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furthermore! the ranting squirrel I say, wrong answer, John, to former Congressman, VP of failed investment bank Lehman Brothers, and Fixed News commentator, John (Wall $treet banker) Kasich.  He said we are "lazy and sloppy". We followed "the rules". We worked hard. We got a good job and in spite of that, we got screwed.

Wrong answer, John. Now the candidate for Governor from the radical Republican Party tells us that we are "lazy and sloppy". He is the full quotation:

Look, the same philosophy I have of lowering taxes and reducing government, it worked for Ronald Reagan. It worked in the 90s when the Republicans and Clinton worked together. It will work here in Ohio. We just have to stop being lazy and sloppy, and we’ve got to be focused.

Wrong answer, John. Them’s fighting words.

We were and are unlucky.

It’s the economy, s****d.

It’s the Federal trade policy.

It’s the Federal tax policy.

It’s the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy.

The TARP/bailout did not create jobs.

We Ohioans ~11.5 million, are lazy and sloppy? No way no how.

I do not have time to cover the entire list of reasons why Ohio has been struggling, but I included them for completeness. Our economic travails are the result of a 30 year experiment in supply side economics. More for the wealthy and privileged has NOT resulted in shared prosperity but a jobs deficit and resulting underemployment. We got trickle down alright. We got the stuff that gets flushed down the toilet to fight over. No shared prosperity, no jobs that can support a family, no opportunities, no new manufacturing, NOTHING. I guess if you make it to third base whether born there (the evil Bush family) or made it with some help (no one does it on their own). You and your friends want to shut the gates to the ballpark and punish the people whose families screw up. If the radical Republicans take over, the American dream is a lie. I tend to think it is anyway, but trying to be non-cynical, today.

Wrong answer, John.

It’s the economy, s****d, is another answer. If you believe in supply and demand, we have a demand problem. We have a jobs deficit. We don’t have trouble with money or capital but companies aren’t hiring unless they can extort more money from the tax payer. Without jobs and an income, working people cannot spend money. There are not enough rich people with their tax cuts to buy enough stuff although they have increased their spending of luxury good again (Luxury sales rebound). Plus, I would bet serious money that they are investing again in the latest scheme to create the next bubble to destroy American jobs again. The real economy was brought to its knees by the last bubble created on behalf of the rich chasing the last version of "smoke and mirrors" scheme. This is because you just cannot make any money in a savings account anymore.

There are no "rules". I do not acknowledge your lousy opinion except to say "Wrong answer, John". We are not  lazy and sloppy . That is not how I describe my family and friends. You and your friends are lucky, PERIOD! You are part of the Washington,  DC political class. You make money by shilling for your rich overseers and by planning to  deliver the people of Ohio into long term serfdom. You worked for crooks; that is why Ohio pensioners lost money while invested with Lehman Brothers @Plunderbund and The Columbus Dispatch. They needed new money to support their racket. I assume this is why there is this push to privatize Social Security. So that it can be stolen and pensioners can die off early and poor.  I hope the people of Ohio are smart enough to run very far away from you.

If you want to read about more "Stupid s***"  the John Kasich campaign has said or done:

S**t John Kasich says

Thanks to these sources: Plunderbund, The Daily Bellwether, The Ohio Democratic Party Blog, and Think Progress

So how about trying to save Ohio from the radical Republican party and their overseers.

John Kasich brings back bad memories to encourage Darke County GOP Voters on Tuesday from The Daily Advocate:


Darke County GOP enthusiasm is here:


What enthusiasm gap? Here is some real enthusiasm of 35,000 strong for President Obama and Governor Strickland in Columbus, @ OSU:

Please support our Democratic candidates in Ohio:

Ted Strickland and Yvette McGee Brown for Governor and Lt. Governor

Lee Fisher for U.S. Senate

Richard Cordray for Attorney General

Maryellen O’Shaughnessy for Secretary of State

David Pepper for Auditor

Kevin Boyce for Treasurer

Donate to each individually, or to Chris’s swear jar (Ohio Democratic Party). If you can’t give money, donate time by canvassing and phone-banking. Encourage other like minded people to vote.

Our President really likes us:
Obama loves Ohio

Crossposted at BPI Campus, yesterday.

A mighty fist bump to you all!

Originally posted to J Brunner Fan on Thu Oct 21, 2010 at 07:01 AM PDT.

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