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Tonight's editor: patrick

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The Macondo well may be 'effectively dead' but the story is far from over. Drop by and give a rec to the Liveblog Mothership


In tonight's edition of Editor's Choice we have an excellent diary by A Siegel on marrying two of my favorite concepts, distributed renewable energy and micro-lending:

Micro-finance programs are, imo, one of the most empowering developments around the world over the past several decades. Providing sensible (low-cost) paths for small entrepreneurs to receive funding to develop and expand their business activities can foster development and social stability. The ability to engage with the loan process, to have a tangible feel for how my donations have an impact, is a reason why Kiva has been on the donation list for years.  This post, however, isn't about Kiva and its interesting loan process. (For similar programs, see World Vision's Micro and, related, United Prosperity's loan guarantee program and Heal Africa and ...)

To another subject, the potential for helping people ill-served by existing fossil-foolish energy systems leap frog to energy efficiency systems powered with clean (renewable) energy is a developing empowering path around much of the world.  For example, an LED-light/solar power with battery combination can be had for the cost of a few months of kerosene for a home lamp.  The direct financial ROI for that capital investment could, easily, be many times over due to eliminating those kerosene costs. Once paid off, there are years of now 'free' and clean energy services.  There are also the 'indirect' benefits, such as reduced air pollution within the home, not having to spend the time (a resource) on buying/managing the kerosene, and the potential that the LED/solar system could enable extended business. The real challenge, not surprisingly, is that a solar system requires an upfront capital investment that is beyond the resources of the vast majority of the world's citizens.

The value of marrying micro-lending with energy smart leapfrogging options seems quite clear.


Finally, a federal Renewable Energy Standard (RES)?

From The Hill's E2 Wire:

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) and Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kan.) on Tuesday will announce a new push for a renewable power mandate during this Congress.

The duo will lead a bipartisan group of senators in introducing a new version of a renewable power mandate that passed Bingaman’s panel last year.

The new renewable electricity standard (RES) will be "very similar" to last year’s version, which required electricity companies to produce 15 percent of their power from renewable energy sources by 2021, according to Bingaman spokesman Bill Wicker. "There are changes," he said.

Wicker declined to detail those changes, as well as the full list of senators who will be supporting the new version, except to say that Brownback will not be the only Republican backing the revised measure.

With all of the bad news surrounding climate legislation this year, this would be a most welcome victory, should it pass. And it looks like that may just happen:

Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Jeff Bingaman (D-N.M.) predicted Monday that there is enough support to pass the renewable electricity standard he’s unveiling with a group of Democrats and Republicans tomorrow.

"I think that the votes are present in the Senate to pass a renewable electricity standard. I think that they are present in the House. I think that we need to get on with figuring out what we can pass and move forward," Bingaman said in a prepared statement Monday.

A federally mandated RES could save and create green jobs, and put us on the right path to ditch fossil fuels. It's such a great idea that 30 out of 50 states already have one as of 2009:


States with RES are highlighted, but the hyperlinks don't work here. To see all of the numbers, go here.

I see a number of red states on that list, many of them with large wind/solar resources. Sadly, the southeast doesn't seem to be on board, despite the fact that The South has renewable energy, too!

Of course, we'll have to wait and see the numbers for this legislation before we celebrate, but at least there appears to be some movement on this front.



A Call for Editors!

I know this isn't really news, but as editor, I can do whatever I want. See how much fun this is? ;)

eKos, your beloved one-stop-shop for environmental diaries and series, could really use a few more volunteers. We have a great crew, but with the new school year and election season in full swing, we're all pretty booked. We'll try to keep the 'ship going, but without some help, we'll have to scale back a bit.

This is where you come in! Yes, you! Anyone can pull off an eKos diary round-up, and maybe even have a little fun at the same time. We have templates and automated widgets to make it simple, plus you get all the mojo you can eat.* If interested, please contact us at ekos350 at gmail dot com.

*Mojo has no nutritional value whatsoever, so please remember to eat real food. Like cheezburgers.


Help Pakistan



Greg (Three Cups of Tea, Stones Into Schools) Mortenson's non-profit (CAI) recommends supporting a local (Pakistani) group to which donations will likely have a large, immediate, and lasting impact-

Human Development Foundation
(800) 705 1310


From their page about the flooding:

HDF is committed to work towards relief and reconstruction efforts in flood affected HDF program areas including Mardan and Tandoo Muhammad Khan. HDF already has the existing infrastructure and a team of trained employees and volunteers in place. Currently there is need for basic necessities like tents, blankets, cooking sets, utility containers, soap and bedding as well as, basic healthcare.

More details and videos at their site and their YouTube channel.

• • • • • •

Other groups that deserve support as well.
Doctors without Borders (MSF):


The Red Cross:


OXFAM's Pakistan page:

With an estimated 6 million people in need of humanitarian assistance, I am concerned that so far the international community hasn’t responded with the speed or on the scale warranted by a disaster of this magnitude.


• • • • • •

From the US State dept.

How You Can Help:
Text "SWAT" to 50555; $10 goes to fund for flood victims


Annoucement: by boatsie.  Countdown to 10.10.10.

"It’s time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to work on building the clean energy future that will generate economic opportunity and provide a better, safer, healthier world for our children. On October 10, I encourage everyone to do his / her part to be part of the solution to the climate challenge." Ban Ki Moon, Secretary General of the United Nations

If you haven't yet signed up for a 10.10.10 event near you, time's a'wasting. Daily Kos is partnering with the 350 and 10.10 Global coalition to promote Global Day of Action workpaties on 10.10.10.  (See Ecoadvocates series by 10:10 Global Guest Bloggers)

Sign up for an event near you!
Calculate your carbon footprint   and download your personal checklist with easy tips on small changes you can make in your lifestyle to reach the desired 10% decrease in one year.

What Can I Do 10.10.10 Resources

Have any exceptional events you'd like to showcase on 10:10 global? Mention them below and I'll include them on the 10:10 global blog!



As most of you already know by now, the first eight months of 2010 tied with 1998 for the hottest average global temperature on record for that period. But don't worry, that just means there hasn't been any global warming since Clinton and Gore were in office! Coincidence? I think not...


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