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Yesterday, the PCCC launched our petition demanding President Obama fight against tax cuts for millionaires. In just 24 hours, more than 100,000 people have signed our petition.

Today, we gained momentum when the AFL-CIO demanded that Democrats hold one vote on permanently extending the middle class tax cuts only. And just hours later, Democracy for America added their support.

The growing consensus is clear: Democrats need to stand up and fight. The White House and Democratic leaders are watching. Help us keep the momentum going and sign the petition here.

OBAMAFIGHTBlaming the lack of 60 votes in the Senate or conservative Democrats in the House simply isn't valid. All Democrats have to do is schedule one vote.

As the Washington Post's Greg Sargent quoted PCCC co-founder Adam Green saying today:

Schedule one vote, and one vote only, on renewing the middle class tax cuts for 98% of Americans and dare the Republicans to vote against it. Republicans will either cave or end their post-election honeymoon by pitting themselves against 98% of Americans.That's how you fight and put Republicans on defense.

As DFA spokeswoman Levana Layendecker points out, "It's hard to imagine a smarter fight for Democrats to pick ...the end result will be good policy and good politics for Democrats".

Speaker Pelosi's statement this morning that Congress won't pass an extension of tax cuts for millionaires is a good first step, but Democrats won't fight unless we make them do it.
Join AFL, DFA, PCCC, and 100,000 others --sign our petition.

Two years of caving to Republicans and compromising on popular progressive policies left millions of Obama voters uninspired. It's time for Democrats to fight -- and win.

(I'm proud to work for the Progressive Change Campaign Committee)

Originally posted to Forrest Brown on Fri Nov 12, 2010 at 02:36 PM PST.

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