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Today is a good day.  It's the day the Tea Party died.  It matters not how many of their house candidates win.  What matters is that if conventional wisdom holds, they have cost the Republicans the Senate.

This loss is all "the white boys" need for an excuse to cut them loose, along with screechy lady Palin.  And guess what, Palin knows it, you danged betcha she knows.  

That's why she's screeching so loudly.  Oh man, my ears hurt.
First there's the "anonymous source" that gives Politico the warning

They once saw her as an adorable, spunky, harmless base-rallying figure, but the Republican establishment that created the Sarah Palin monster is now determined to stop her at all costs

Read the entire Politico story here.

She knows, you betcha she knows. She's going after the big boys, who are waaaaay too big for her.  Today it's Ed Gillespie, a couple days ago it was Rove.

Sarah Palin hit back at former RNC Chairman Ed Gillespie this morning after he suggested that Republicans should approach their governing strategy "with great care" and only "try to repeal those parts of the health care reform bill, the Obamacare bill, that have caused premiums to go up, shifted people out of the insurance they like, into a public plan." Appearing on Laura Ingraham’s radio show, Palin called Gillespie’s comment "out of touch," and insisted that Americans didn’t want health care reform "to start with

And of course we have the "corrupt bastards" video of Palin which went the way of the bridge to nowhere.  Note the frickin intensity....the pressure is on her in a way we have not seen before.

They used her.  They used the Tea Party.  When the votes are counted and they have finished the champagne (or sooner), Sarah and the Tea Party are toast.  Not one person of importance in the Republican party will hear a word their are saying.  Cue the mainstream media....shut her out....and they will.

There is no leader to go after them, no leader except Sarah.  
 What's that you said, "lamestream media?"  Oh hon, did you really think they cared about you?  They cared alright, as long as people wanted to watch you.  Now, not so much...have you noticed, they aren't even mentioning your latest tweets?  Karma is a bitch, isn't it Mama Grizzley?
And speaking of Mama Grizzlies, here's a nice summary...

We'll find out on Tuesday whether this election strategy can actually pay off with a victory. It's a shame, though, that throughout all the campaign events, debates, videos, and other moments we never found out what these women really stand for; we never got anything beyond an introduction. You have to wonder, too, how you can have a movement that refused to move.

As the funeral procession begins, tip a glass of your favorite beverage, breathe a sigh of relief that the comedy club has closed.  

Originally posted to Julie Gulden, Chairman's Pub Quiz Winner NN11 on Tue Nov 02, 2010 at 02:24 PM PDT.

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