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I think I will take a short break from this blog.  It is a good blog, and a useful blog, and it is especially useful when it is good, and especially good when it is useful.  If you can argue that, then fine, but you can't.

I am going to take a moment to be both serious, and very much not.  If that offends you, then bugger off with you for now, and maybe you can post some good recipes, or whatever.

I will start with why we lost, and didn't lose.

First of all, as many of you know, we didn't lose the Senate.  The reason we didn't lose the Senate, in a year when unemployment was high, and the economy was shit, is because the Tea Party put complete lunatics in as Republican nominees.  Make no mistake about it, if they didn't put Mexican-hating, Gay-baiting, drooling fascist whackjobs up against Harry Reid and that Coons fella, among others, we'd be looking at a different scenario, but they did, and we're not.  (go back and read that one again; it made PERFECT sense)

Second of all, we did lose the House.  But none of you know why, so I'll explain.  It was because of aliens.  There are aliens in the US Government, and they not only let 911 happen on purpose, but they also killed the fuck out of Kennedy; faked a moon landing; pumped microwaves into your brain, and took the fun out of rock and roll.  These aliens live among us, and some of them post here at Daily KOS.  I don't think KOS himself is one, but he COULD be.  You don't know, and neither do I.  But he seems nice, when he's been fed properly, and hasn't stayed up all night.  God help you when he hasn't, and has.

Cenk Ungar?  Alien.  Duh.  You could tell by the name.  Where are Earthlings calling their kids Cenk Ungar?  Not anywhere I've been, and I've been to Texas.  Twice.  In case you doubt me, it was fucking HOT down there.  So now you know it's true.

The fact is, we could have won this election, simply by wrapping tinfoil around our heads, and wearing Panama hats.  No one would have been the wiser, but you didn't, so I blame YOU.  Nice job.  Jerk.

So before you show up at my house later than I want company, and then pretend I asked you to show me slides of your lame vacation, or smoke in my car again, I am going to bow wow.  Excuse me, bow out.  I don't want to hear the lamestream, Maine stream, flamestream fo fama obama same stream media's theories on why Republicans are the new Black, and Jalapenos are the new cool, nor do I want to hear over-educated liberals tell me why we failed.


If you cry me a river, then I can go whitewater rafting, but it won't make me feel sorry for you, or myself.  The election is over, and we don't have any work to do.

Take some fucking time off, and QUIT OBSESSING ABOUT POLITICS.

Let the Republicans bask in the glory that isn't theirs, as they boldly decide they have the man date they have always fantasized about, and just be thankful you don't have to marry them.

This thing ain't over, not by a longshot, but I am.  I'm taking some time off, and I'm going to do stuff I like.

Here is one of them:

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