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It's 29 days until November 2.  And I am sitting out these mid-terms.  (Keep reading)

Early voting is underway in seven states now, and more soon.

We have to save the Supreme Court.  No more Roberts or Alitos.  

We have to help the Senate in order to save the Supreme Court.

Chris Bowers, Senate Snapshot, 10/1/10

More and better Dems in the US House, State Governor's Mansions, State Houses, and anywhere else will only help us all.  

I need your help - because I need to sit out these mid-terms.  

Dad died Saturday morning after a long battle with cancer.  As some of you know, he signed hospice papers right before NN in July.  He started refusing liquids last week, so we knew it would end soon.  The kids and I are leaving after school today and returning home Wednesday.  


My husband of 23 years filed divorce papers last Tuesday, September 28th.  He told me Labor Day Sunday that he wanted out of our marriage.  He moved out the next day.  This was about a 97% complete surprise to me.  I will not discuss any further details in this public forum.  

My precious and precocious son has a preliminary diagnosis of Asperger's from his new psychiatrist.  He is going to have the official tests soon.  

My darling daughter is a bit more clingy these days. The kids and I are staying in our family home through the end of the school year.  

I am going to spend the next few weeks taking care of my kids and myself.  I know I am getting through this only with the help of my friends.  Everyone online and in real life - neighbors, church, just everyone is being so great.  

I need you to get out there:


Knock on Doors

Bake for volunteers

Donate Money

Share Rides

Get OUT the VOTE

Whatever it takes.


Save the Supreme Court by Saving the Senate.  

Help us all by helping all other Dems Nationally, State-wide, and Locally.  

And, if you need a bit more motivation, do it for them:

NovA 022
October 2008:  For a "prize" after early voting, my kids wanted their picture taken with flat Obama.  Yes, I am a #politicaljunkie.  

Originally posted to Jenn's Corner on Mon Oct 04, 2010 at 07:34 AM PDT.

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