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The campaign of Democrat Rick Waugh is in high gear, challenging Republican Stooge, Eric Cantor.  

Early last week, polls indicated that Cantor's support was very weak.  

Later in the week, Rick Waugh unleashed two devastating ads attacking Cantor on Health Care and Government Spending.  

Yesterday, Waugh's ad about Cantor's Health Care hypocrisy became an internet sensation.  

It was featured by Steve Benen at Washington Monthly

When I first started talking about the "repeal trap" nearly a year ago, this is what I was referring to. Every GOP candidate who opposed health care reform and has vowed to repeal it -- in other words, nearly everyone in the party -- is necessarily taking a stand against wildly popular policies. Dems were supposed to push Republicans into the trap -- pressing them on their opposition to ideas that enjoy broad national support.

It was discussed at Politico by Ben Smith, who thinks that "In an Alternative Universe" all the Dems are running ads like Waugh's and winning races with it.  One of Smith's sources called the ad a "blueprint" for how the Dems should be running this cycle, but aren't.  

It was also discussed by Cynthia Tucker, who says that "if more Democrats had had the good sense to run ads like this, they might not be in danger of losing their Congressional majority."

The ad was linked to at Dkos yesterday as the 4th bullet on the Midday Open Thread.  

This morning, Politico mentioned it again, saying that "Democrat Rick Waugh went there."  

In short, Waugh's health care ad is a sensation.  

But things are getting even better!  As of today, Waugh is running yet another devastating ad.  

This one addresses Cantor's very personal hypocrisy on the bank bailouts.  These days, Cantor is totally opposed to the bailouts he voted for under W Bush's command.  Of course, he never mentions that he voted for them.  He also never mentions the fact that his wife is an executive at one of the banks that got bailed out!  

Well, Waugh wants to discuss both of these facts that Chicken Cantor wants to hide from.  

These negative ads are a terrific idea for the Waugh campaign.  Cantor has Tea Party favorite, Floyd Baynerunning to his right.  Every doubt about Cantor that does not become a vote for Waugh will be drawn to Bayne.  So, driving up Cantor's negatives is the right strategy in this race.  

You can help to keep Rick's commercials on the air.  


Help defeat the most partisan member of the house.  Help a humble social worker replace a powerful anti-social windbag.  Knock down the deceitful high hair with glasses.  Expose the man whose sole mission in DC is to enrich himself by oppressing the middle class.  

Help turn Virginia Blue!  

Originally posted to not2plato on Tue Oct 26, 2010 at 01:40 PM PDT.


How nice is it to see a Dem call a Republican out on his hypocrisy?

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