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All right...all right...all right! In a brief moment of magnanimity for Rahm Emanuel, he gave a hell of a classy parting speech; it was FCC - approved & everything!


Magnaminity over now. Mr. Emanuel, PLEASE let the door hit ya' in the a$$ on the way out! The wicked COS ain't dead nor would I wish that on him or ANYONE, but, hopefully, future White House COSs learned how NOT to do the job & will refrain from insulting a large portion of the electorate who helped make Barack Obama POTUS by calling them "sparkin' retards,", will refrain from gutting significant vital legislation before it's even had a chance, and will refrain from trashing unions or other groups because they don't support "establishment" candidates. This horse will be waiting for you back in Chicago to help you with your mayoral campaign; it's even got your personality!

Enough of Rahm for now...let's move to "this day in history." On this date in 1936, General Francisco Franco was proclaimed the head of an insurgent Spanish state. But remember...

There are 2 faboo fun birthdays to celebrate today! Former President Jimmy Carter is 86 today. Say what you want about his presidency; I barely remember it. But, precious few can argue how wonderfully he's used the power of his former office to accomplish SO MUCH good! Julie Andrews is 75. Yea, I'm a sap; I lurve The Sound of Music!

Christopher Plummer back then...hubba - hubba - HUBBA!

Let's Countdown - flying umbrella not included. ;D

HA! Keith shared similar sentiments in the show's intro about Rahm’s departure as I did above! ;D

#5 "The Lyin’ King" AKA "Truthless People" AKA "Stra – Tea – Gery" AKA "Tea Stains" - Carl Paladino can’t remember if he’s accused Andrew Cuomo of having affairs outside of his marriage or not. He must be too busy threatening to "take out" reporters to keep track of such details.


Mr. Paladino had a daughter out of wedlock; pot, meet kettle! Mr. Paladino visited FAUX News to continue his "appropriate time" memo. OK, when a tea bagger is stonewalling FAUX News, he MUST be in trouble! Meg Whitman can’t remember if she knew if her former cleaning lady was a properly – documented worker or not. SHE’S too busy not remembering what the minimum wage is to keep track of such details.


Steve Hildebrand gets tea bagger & rich lady fibbing duty tonight. Keith asked a question that I think is going to be the key to the midterms in November – a month from tomorrow. Candidates have to somehow appeal logically & meaningfully to people who are so afraid & so pi$$ed off at the state of things that they want somebody – ANYBODY – different from "the norm" – no matter how much of a crackpot said different from the norm might be. Meg’s little mess is all the more a hoot because she’s made a point during her campaign of targeting employers who knowingly employ undocumented workers – OOPS! Here’s Eugene Robinson; he’s got a new book coming out on Tuesday – NEATO! Sharron Angle can’t remember if she’s for or against insurance mandates for mammograms. She’s too busy threatening "2nd amendment action" against UnAmerican people in our government to keep track of such details.


Eugene correctly called Mr. Paladino & Ms. Angle crazy; I prefer bat$hit my own self. ;D He also mentioned tea bagger candidates apparently having no problem with saying something one day that can be proven to be inaccurate, but they don’t care & keep saying it anyway. Gee, I simply cannot imagine who they might have learned THAT trick from!


If Christine Whiteman ran EBay the way she’s handling the whole housekeeper story, it’s a miracle that EBay’s survived.

{ still my heart; "my guy’s" coming up! Better get the cold shower & ice bucket ready! ;D}



#4 "Winds of Change" AKA "The New Gatekeeper" - One of the questions Keith asked in his intro to the Rahm leaving segment concerned the enthusiasm among "progressives." Well, if my behavior was any indication, I was literally dancing & pumping my fist in the air in my office during the little shindig in the East Room today! :D Man, I feel sorry for Chicago now, though. First, they don’t get the Olympics. Now, Rahm could be their mayor? So far, I like what I’ve learned so far about Pete Rouse. I think part of Rahm’s problem is that he enjoys the spotlight WAY too much. It sounds like Mr. Rouse thoroughly dislikes attention & is just content to do the job(s) that need done. Keith mentioned Rahm’s ego, too. Damn, I am good! Here’s Richard Wolffe!!!!!!!!


He tends to think that if President Obama wanted to woo "progressives" back into the proverbial fold, Rahm would’ve been gone long ago; I’d agree with that. Or, maybe Rahm threatened a dead fish in the Oval Office if he was removed. Richard thinks the main ammunition behind the decision to go was Rahm’s personal ambition in DYIN’ to be mayor of Chicago. Again, I’d agree with that. I think once Little Richie Daley stunned the world by deciding to NOT run for re – election, a little light bulb lit up over Rahm’s noggin! Richard also brought up the whole timing issue of what kind of COS would’ve been more effective or appropriate when. That makes sense to a point – meaning someone like Mr. Rouse would’ve been more effective earlier on in the administration, and a fire & brimstone kind of guy like Rahm would be more effective in getting people all riled up. But, the GOBP indicated within a week of President Obama’s inauguration that their policy in dealing with him & his initiatives were going to be saying no all the time. Not even Gandhi or Mother Teresa could’ve gotten to them!

** AAAaaaaaWWWwwwwww! Look at the little kitty trying to take a nap in a tea cup!!!!!! Gee Keith, like I don’t already have a difficult enough time trying to resist bringing another kitty into my house. If I end up in a padded room with a straight jacket because my Hubby sent me to the bug house because I brought another kitty into our humble abode, IT’S YOUR SPARKIN’ FAULT! ;D Some East Coast meteorologist did his best Dr. Evil just before going on the air to talk about all the rain. Have any of you F.O.O. been affected by all the water water everywhere? There’s a hat auction going on in Paris. A hat tossed by Michael Jackson to some fan garnered $24K! **

#3 "(R)Evolution" AKA "The Origin of Specious" AKA "The War on Science" - Creationism is becoming a wedge issue in this campaign. A lot of these tea baggers and their candidates are from the "religious right" that’s been trying to put the kibosh on that whole separation of church & state shtick and the whole evolution shtick. There’s Christine O’Donnell again! I wonder what clip of her Bill Maher will feature tonight? ;D NOW, they want everything taught – "intelligent design," evolution, etc. Science is black magic to these people; no wonder Ms. O’Donnell is anti – witch! Professor Steven Pinker is on hand to talk about attacks on science. I know this news will come to a huge shock to y’all, but kids in other parts of the world are kicking American kids’ a$$ when it comes to science knowledge & education. HEY! I just realized what the official anthem of the tea baggers should be!

Am I right, or am I right??!! ;D I not only got to dissect frogs in school; I got to dissect rats! That probably explains A LOT – HA!

*** "Inhumane" We admitted to running Tuskegee – type experiments on citizens of Guatemala; we gave them STDs to determine the effectiveness of penicillin. We prosecuted Nazis for that type of stuff. Well, we prosecuted people for waterboarding, too, and look where THAT got us. ***

WPITW – The attorney for the peeps suing to prevent a mosque being built in TN is invoking sharia law to prove his case. Rick Sanchez was sacked today for his enlightened thoughts about Jewish people. Pirate Rupert has donated a cool million to the American Chamber of Commerce; they are devoting the huge chunk of their campaign coin to GOBP candidates.

Fridays with Thurber "The Dog That Bit People" Do I remember this story? Hm... OH YEA! Now, I remember. I wonder why Mr. Thurber didn’t write about kitties?

Originally posted to CityLightsLover on Fri Oct 01, 2010 at 06:46 PM PDT.

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