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Chuck Todd

Why is it hard for you to understand that Foreign Donation given to Republican Politicians who Send American Jobs Overseas contributes to 9.6 Unemployment?

Chuck Todd, I watched you this morning try to dismiss a serious questions that needs some serious answers. Republicans have been spending records amounts of money trying to defeat Democratic Candidates who are fighting to keep Jobs here America... and no one knows where the Republicans are getting this amount of money from...

Chuck Todd, Why doesn't this concern you?

Why are you failing to understand that having Republican Foreign Funded Campaign as a pay-off to continue outsourcing American Jobs should have all Americans asking questions.

Chuck Todd, Why did you find it amazing to hear Axelrod say, "well, do you have any proof that they don’t" have Foreign Money funding the Republican Chamber of Congress Campaigns...

Am I mistaken, but wasn’t it the Republicans in Congress who BLOCKED a Bill that would have allowed full Disclosure of Campaign Donations?

Instead of finding what Axelrod said to be amazing, Why didn’t you find it alarming when the Republican BLOCKED a Bill that would have not only answered Axelrod’s Questions but would have answered the American's Voters Questions as well..

Republicans Block Campaign-Spending Disclosure Bill

U.S. Senate Republicans for a second time blocked legislation that would require corporations and unions to disclose their spending on political advertising.

Chuck Todd, did you ever once ask for a plausible explanation as to Why this Bill was BLOCKED?

But not only did you find a legitimate question amazing as if secret donations shouldn't be concerning to anyone but you also attempted to give it a McCarthyism Theme, Why the desperate need to deflect?

Americans need to know if there is any connection with Republican Politicians secretly receiving Foreign Donations and the Outsourcing of American Jobs, and you cannot just dismiss it by giving it some McCarthyism Narrative...

Americans need answers as to why did the Republican Chamber of Congress BLOCKED a Bill that would have penalized Corporation that sent American Jobs Overseas, does this have anything to do with the Foreign Donation the Republicans might secretly be receiving?

Senate Republicans successfully blocked the passage of an anti-offshoring bill that would have denied tax breaks to US companies which move jobs overseas.

Republicans in a 53-45 vote prevented the bill from overcoming a filibuster. At least 60 votes were needed to overcome the Opposition's obstruction. As per the bill, there will be a ban on government contractors from using American taxpayers' money to move jobs offshore.

I am Sorry Chuck Todd this simply cannot be dismissed.

Americans need answers as to why Would Republican not only BlOCKED an Anti-Outsourcing Bill but also they BLOCK and Voted NO on a Job Creation Bill, that would have possibly helped the 9.6% of unemployed Americans; would this also have something to do with the Foreign Donation the Republicans might secretly be receiving.

Today's job numbers are yet another reminder that while Washington's efforts have brought us a long way from the darkest days of the recession, there are still millions of Americans out of work in an economy that is too slow to recover.

As Republicans break out in their familiar "where are the jobs?" refrain, it's important to remember that ever since President Obama was sworn into office, the GOP has made blocking Democratic jobs programs their number one priority. compiled a video to show just that.

Sorry but these connections require some answers and McCarthyesque isn't it....

To Make Americans Unemployed when you ship their jobs to Foreign Countries, To Keep them Unemployed when you BLOCK a Bill meant to create American Jobs and When Republicans Deny Americans Unemployment when they can't find Jobs because Republicans continue to Block a Bill that would create Jobs, the question then becomes, does this all have something to do with the Foreign Donations the Republicans might secretly be receiving?

Republicans Blocking Unemployment Benefits Timeline

Fall 2009

•       On September 22, the House passed legislation (H.R. 3548) to provide up to 13 additional weeks of unemployment benefits to workers in high unemployment states who are about to run out of benefits.

•       Senate Republicans delayed action on this bill for more than a month — leaving 500,000 Americans without unemployment benefits when they needed them the most.

My question is, if the Republicans don’t have anything to hide, then Why, are they hiding....

And my next Question is,

Why are you, Chuck Todd so comfortable with Secret Donations going to Republican Chamber of Commerce, what exactly are you hiding?

There are too many coincidences for Chuck Todd to ask the America People to just dismiss it... to just take the Republican Chamber of Congress word for it... We can no longer do that this time. We need answers....

The Republican Chamber of Congress Secret Partnership with Foreign Corporation should give us all pause.

The Republican in Congress and Republicans in Commerce would like the American People to believe that they are for Job Growth and Prosperity in America but so far their Actions say quite the opposite......

The Choice is Ours

Should Foreign Money be Allowed to Influence our Elections?

UPDATE... WOW, I didn't realize I made Rec List until I refreshed my page... Thanks everyone...

UPDATED INFORMATION  (divineorder, Thanks so much for this)

Keep Foreign Corporate Money Out of Our Elections

Foreign corporations are funding some of the $75 million the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is spending to defeat Democrats this election cycle. Ask the Justice Department to investigate.

Sign the petition

UPDATED with Scarborough Retractions

Scarborough retracts claim that doesn’t disclose donors

Scarborough's version of the attack was even more breathless: On Monday morning's show, he claimed that labor unions and MoveOn are hypocritical for behaving just like the Chamber.

"But the comparison is totally bogus," The Washington Post's Greg Sargent explained. "Under Federal law, unions disclose far more about their funding than other political groups do, and it just so happens that MoveOn's ads are funded by a Federal political committee that has to comply with the same disclosure requirements that candidate and party committees do."

After a commercial break, the former Republican congressman appeared with his co-hosts standing in front of the camera, offering an apology and retraction, explaining that he tends to ""shoot from the hip.

So far, the Chamber has made no efforts at disclosing its accounting methodology.

The use of foreign funds to influence US voters is against federal election law.

Originally posted to ANY THING TOO ADD on Mon Oct 11, 2010 at 12:48 PM PDT.

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