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Pop quiz: What do we do when a Tea Party Republican running for Congress attacks the Democratic candidate for being "progressive" and "endorsed by" the Progressive Change Campaign Committee?

Some Democratic establishment insiders may run from the fight. But bold progressives fight back.

Can you help Ann Kuster defeat Republican Charlie Bass in New Hampshire by donating $3 to Kuster today? Click here.

Last week, Kuster defeated a Lieberman Democrat in a big primary that made national news. This week, in his first press release of the general election, Bass attacked Kuster for being "progressive."

Let's establish a firm precedent: If a competitive candidate is a proud progressive -- standing up for middle class families instead of big corporations -- and they are attacked for that, we will strike back and chip in to their campaign.

This week we blew through our goal of $5,000, with over 1,000 people chipping in a total of $12,800. Can you help us get to $15,000? Donate $3 (or more).

Here's what Republican Charlie Bass said this week:

In Annie Kuster, [voters] have a self-proclaimed, progressive liberal -- an activist for the Nancy Pelosi-Barack Obama agenda. In fact, Kuster's ideology is often to the left, even more liberal, than President Obama and Speaker Pelosi...

Kuster is a proud, liberal activist who has been endorsed by and received hundreds of thousands of dollars of support from extreme, liberal, activist groups such as, Howard Dean's Democracy for America, [and] Progressive Change Campaign Committee.

Republicans are trying to make Democrats run away from a "progressive" agenda -- even though the public overwhelmingly supports taking on Wall Street banks, fighting the health insurance companies with a public option, and prioritizing the middle class over millionaires when it comes to tax cuts.

To be called "extreme" by Charlie Bass, who said about the Tea Party, "I love them. God bless every single one of them. Their agenda is exactly the same as mine," is particularly ironic.

Let's fight back and defeat this guy -- please chip in $3 to Ann Kuster's campaign today. Then, tell your progressive friends.

(Full disclosure: I'm the senior organizing fellow for the PCCC)

Originally posted to Forrest Brown on Fri Sep 24, 2010 at 01:10 PM PDT.

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