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Ok, I'm drunk. Children shouldn't read this, because it required adult thought. With that in mind, I'd like to state that kossack Bruinkid nails it when he reports on Bill Maher's argument that when Glenn Beck argues that the left is crazy and violent, and then Jon Stewart argues that the left and the right are equally crazy, on a level John Stewart equals Glenn Beck, because . . .

a. ) They are both ENTERTAINERS


b. ) they both agree that the left is part of the problem.

I AM the fucking left. If you are too, let me get a hells yeah. I am against torture, and crony capitalism, and corporate personhood, and the idiotic prohibition of marijuana. Show me a right wing equivalent of me at a party, and I will show you someone who is NOT getting laid that night. The right sucks. FAIL. And anyone who tells you less by 1000% is full of shit, and while I am at it, FUCK msnbc.

More drunk blogging below the fold

As I spark this bowl of pot, let me tip my hat to my California brothers and sisters. We know how you do in NY.

   So MSNBC suspends Keith Olbermann, bans Markos Mousalitas (drunk, remember? pre emptive spelling apology), but keeps Pat fucking Buchanan and Joe Scarfurrow for shit that Foxtards bat an eye at, like openly preferring one party over the other. God(s) bless Rachel Maddow for calling MSNBC out on it. One of my conservative friends PRAISED Maddow to me tonight!

   Let me get this straight

Glenn Beck  = blame the left = entertainer

Jon Stewart = blame the left and the right = entertainer

Joe Schmucksborogh = blame the left = opinion reporter NOT suspended by MSNBC

Keith Olbermann = blames the right = opinion reporter SUSPENDED by MSNBC

really? And just when MSNBC is being BOUGHT OUT by comcast?

You know how you can prove MSNBC does NOT = Fox for partisan stilt? Because msnbc ADVERTISES for Fox Business Channel! For fucks sake, msnbc advertised AGAINST health care reform DURING the health care debate DURING Keith Olbermann's shows FOR the health care bill, and why? Because that is where the money is! Let me tell you something, when you are advertising for your business competitors you suck, and you have no clue how to compete with your adversaries, and thus goes MSNBC, and the professional left, and the "Democratic" party, against it's more corporatist inclinations.

Keith Olbermann is RIGHT. The left never used DEATH PANELS, or WMDs, or any of the numerous bold faced lies the right uses. There is no left version of Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity, or BillO, or Rush. Keith Olbermann is a liberal, not an advocate of what the banks want like his "conservative" counterparts. But Jon Stewart says so. To the millions of my fellow Americans who did not vote, fuck you. Way to go. You did a heckofajob . . . .

Because anyone who wants to equate a torture supporter to someone who is against torture is off their rocker, or being paid to say so. Jon Stewart is a talented comedian, and he is paid to entertain us. He is good at his job. Glenn Beck is paid to call progressives Nazi's, he is NOT a good comedian, but like Jon Stewart, he is an entertainer, the difference is Glenn is waaaaaaaaaaay dumber than Jon and NOT a good comeidan, but there jobs are the same, entertain, not inform. Keith Olbermann is NOT an entertainer, he informs, he sticks to facts and he neither fakes political agnostacy as Stewart does, nor does he fake a political agnostacy while selling right wing snake oil as Beck does. For that crime, by the soon to be Comcast owned msnbc Keith Olbermann has been silenced. Based on that logic, already drunk and soon to be smoking another hit of reefer, I can easily say that Jon Stewart = Glenn Beck on a level of making false statements about the left, and while I am at it, fuck msnbc.

Because msnbc is the channel that bans Markos and Keith Olbermann, employs Joe Scarshmorough and Pat Buchanan, and runs ads for Fox Business News and AHIP.

End of drunken rant

Originally posted to MinistryOfTruth on Sat Nov 06, 2010 at 01:39 AM PDT.


MSNBC is to Fox as . . .

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