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Joe Miller really caught my attention when he stated his refusal to talk to the press about his background.  It's the perfect paranoid wingnut ploy: Palin did it, and the persecuted wing nut mindset could easily rationalize his refusal to talk the librul media.  He would not alienate the base motivated to vote for him; I don't think any independent could be truly motivated to do anything but run from Joe's take-us-back-to-1930 rhetoric. Thank the universe for a free press, a press that gets off its ass to do something:

An Alaska Superior Court judge ruled today that most of the personnel documents of U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller should be released to the public.


A group of media organizations, including the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, had filed a lawsuit against the borough asking for a more thorough release of Miller’s personnel documents.

Let's hope there's the political nail in the coffin for Joe's Senate race in those files.  He's a fool to try and hide anything.

The stonewalling was just blood in the water, and the facist act of attempting to silence a journalist just completely pushed him over the edge into totally insane and dangerous.  

He offered a bright, shiny object last week.  The incredibly mild (unethical yes but still below the level of stealing a box of paper to most people) act of using FSNB computers to politic against his state GOP chair.  He went on CNN to offer this revelation of himself.  I wonder if he knew what was coming from the judge and tried to cast a smoke screen?

Joe's actions, along with Sharon Angle and Sarah Palin, have set an example for the nuttiest wing nuts: refuse to talk to the press because they have a liberal slant and will do you damage at the bidding of George Soros.  The rationale wingnuts use to make themselves comfortable with this undermining of the constitution is that candidates can speak directly to their constituencies now, and the press is noting but a filter between the people and the candidate.  A distorting filter at that.

This makes perfect sense on some level.  But the people listening directly to the candidate often favor that candidate and will be less likely to ask the hard questions.  Like: why did you resign from the Fairbanks North Star Borough in 2009?  A simple enough question, really.
But the refusal on the part of Miller to be forthcoming on this vital matter is bringing this sh*tstorm of attention on him, pushing him to the extreme act of handcuffing a member of the press last week.

What is it that Miller wants to hide?  The hypocrisy employed by the wingnuts is nauseating and vexing:  the very same act they falsely accuse our president of, hyper Tea Party poster boy engages in right in plain view!

Voters must not tolerate the attempts of a politician to hide their past.  There is no surety that a scandal will sink a political career (look at Newt!)  Cloaking yourself scares the crap out of me and should any thinking person.

Thank the Alaska press for having the guts to pursue this bully's story!

UPDATE:  Help me Obi-Wan McAdams!  You're my only hope!

Originally posted to lapin on Sat Oct 23, 2010 at 08:38 PM PDT.

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