely mislead freshmen. First of all, there is no such fraternity/sorority at U of M or anywhere else called GAE (Gamma Alpha Epsilon). Nonetheless, the "brothers and sisters" of "GAE" encourage freshmen to stop-by for a "RUSH party like no other: plenty of sloppy bbq, keg standing, chest bumping, and grunting." Armstrong's housemates then clarify that what they mean is that there will be "plenty of light hors d'oeuvres, Cosmo sipping, jump hugging, and squealing!"

Now remember...these are the rantings of the current lieutenant for the Attorney General for the State of Michigan.   Not some past scribble he accidentally released in a drunken stupor before he got into politics that comes out during an election forcing him to apologize all over again.  This is stuff he's writing ... right now!  Today!  In the 21st Century with all the hubub about teabaggers not being racist and not really carrying signs with schvastikas.

His boss, AG Mike Cox made news quite a bit recently, with news items like joining a Teabagger AG Lawsuit to overturn Health Care Reform.  Working against the state's best interest is something you'd expect from a republican.  But nothing can top what his subordinate is doing during off-hours, terrorizing college aged kids because of their sexuality.

Cyber bullying expert and Michigan State University instructor Glenn Stutzky said Shirvell's blog meets the definition of cyber bullying. He says Shirvell's blog is the type of harassment he and others are trying to outlaw.

Here's the video from the report Jones filed last night.

So far, AG Mike Cox's christianity hasn't assisted him in seeing the sin of someone from his office attacking an innocent college kid day after day, because he doesn't like the kid due to the fact that he happens to be gay.  

We have a sort of silent policy where I work that, lets just say, being a christian doesn't harm your chances of getting a job here.  As a result there are crucifixes swaying back and forth in the hallways like cowbells.  And what I've noticed is that when people are brought onto a staff BECAUSE of their religious beliefs, and you begin to develop of sort of micro-congregation in the workplace it often doesn't have the effect you might think.  You might presume a bunch of coat drives and football betting pools to raise money for the poor would pop up all over ... you know, being christians and all.  Instead in my experience what do is you give succor to a small throng of sociopathic zealots and you often give the green light to some pretty odd behavior whether you meant to or not.  And this is what happens when you give a christian gay-hater access to the Attorney General's office for an entire State.  They act with impugnity, shroud their bigotry and hate in a phony veil of "free speech" and it's not long before some innoncent young boy is tied to a fence out on a prairie somewhere and freezing to death in the cold after being beaten to inches from the sweet mercy of death by a pack of jesus praising christians.

I know we can't stop zealot christian fundamental-cases from working, and making a living to support the next generation of gay-stalking hate ... but we can at least keep our eyes on them.  And we can provide support and safety to bullied teens when we can.

Originally posted to Detroit Mark on Thu Sep 16, 2010 at 04:37 AM PDT.

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