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Heading into the final week of this campaign, we have all the momentum.   Powered by thousands of grassroots supporters in places like DailyKos – and thousands more in Kentucky – we've been going on offense.

And it's worked.

A poll last week showed us taking a 49-47 lead over Rand Paul, and Sunday morning we received major endorsements from Louisville's Courier-Journal and the Ashland Daily Independent.  And to top it all off, we just reached the astonishing $1,000,000 benchmark on ActBlue.

Can you chip in $20 to help us keep up the momentum?

I was honored by what the Courier-Journal wrote in their endorsement yesterday, and it really highlighted what the difference would be between me and a Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate:

In almost three years as attorney general, Mr. Conway has saved the state's taxpayers several hundred millions of dollars, fighting high Medicaid drug costs, unjustified utility rate hikes and price gouging by oil companies. He also saved money by not joining the right-wing lawsuit against health care reform, noting that it also could open legal challenges to Social Security and Medicare.

That grandstanding, baseless lawsuit against health care reform is something Rand Paul has been very vocal about, by the way.  Back to the Courier-Journal:

Kentucky voters should also look out for their own interests in the United States Senate. If they do, they will elect Mr. Conway, whose candidacy we enthusiastically endorse. ... At best, Dr. Paul's odd positions might embarrass Kentucky. At worst, he could cast votes that would inflict serious harm on the state.

The Ashland Daily Independent in Eastern Kentucky wrote about one of Rand Paul’s harmful positions in its endorsement.  It's not a huge paper, but this an endorsement that means a lot to me, since as attorney general, I've worked hard to help the people of Eastern Kentucky fight their prescription drug epidemic.  After citing "Paul’s trivializing of” that epidemic, the paper wrote:

[W]e hope enough voters will realize that Kentucky needs a senator who can work with members of both parties to get things done in Washington. It does not need a senator whose extremist ideas will be largely ignored in Washington because even many Republicans realize they would set the country back by a half century or more.

Let’s keep this momentum going through this week straight on to election day.  

Please make a contribution of $25 or more today.

Thank you for the support – and helping us keep up the fight.

Originally posted to Jack Conway for Senate on Mon Oct 25, 2010 at 06:51 AM PDT.

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