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Earlier today Joe Jervis of Joe.My.God. put up a post about today's Don't Ask/Don't Tell vote, and the post garnered a comment from a poster named "Jimmy" saying "All faggots must die."

In his haste, Jimmy forgot that gays are smart, Blogger logs IP addresses, and he was using a computer linked to the US Senate network.

...over the flip...

Shortly after the comment was posted, Jervis put up a post containing the IP address the comment came from and asked his readers to look into it. Within a few minutes, JMG readership had done some crowdsourcing and determined that the comment had come from a computer linked to a US Senate network. They further determined the computer is located in a suburban Atlanta neighborhood that is home to Saxby Chambliss's district office.

In a post a few minutes ago, Jervis states that Chambliss's office is aware of the matter and "moving quickly to understand the facts."

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

"We have seen the allegations and are moving quickly to understand the facts. This office has not and will not tolerate any activity of the sort alleged," Chambliss spokeswoman Bronwyn Lance Chester said. "Once we have ascertained whether these claims are true, we will take the appropriate steps."

UPDATE: Fixed a couple wonky wordings in the diary text and changed the title to reflect the fact that, at this point, the matter is a heap of circumstantial evidence pointing in the direction of Chambliss's office.

Originally posted to PerfectStormer on Tue Sep 21, 2010 at 05:23 PM PDT.

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