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I’m Carrie Lucking, the Communications Director for Tarryl Clark’s Campaign for Congress in Minnesota.

I wanted to take a moment and share this with you! The St. Cloud Times, the largest daily newspaper in Minnesota's 6th District, endorsed Tarryl Clark for Congress this weekend. This conservative-leaning paper is widely read in the district, and their endorsement means a great deal. They know what we all know know - Michele Bachmann is serving the special interests, not her constituents. And as the newspaper that knows Tarryl the best, they know that Tarryl will be on OUR side in Congress.

Read it for yourself here or read it below, and if you can, make a contribution to help keep our momentum going!


Our View: Bachmann isn't serving district's best interests

St. Cloud Times Editorial Board
October 17, 2010

Minnesota's 6th Congressional District is diverse. It features rural, agricultural edges; vast stretches of exurban areas; an overload of suburbs; and enough urban pockets to raise eyebrows.

Growth-related challenges abound, and this recession - fomented by the bursting housing bubble - didn't help.

All of that is why the district needs a U.S. House member who puts constituent service first. Sadly, after four years in office, Michele Bachmann has proved with unabashed consistency that serving 6th District constituents is essentially her last priority.

Come Nov. 2, voters should replace her with Tarryl Clark.

Regular Our View readers shouldn't be surprised by this endorsement. This board in April of 2009 wrote off Bachmann's desire to serve the voters who elect her.

We cited then three years worth of her rash, ridiculous, unsubstantiated, misleading and fear-mongering statements about national issues. We also noted - and this is important - her lack of any realistic solutions. In the 19 months since then, Bachmann has only refined an age-old political recipe: mix equal parts of fear and blame that raise your personal profile yet yield only sound bites, not solutions.

She does it so effectively (and relentlessly) that she's become a grass-roots tea party heroine even while supporting a public policy agenda that helps entities that are anything but grass roots. Best example: In the wake of America's financial collapse, do you really think Bachmann's push to leave Wall Street alone was in the best interests of 6th District voters?

Also, look districtwide and we challenge you to find something - anything - that Bachmann has helped achieve or a cause she has helped advance. Much like her legislative ideas, we see nothing of substance. In fact, these past four years renew our appreciation for House representation that provided this area with voices like Collin Peterson and Mark Kennedy. Sure, they have their partisan allegiances, but they realized when it was time to set those aside and do what was best for the district, not themselves.

Residents of the 6th District deserve a return to that philosophy. Clark is the person to provide it because in four years, Bachmann has proved she is incapable of such efforts.

Originally posted to TarrylClark on Mon Oct 18, 2010 at 06:39 AM PDT.

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