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If you all saw Rachel Maddow this evening, she posted some interesting tidbits/polling with regards to the chamber of commerce attack ads and showed the president Tom Donahue of the chamber of commerce promoting OUTSOURCING!!!!

The democrats need to start HAMMERING HOME THIS!!!!

Also a SURVEYUSA poll out tonight shows the chamber of commerce and karl rove not disclosing who their donors are is BACKFIRING

But a  new poll commissioned by MoveOn, and done by the respected non-partisan firm Survey USA, strongly suggests that the issue may indeed matter a good deal to voters after all.

The poll finds that two thirds of registered voters, or 66 percent, are aware that outside groups are behind some of the ads they're seeing. This makes sense, since the issue has dominated the media amid the battle over the huge ad onslaught against Dems funded by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Karl Rove's groups.

What's more, an overwhelming 84 percent say they have a "right to know" who's bankrolling the ads. And crucially, the poll also found that the issue is resonant when linked to the economy. A majority, 53 percent, are less likely to think a candidate who is backed by "anonymous groups" can be trusted to "improve economic conditions" for them or their families. People don't believe these groups are looking out for their interests.

   * An overwhelming 84% of voters polled, including 80% of Republicans and 81% of Independents, believe voters have a right to know who is paying for ads for a particular candidate.

   * Fifty-six percent of voters overall (including 53% of Independents) are less likely to vote for a candidate if they know the ads supporting that candidate are paid for anonymous corporations and wealthy donors.

   * Forty-seven percent of all voters are more likely to support a candidate who insists that voters have a right to know who is paying for ads, with only 9% of total voters saying they are less likely to support a candidate who holds that position.

   * Almost two out of three voters (63%) do not believe that the anonymous groups running ads hold the voters best interest in mind. This belief is held by 65% of Independent and 70% of Democratic voters.

   * A straight majority of total voters (53%) are less likely to trust a candidate to improve economic conditions if that candidate is supported by anonymous groups.

A recent  Washington Post poll  found an overwhelming majority, 80 percent, opposes the Citizens United decision allowing unfettered corporate spending in elections, including strong majorities in both parties. And 72 percent support Congressional checks on corporate (and union) election spending.

Okay democrats its time to go for the juglar and keep hammering this message to the voters. THE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE AND KARL ROVE ARE TRYING TO BUY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT WITH FOREIGN MONEYIN ORDER TO PROTECT THEIR MEMBER COMPANIES' ABILITY TO SHIP AMERICAN JOBS OVERSEAS!!!! !!!! Independents will have 2nd thoughts about pulling the lever for these crooks!!

UPDATE: Thanks so much for my two recommended diaries in a 24 hour period. I am on mission to not only keep the heat on these crooked politicians who are trying hijack our democracy but to motivate the base. We have to keep the pressure on these folks and to continue proving that the republicans are for BIG BUSINESS and not regular working folks. I read a few comments about Rachel is only preaching to the choir. I would HOPE SO!!! According to several polls, President Obama and the democrats are losing WHITE WORKING MALES AND FEMALES without College Degrees. That is the base that is being GUTTED with outsourced jobs and the base we are losing in PENNSYLVANIA AND OHIO. This Video of Rachel needs to sent to the unions, congressmen, Senators, DSCC, DCCC The DNC, AFL-CIO, SEIU and everyone else that has been effected by outsourcing. This is an EXPLOSIVE and DAMAGING piece of video that can be made into attack ads and mailings to Union members in battleground states. Joe Sestak, Strickland, Feingold all need to keep making the case that if they do not want to continue seeing jobs shipped overseas and the middle class continue to be gutted they need to support them and not their republicans counterparts.

Also last night I signed into and made some phone calls to folks here in georgia who voted in the last election and almost 99% of them said they were either voting this election or will be voting by November 2, 2010...WE GOT TO KEEP UP THE FIGHT...Take time to make some calls, it will make a difference.

Originally posted to lanae on Thu Oct 14, 2010 at 10:07 PM PDT.

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