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Well it is Saturday night and let us look how many of us
could have ran on the GOP ticket and gotten rich, famous and influencing with the pull of a lever.  Here are the qualifications IMO and most of us here could have pulled it off
with a few acting lessons but one thing

seemed to get in our way.  Integrity and patriotism but if
we could have shrugged that off, we actually could have ran
for office and probably been been checking out DC condos.

Can you say no to every piece of legislation to improve the quality of life in America....check....yessiree

Can you trash talk the President and question his citizenship non stop?   Nooooooooooo problem.

Can you get louder and more rude than a pundit or democratic opponent?   Oh yes.......heavens yes.....

Can you display hints of racism if not out right bigotry?
Will work on it but will probably pull it off.

Can you cherry pick the Bible and tell everyone God has chosen you to save American values if you run and win...
Oh yes.....I have an eccentrentic uncle  who hears voices and will get really good at pulling scripture from my head and turning it around to fit the agenda.

Can you answer every question with a blank stare, run away, or  an absolute ridiculous wrong answer.

Will have to work on it but will study Palin, and to be sure will memorize Angle and O'Donnell.

Can you book yourself on nothing but Fox News and praise Rush and Glen Beck?

That one is tough but I can fake it till I make it.

Can you drape yourself in flag pins and talking points of
Taking our country back and use the word Obamacare instead of Healthcare

Oh yes....I have watched now for almost 2 years, the GOP do that.

Can you say with conviction there is absolutely no such thing as climate change or global warming and science is
a myth?

Absolutely.....I can do that.  

Can you talk about Ronald Reagan and see sainthood and the greatest person who ever lived as you speak his name with reverence?

Yep...I will just watch a few Bedime for Bonzo flicks and
pretend his love for Bonzo is his love for me and I will if necessary call in his astrologer for back up.

Can you insult not only the female gender at every turn but belittle every religion and race but white and don't forget the evangelical talking points.

Got it.  Check.

Two words you must never ever forget.....Lower Taxes.

Four words over and over...Out of control spending

Big word......use it often...Socialist and Marxist.

Two other words...Man Up

If you can do this , then you are qualified to run for anything, anywhere on the GOP ticket.  You have enough haters to vote you in and the biggest thing you have got to learn is your primary colors.
You love white,
You hate black
and you are dying to be with orange.
You do not need an education, it is desirable to be able to
have at least one major crime or scandal in your past and you have to lie at the drop of a hat.

They all won't get into congress or the Governor's mansion but some of we Kossacks would have pulled it off and made it.  
Every one of us have too much good sense and integrity to have been this hypocritical but if we could have seen the real thing coming, we could have done it till we got into power, switched sides and laughed our butts off.  That would have been the kind of hypocrisy that would be worth it.

Originally posted to Vetwife on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 05:22 PM PDT.

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